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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

HMG Matt Varnish - now sold through Col. Bill's!

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

"Very please to say that Colonel Bills is now stocking HMG Paints Spray Matt Varnish. We know that this product is very popular with wargamers due to its superior flat matt finish and protective properties. We are selling 400ml aerosols @ £10 each, however don't forget that you can pre-order them for collection at a show by emailing the colonels chaps on and you will then receive a 10% pre-order discount. Happy days!!!"

And don't forget that Colonel Bill's also stock the full range of Coat d'Arms paints, inks and washes. Have the 4Ground flocks and basing products in-stock too. Carry various tones of Super Shader paint effects. Paint brushes, modelling and sculpting tools are also stocked and sold at the shows too!

[click on any of the blue areas, above, to be taken to the respective pages of the Col. Bill's webstore]

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Secret Santa 2017

To recap, for those who haven't heard yet, I am 'caretaker-manager' this year for Ian Willey's Secret Santa blog event (if you check the link, above, and go through the link to Ian's blog there's an explanation). 

So far we've got 8 people taking part, with plenty of time still left for others to join in should they choose. 

Now I don't want to seem pushy. Nor be seen to be trying to force blog followers of mine to take part - which I am not, I can assure you. But what I am looking for is to try and get a few more people to take part, so I can hand Secret Santa back to Ian and his wife after a successful 2017 event.

Could I ask, that those already having signed up make a blog post advertising Secret Santa 2017 - with a link to this blog/post - to see if we can get at least a couple more people to take part, please. 

Thanks in advance.


Friday, 13 October 2017

Figures for Star Trek #5 (aka Zomtober entry 2)

This second figure has been painted for 10 days, now, so I can't blame that for the reason that I'm a week late posting my second Zomtober entry. Never mind. I won't bore you all with the real reasons.
Both the figures are by Heresy Miniatures. 28mm and sculpted to look 'Medieval' in clothing - though I'm painting them up to look more 'Old West'.
I've a third Zombie miniature from the same blister pack to paint - it is started, but I can't see it being finished for Sunday (I'm working at a show). I've then a couple of Four A Miniatures' figures that I'm going to paint up as 'berserker' zombies.

Cheers for looking.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Preview - Belt Fed Girls Xmas Figures!

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

""A quick sneak preview of Mary Christmas, Holly & Ivy. These are the festive season release of the Belt Fed Girls. They show Mary Christmas, a female Santa, with 2 x elves, Holly & Ivy. All being well they will be available by 1st November. In the meantime please enjoy the pic.....""

[Roy: Ah, I forgot these were in the pipeline when I took on Secret Santa - I'm just a helper, so don't know all the ins-and-outs and whats-in-the-pipeline-unless-told-me-by-Stu, so I do apologise if anyone thinks it more than a coincidence that I offered to run Secret Santa and then these figures turn up.]

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Figures for Star Trek # 4 (aka Zomtober entry 1)

Current project in 28mm ... Star Trek. Current blogging event ... Zombies. Mix them together and what do you get...
(technically not a zombie, I know)
The other week I found some Zombie figures I'd forgotten I owned, took a good look at them and thought to myself 'now I really like these metal zombie figures. Far better than the plastics ones I've got.' So I've drafted the trio of Heresy Miniatures' Zombies I own to feature in my current Star Trek Enterprise-era Mutants and Death Ray Guns project.
Now the idea is, game scenario-wise, the Vulcan Science Directorate has been watching a closely-related species and has noticed a sudden outbreak of extreme psychosis and degenerative wasting away of the body in the inhabitants of a pre-Warp planet. The symptoms being not at all dissimilar to some of those experienced by the crew of the Vulcan cruiser Seleya. Recognising the opportunity to study this outbreak, the Vulcan Science Academy dispatches two V'Shar agents, along with a Human Starfleet officer (more on the why of that later) to obtain samples of the disease and return them back to Vulcan for analysis. Oh, and the Klingons might just turn up, later on, after realising that if they weaponize such a disease it might be very useful should they ever have trouble with the Vulcans. 

Anyway, I'm jumping ahead of myself and all of that is for when the other 'Zombie' figures are painted. Then I can make a start on the game playing.

The figure above is my first entry for Zomtober 2017.

Cheers for looking.