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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Painted WW2 & Konflict 47 at Colonel Bill's

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

""Back to business as normal after the excitement of new releases. Lots of Bolt Action painted, WW2 28mm Italians now available on our online shop. These include Bersaglieri, Infantry, AFV's and even a staff car. All painted to a reasonable wargames standard. Also new in the shop is a konflict 47 Soviet unit, painted to a good wargames standard by Dave Baker"" who painted the Soviets is currently under investigation (see comments, below, for helpful inquiry)
LINK to the relevant webpage for the sales



  1. A lot of great miniatures!


  2. Now we are talking I like these......😀

  3. If they were all 20mm I could use the Italian stuff (if it was priced right!)

  4. A little bird tells me (okay Facebook) there's a 20% sale on all Steel Fist items at Col. Bill's if you enter the code 2017SFM during August.

    I can't help with the painted stuff though :)

  5. Hi, not trying to rock any boats here, but the Russians at least, and possibly the Italian infantry were painted by Alba Studio.

    1. @Don Stewart: Thanks for the comment Don.

      Don't worry, you're not rocking the boat at all. I just copy and paste what Stu has written, so I'm afraid that I'm completely ignorant on details and just hope that Stu's correct.

      I'll contact him and let him know what you've said.

    2. Thanks for that, and if the Colonel is interested I have a batch of similarly converted and kitbashed Imperial Guard done up as "US" in 'Nam with M16s to complement the Russians.


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