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Monday, 19 February 2018

We're looking for names for newly sculpted figures - Do you have any ideas? [NSFW]

Relevant to yesterday's post - see here - these photos show the finished greens of some of Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot's soon to be released 28mm miniatures. 

As I said in the previous post, "Colonel Bill is looking for suitable female names for Vampires and Zombie Cheerleaders (the cheesier or tongue-in-cheek the better!) If you think you've a good idea and care to share, then please do so. Leave a public comment on this blog, or contact the Colonel directly via email."
Unnamed Vampires
The Punk, Sheena Ramone
Unnamed Vampire
Unnamed Zombie Cheerleaders 
Unnamed Zombie Cheerleader
the Devil,  Lucy Feure 

Sunday, 18 February 2018

New Stock. Discounted Stock. Soon To Be Released But We Need Help With Names Stock.

So the conversation in the van, driving back from Bournemouth show, went something like this:

Stu: "I've got some female Vampires coming out. Some Zombie Cheerleaders, too. I need some suitable names to call them?"

Me: "Pass."

It was a long, in-depth conversation as you can see. 

So Colonel Bill is looking for suitable female names for Vampires and Zombie Cheerleaders (the cheesier or tongue-in-cheek the better!) If you think you've a good idea and care to share, then please do so. Leave a public comment on this blog, or contact the Colonel directly via email.

Unfortunately I've not seen the sculpts. It would have been great to see some previews, I know. It's another bit of business practice that probably needs to be addressed.

20mm 4Ground WW2 MDF Kits: is anybody out there interested? Contact Stu via email and see if you can make a deal with him. Stu will always listen to offers and you are very welcome to contact him to talk about prices.

Steel Fist Miniatures, etc.: Take a look on the Colonel Bill's 2nd hand unpainted miniatures section of the webstore - Stu's taken all his remaining stock, reduced the price and put them in the second hand section.

Xyston 15mm Ancients: Colonel Bill's has just started to carry this range of miniatures. So far what Stu carries is only a small selection, but it will be expanded to cover the full range available. 

email Stuart at:

Landline telephone number: 01833  627 241

Mobile phone number: 07557  006 979

At the same time, if you've any items you think Stu would be interested in buying from you - or, maybe, could be offered in part-exchange for items - then feel free to mention it.


Thursday, 1 February 2018

T'other Blog! Garrison Mutineer Gaming [GMG]

I've set up a blog, separate from this one, to use for my own gaming.

Since this blog is primarily concerned with Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot business, I'm going to post my Sci-Fi, RPG-lite, Solo gaming over on the other blog. Any future Historical gaming I do, or miniature painting for Col. Bill's, etc., will still be shown on this blog.

Never Mind The Jankers! blog will continue to be active and operational. Colonel Bill's updates, items for sale, or news broadcasts will continue to be published on this blog.

All I am trying to achieve is a demarcation line between my own hobby and the work I do as a member of the Colonel Bill's staff. If Sci-Fi skirmish gaming isn't your thing, then please feel free to ignore the other blog.


Sunday, 21 January 2018

Col. Bill's Attending Penarth Show - Pre-Orders ASAP, Please

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

"Despite suffering some war wounds, as previously reported. We are happy to say that we will be attending Crusade, Penarth as planned, next weekend. We are currently accepting pre-orders for this show and offering our normal 10% pre-order discount for those that do. Also please remember that we only have space at the show to bring about 30% of our 2nd hand stock so please pre-order any that you want to avoid disappointment"

So, if anyone is looking to make a show pre-order then please do so asap to avoid disappointment.


If anyone would like to know when I will be working the Colonel Bill's trade stand, I am pencilled in to work these shows (others will be added to the list at a later date):

Roy's shows:
11th Feb: ROBIN - Nottingham
17th Feb: Beachhead - Bournemouth

18th March: WMMS - Wolverhampton
25th March: Cannon - Retford
31st March: Chillcon - Sheffield

20th May: Partizan - Newark

The other members of the Colonel Bill's team being; Scottie, Ian, Jim and Stu.
With support from Tony and Tom, as and when needed.
Obviously, Mrs Col. Bill (Stu's wife) deserves a mention too.

No idea what shows I'll be attending as a member of the public. Not going to York this year. Might go to Hammerhead. Probably will be working the two most local to me shows, anyway.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Col. Bills: Stu is recovering from surgery. [Read On...]

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

""Recklessly leading his troops into action at Wargames events throughout the country has finally taken its toll on the Colonel. He has been wounded in action and has had to undergo surgery. This surgery was entirely successful but will mean that the hours that the Depot will be manned will need to be reduced whilst recovery takes place. We will still be accepting orders as normal but we may be slower in processing them. We therefore ask that you chaps and ladies out there show us a little patience until we get back to normal.""