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Forgotten Heroes - entry: 3rd June 2017

A Hentai of Justice! 
I've now completed my first every entry into the Forgotten Heroes blogger event [LINK] and am hoping to get another completed before the end of the month deadline. 

I won't go into the whys and whats on the character [don't Google hentai, as it means pervert in Japanese and the web search will bring back links or images of pornography], if readers would like to read the backstory behind the character then here's the LINK to post one of this build.

Anyway, I had lots of fun converting and painting this silly little miniature and am immensely glad I'm taking part in the blog event as its come at a time where I was a little lost in regard the hobby. But I'm now back painting and converting, and the old enthusiasm is currently strong. Good stuff.


[what follows is the FH site's blog post text]

 A Hentai of Justice!
I've now completed my first entry and I'm hoping to get another completed before the end of the month deadline. As far as I'm aware my other heroine is a 'super', who has powers and abilities (I may be wrong, however!). The masked vigilante shown here has to make do with her athletic ability, martial arts skills and her feminine wiles to aid her in her fight against crime - a deadly combo! 
Best of all, I had great fun working on her ... I just need to think of a name for the character.
 Thanks for looking. 


  1. Thanks for the heads up I will not be typing that into this computer!

    While the figure looks well painted I cannot say it is my cup of rosey lee!

    1. @Clint: Thanks :))

      No, I knew this particular bit of stupidity would have a 'Marmite effect' with readers. The backstory and images used in my first post for the character contain some questionable pieces in them, so I kept them completely separate and put up a warning.

      In truth, I find the whole character completely bonkers crazy. So much so, that the memory of it all has stayed in my mind and I just couldn't stop myself from making the miniature to poke fun at myself.

      I can't wait to see Stu's face when I ask if he'll sell it for me!

  2. A truly unique piece of work in more ways than one Roy.

    1. @Michael Awdry: I always aim to provide the alternatives. It could be one of my super powers, as a lot of people already call me an Awkward Man.

  3. Not only were you quick off the mark, but you've already finished your first 'Forgotten Hero', so congratultions, Roy. Kind of looks like a player in some kind of futuristic sports tournament, like some of those terrible DTV sci-fi films of the 80's. However, I can't fault your sculpting and painting skills. Good work.

    1. @Carrion Crow: Thank you.
      Yes, definitely agree with you on the look - hockey mask and aerobics costume, perhaps - the game no doubt being a high-speed, injury inflicting team sport with gratuitous violence and personal grudges.


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