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Monday, 19 June 2017

VBCW game - The Battle of Scruton, North Yorkshire

Just a quick post to show that I do get out and socialise. I went over to Scruton, yesterday, as a visitor to the Old Guard gaming group's Sunday gaming session. There was a big VBCW game being played out and here's a few links to other blogger's reports on the day for those interested.
used without permission of D.Docherty
Martin Cooke - the man behind the game

Dave Docherty - the man commanding the Anglican League

Matt Crump - the man commanding the Cumbrian Royalists

Steve Kelly - again, no blog report yet, but the man commanding the British Army troops

I wasn't playing, but did join in with the laughter as the comedy of events and double-triple-crosses played out (yes, it was that type of game). I don't know if the gaming group is open to new members, but it is worth checking out the blog reports to see the carnage!

Just to link this to my own output - I am, intending, to take part in this year's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge with a 28 man, 1 horse, 1 cart, 28mm VBCW force designed around a British Army regulars platoon, who've still not received the latest equipment of '37 Pattern nor Section and Platoon support weapons. In other words, '08 Service Dress, Stokes mortar and a single Lewis Gun, no SMGs. But certainly should be classed as better trained and disciplined, even if at a disadvantage of numbers and firepower.


  1. Replies
    1. @Martin Cooke: Yeah, I don't think I'll be there every time there's a game on. But if there's something that sounds interesting I'll ask if I can come along as a visitor.

      You'll be making a model of Richmond Castle next, will you?

  2. Good luck in the AHPC.
    I am in 2 minds about entering this year. I may give it a miss.

    The game looks good and Double Cross Dave Docherty was always bound to be up to no good. You can take that comment to the bank....

    1. @Clint: I don't think Dave got chance to double-cross his ally ... as the Fascist brigade started shooting first, and slaughtered Dave's W.I. section before the women managed to fire off a shot. Dave did pick on the 'Lefty' firemen however, so maybe he only got what he deserved :))

      AHPC: All I'll be doing is what I've stated above. No more and no less. The challenge for me will be to stick with the event and not burn out. I'll obviously do a Curt-geld figure, which I'll count as my bonus contribution. But my main priority will be just to be sociable with other bloggers.
      Thanks Clint


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