Tuesday, 31 January 2017

New Belt Fed Girls Available Now

The latest Belt Fed Miniatures are now available to buy from Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot.

The photos can be enlarged by clicking on them, and the LINKS beneath each figure's details will take you to the relevant page on the Web-store where the item can be bought. 
These are also available at the shows Colonel Bills attend, via telephone or orders made through email/ordinary mail.

- I didn't paint the miniatures, in case anyone wishes to offer me praise. It would be unfair of me to accept any feedback since I was not the artist. 
Rambo Lynne - Vietnam Vet
Product no.: BFG28
Buy the unpainted model HERE
 Gwendoline - Dark Age Welsh Princess
Product no.: BFG29
Buy the unpainted model HERE
 Holly Roger - Spanish Main Buccaneer
Product no.: BFG30
Buy the unpainted model HERE
 Morag, Una & Fiona - Three Gaelic Witches
Product no.: BFG31
Buy the unpainted models HERE
 Anais - Hussard de la Mort
Product no.: BFG32
Buy the unpainted model HERE

Cheers for looking.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Colonel Bills are now stocking Steel Fist Miniatures

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook Page:

"Very pleased to announce that Colonel Bills are now stocking Steel Fist Miniatures. These top quality, elite 28mm products currently consists of a large Samurai range, an Italian Wars range and a small WOTR range. The figures mix well with Perrys. We will be carrying the Italian wars to Crusade at Penarth on saturday plus three samples of the Samurai. It is hoped that we will have the whole range available both at shows and online very soon"

If anyone needs any further information, or wants to make a sales enquiry, best things would be to email Stuart at: colonelbill@colonelbills.com


Saturday, 21 January 2017

New Items At Colonel Bills - C17th / Belt Fed / Toilet Humour

Whilst I stopped blogging for a period over Christmas and the New Year it seems Colonel Bill didn't (I wasn't, previously, aware of the fact), so this is a 'catch-up post' with as much of the Facebook posts that I've spotted.

All quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:
"New Belt Fed Girls are imminent!! We are now only waiting for the casting elves to get their fingers out and cast us some stock to sell!!! The new kids on the block are: BFG28 Rambo Lynne, Vietnam Veteran; BFG29 Gwendoline, Dark Age Welsh Princess; BFG30 Holly Roger, Buccaneer; BFG31 Morag, Una & Fiona, Gaelic Witches; BFG32 Anais, French Napoleonic Hussard de la Mort. All the pics show our display models ably painted by Dogman."
BFG28 Rambo Lynne
BFG29 Gwendoline
BFG30 Holly Roger
BFG31 Morag, Una & Fiona
BFG32 Anais

7 January at 04:03:

"he lack of shows in january have allowed us to get some display figures painted. Tom Darlo has provided us with the Depot Battalion C17th Villagers, and Dogman has finally got around to painting BFG girl Doll Face Kitty. Kitty is now also available as a foot and mounted figure bundle at a discounted price. Also painted by Dogman is the new 'Carsey Humour' figure due out in the next few weeks - 'Pithed Off' - Colonial Contemplation. This is a British officer sitting smoking his pipe on the thunderbox whilst he contemplates the tasks ahead. This figure will be available with or without the mdf thunderbox at £5.50 and £1.50 respectively"
C17th Villagers
LINK to the villagers on the webstore

C17th Villagers
Product no.: DBH012

8 x 28mm C17th Villagers including peddlers, gossiping wife in a scold, beggar and a village idiot. Metal items supplied unpainted

BFG girl Doll Face Kitty
'Pithed Off' - Colonial Contemplation


"Another little peak into the future - with tongue very much in cheek! Here is another one of our Depot Battalion humour sets. This one sees a WW2 Japanese Officer sitting on a thunderbox. We have named it 'Divine Wind' - the kami carsey!!! This figure should be available in the near future with an mdf thunderbox kit for £5.50, or just as a figure for £1.50"
'Divine Wind' - the kami carsey

Roy: And that's the 'catch-up'. 

Personally, I'm not struck on the Japanese miniature. The facial expression (although nicely sculpted) isn't one that I like. 


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

10mm ACW - Pendraken Miniatures - WIP

After seeing another club mate's progress on his 10mm Pendraken Miniatures ACW troops it shamed me into getting back to work on my own (previously I'd been working on the 28mm Chariots and the X-Wing / Wings of War models). 

The last couple of days has seen me get-my-eye-back-in to work on these smaller miniatures. Painting up the 6 figures you can see on the 4-bases closest to the camera (I've since spotted they were missing the Blue collar and cuffs to mark as Infantry, so they've been painted on to add a touch of colour), the mobile field forge at the top-left of the photo (I'm going to use it as an ammo supply wagon), and then tonight I've nearly completed the five figures that fill the other 'flank' base on the 4-base unit.

I'm hoping this second, 4-base unit (painted in Grey uniform, with a single flag and shown as a firing line with gaps in the ranks) will be finished by Sunday night. Then I'll work on the artillery and limber. Then the basing of the lot.

After that...? Probably more infantry (as I've already bought those), or some more cavalry / raiders - cum - mounted infantry (which I've got to buy more of). 


Agema's Swashbuckler PBEM - Turns 8 + 9

Double-feature from my Play By eMail roleplaying game adventure; last turn (from before Christmas) and this turn (that arrived Tuesday). 

Past turns can be viewed through this LINK to an index page.
"Covent Garden Piazza and Market, London, 1726–1730"

February 1707: [last turn]

Current situation:
Mister Harry Collins, dealer in books, smiles slightly as you reenter his shop. “Ah, hello,” he says mildly.

