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Monday, 5 June 2017

The Magnificent... Er, Four? (1st figure finished)

First of the four Steel Fist Miniatures Samurai is now painted up, and the second is begun. 

For those interest, the polearm weapon is a Jūmonji yari.

Jūmonji yari (十文字槍), cross-shaped spear, also called magari yari (曲槍, curved spear), looked something similar to a trident or partisan and brandished a pair of curved blades around its central lance. Occasionally called maga yari in modern weaponry texts.
I can't finish the base, yet, as I don't know how Stu wants them doing - singular, or group - hence why that hasn't been done. Guess I'll find out at Durham Show!



  1. Beautiful work Roy.

    Cheers Roger.

  2. Great figure and brushwork; nice too, to see a well-proportioned figure.

  3. A wonderful sculpt. I am very tempted to get one despite having no use for it. I am sure Stu will be happy. (I would be)

  4. Nice job Roy not a period I have any experience with 😀 But they look fun

  5. Thanks everyone. Second figure now painted and work on the third will begin tonight.


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