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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Battleground Show 2017

Photos from the show, that I managed to take while working on the Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot Stall. I didn't manage to photograph all of the games, unfortunately.

[the majority of these photos were taken before the show started - that is why there isn't many people in the photos]

Stafford & District Wargames: 10mm War of the Spanish Succession
[my boss - Stu @ Col. Bill's - lurking in the background]
Durham Wargames Group: Port Republic, ACW
Brompton Bankers: Samurai!
Generals & Kings: American War of Independence
Nate Zettle: Blood and Plunder
Carryings On Up The Dale: Somewhere in Flanders, 1676
Durham Wargames Group: 1848-49 Hungarian War of Independence
Independent Wargames Group: 28mm ACW
Border Reivers: 28mm Quatre Bras
Old Guard Wargames Group: 'A House Divided', 10mm ACW
Lancaster Cellarmen: C18th Imagi-Nations!
Warcraft Studio: Wild West Exodus
Harrogate Wargames Club: Bells of St. Maria (C16th Italian Wars)
Redcar Ironbeards: WW2, Part 2 (Soviets vs. USA)
Iacta Alea Est: Battle of the Denmark Straits, 1941 (Sink the Bismarck!)
Monty's Wargaming World: Adventures in Lardest Africa 
Tyneside Wargames Club: 10mm Trojan War
Wargames in the Dungeon: Sealion 1940
Westerhope Wargames Group: 28mm Wellington in India
The Game of War - Ypres, WW1 
(I don't know the name of the people running this game, unfortunately)
the show map

I have to say that I (personally) think its a great show. My favourite of the year. I've always like the Parade Ground / Battleground shows that have been held over the years. Definitely a show I'd recommend to those interested in visiting. 

[post edit: check out the official show photo album, HERE. there are lots of photos of the games in action, and well worth viewing]



  1. Woooow! thank You for photos Roy :)
    Battlefields looking awesome!

    1. @MichaƂ Kucharski: Thanks MichaƂ. Everyone with the show organisers, people running the games, and the many traders really did make the show a fun experience.

  2. Thanks Roy I missed nearly all of these so good to see them after the event 😀

    1. @Matt Crump: Thanks Matt. You'll have to train up an apprentice to run your game while you tour the show ;)

  3. It looks like a cracking show Roy.

    1. @Michael Awdry: I definitely thought so. Its the only show, this year, that I've been excited about attending and have walked the hall photographing the games.

  4. Thanks for the photos Roy. I would like to attend the show, but it's at least a 4 1/2 hour drive each way. I might see if I can make a long weekend of it and combine it with a visit to some place in the North East.

    1. @Steve J.: Thanks Steve

      Yes, there's a few places close by that could be visited during a stay, especially if you're interested in the Royal Navy, seamanship, exploration. Then there's also a number of National Trust, English Heritage, Military Museums within driving distance, so there's plenty to see with a 25-mile radius of Stockton-on-Tees.

  5. great pics Roy - this show just get better and better in my opinion

    1. @Dave D: Yes, I totally agree. Definitely a show that I recommend to people. Best in the NE, is my own, personal, opinion.

  6. Replies
    1. @Simon Quinton: Thanks Simon

      Stu and Scotty (@ Col. Bill's) will be down your neck of the woods next Sunday. Last show of the year, so it'll be Christmas Carols playing on the drive home!

  7. Replies
    1. @Pendraken Miniatures:
      Well, I did owe you something since you kindly allowed me a wristband for my collection ;)

  8. How did you have time to take all thesec? - Your Boss must be going soft.
    Great pics Roy

    1. @Zabadak: A good sales pitch. That's how I blagged time off to photograph, Joe. I told Stu it would bring people to the blog and give name recognition to Col. Bill's, so I was allowed some free time to wander.

  9. Thanks for sharing Roy !
    Many wonderful gaming boards & miniatures to behold! Very nice !

    1. @Mario Morrhaye: Thanks Mario

      There was a couple of great Malifaux, Sci-Fi boards at the show too. But I forgot to photo one, and the other was busy playing so I didn't want to interfere. There's some cool images of them on the Battleground Show Facebook album.

  10. Great pictures, Roy. Makes me wish I was back in the US Air Force. Always had fun gaming while in Great Britain. Did any one notice the "DaVinci Tank" in Harrogate Wargames Club: Bells of St. Maria (C16th Italian Wars)?

    1. @Eric T Holmes: Thanks Eric

      Yes, there was a few hidden gems in that game. It's won a few awards, I know, on the show circuit this year so it was great to see it at Battleground.

  11. Just a quick comment to say that the official show photo album is available to view, here

    I have updated the blog post, but thought it worth mentioning here for those who'd already left comment, as there are some great photos showing the games 'in action'.

  12. Great pictures, I meant to buy stuff at Colonel Bills but got swept away in the excitement!

    1. @Rubbsalot: Thank you

      No problem, Col. Bill's will be at lots of shows in 2018. Though not York. They don't like Col. Bill's at York show, for some reason? But the vast majority of the northern shows will be covered, when there's no prior commitments to other shows on that date.


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