You ask after an illustrated quarto book of the flora and fauna of England, which you require for a boat journey. He stands, nodding his head, “Oh yes, I’m sure I have something with wood etching illustrations to hand.”

He rummages, perusing several densely packed shelves, and then raises a finger in triumph. “Ah yes! Here it is!”

He carefully removes a small book with a marbled cover. “English fauna and flora, by Mister Hailey of Buckinghamshire. Alas the price reflects quality, as is always the case, and stands at 85 guineas.”

You are embarrassed. Again. For this is beyond your means.

He looks thoughtful. “Well I would like to sell it to you. What can you afford?”


At the Old Thameside Inn the innkeeper’s wife, Abigail Smith, is taken aback when you ask to see her husband. She does as she as bid, however, and before long Mister Horace Smith is standing before you, cleaning a pewter tankard with a cloth which could have been cleaner. From the midst of his ruddy complexion his piggy eyes give you their full attention as you inquire if it be possible to invest in his business.

He licked his lips, “Yes sir, I think that can be arranged.”

He puts down the tankard and cloth of a nearby bar and rolls up his sleeves. “So, sir, how much and what for?”

###    ###    ###    ###    ###    ###    ###    ###    ###    ###

March 1707: [turn that arrived Tuesday]

Current situation:
Mister Horace Smith nodded in a manly or resigned manner upon being informed yours had been an initial enquiry only, ‘and I'll speak to you upon my return from the Royal Society expedition.’

“Right enough,” he concurred. “Now you take a care while about that business, parts abroad are dangerous enough for flesh and blood when good English Christians are scarce.”


Josiah Muddley seemed a little nervous when you visited, but this dissipated as 15 guineas were handed over for the coming expedition. “Oh you are a wonder! We now have a tidy sum to be going on with.”

You asked if there are any tasks you could perform for him as ‘I'm currently at a loss for things to do while waiting for expedition to sail.’

He frowned.

“I will level with you, you’re a good solid fellow. We have a tidy sum, true, but need help. Please keep this to yourself, but it is proving impossibly hard to hire a ship, any decent ship, for a half-reasonable price for the expedition. If you have any leverage with the government, or the other fellows of the Royal Society, please use it to try and secure us the hire of a ship for say, a period of six months? The alternative will be to bite the bullet and just use the expedition money to hire one, but that really could be leaving us in risk of financial scandal before we even set sail. It might work, but if we could just get a ship for hire, there would be no such risk looming over our heads likes the sword of Damocles!”

“Hmm, this is a real Gordian knot we must untie, so can you give succour? Do you know a ship owner, perhaps, or can you secure a suitable vessel?”


[an excerpt from this month's (in-game) newspaper:]
"According to Josiah Muddley, one of the gentlemen adventurers involved, the much-vaunted Royal Society expedition’s progress is stalling due to the need for a suitable ship to hire at a decent price for the purpose."

###    ###    ###    ###    ###    ###    ###    ###    ###    ###

Game play-wise, I didn't order my character to do much over the last two turns (well maybe I did, but the success rate was zero, or I behaved like a butterfly and floated between ideas). I did write a couple of letters to other players, however. One to the Danish-Norwegian player, asking for access to Iceland (either just for myself, or the Royal Society - commercial trading rights, too). The second letter to the English player, thanking him for sending my character 75 Guineas. 

I obviously had best, now, see a man about a boat. 


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

First Games Of 2017, With The Redcar Ironbeards

I visited the Redcar Ironbeards club last night and was made to feel most welcome by the chaps.

I played two games of Star Wars X-Wing. Lost both.
There's further pictures and information from my games via the (below) link.

LINK to the information over at my other blog.

It was a normal club night, over at Redcar, with just the two games being played and another two tables being put to use for gluing and painting of either 15mm or 28mm WW2. The larger sized models being prepared for use in a participation game at the upcoming Hammerhead 2017 show.

The other game was 28mm Ancients, Romans versus British Celts. But I was so busy playing my own game that I wasn't able to pay much attention to this other table.
I've been over to the Redcar Ironbeards club twice, now, and am back again next week. If it wasn't for the hour-long journey time coming home, myself not being a driver, and the the club sessions being held on an evening, I'd pop over more regularly as the members of the club are really nice chaps and the Coatham Memorial Hall venue is great.


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Colonel Bills Will Be Trading At ... [2017] UPDATED

Its that time of year when I have to update my wall calendar with the Show Calendar dates for Colonel Bills - explanation: so I know when to post adverts on the Internet in advance of the shows.

Looking at the "Notice Board" on the Colonel Bills website I've compiled the following list, which I'm also sharing on the blog for those of you who like to take notes of show dates in your diaries.

Remember, it is never too early to email in a order for collection at a show and pre-ordering grants a 10% discount off the listed price (at time of writing).

So, here are the confirmed shows for 2017 (more shows will be added to this list as trading space is confirmed)

28th__Crusade__Penarth, Cardiff


4th__Hammerhead__Newark Showground
12th__WMMS__Alumwell, Wolverhampton

**1st__Tees Con__Middlesbrough** (updated)
2nd__Cannon __Retford
22nd __Salute __London

28th__Vanquish__Bourne End



For further information on what shows Colonel Bills will be attending, or to place an order for collection at a show, then email Stuart at: colonelbill@colonelbills.com

The Colonel Bills Wargames Depot main website page [LINK]

http://shop.colonelbills-store.co.uk/ [LINK] to the Internet Webstore

Cheers, Roy
Blog & Forum Guy for Colonel Bills