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Monday, 19 June 2017

Steel Fist Miniatures Samurai Finished

I managed to finish off the basing of the four figures after I returned from yesterday's outing to the local gaming group's game (see last post). All that is left to do now is varnish and hand over back to Stu at Colonel Bill's - and hope there's no complaints!

The fourth figure:
another spear-armed figure
Yari (槍?) is the term for one of the traditionally made Japanese blades (nihonto) in the form of a spear, or more specifically, the straight-headed spear. The martial art of wielding the yari is called sōjutsu.

Sasaho yari, a bamboo leaf shaped yari.
It was very sunny when this photo was taken, so please excuse the sashimono
banner being effected by the glare
The finished four:
Back when I started work on these figures, I mentioned I'd leave off commenting on the price of the miniatures till after I'd finished painting them. Well, to be honest - speaking as an individual who has no vested interest in sales - I think they're expensive. 

Yes, they are beautifully sculpted and the casting is excellent. The poses and ornate armour of each individual figure is great. They paint up really well and the task of painting was made all the more easier thanks to the good sculpting and casting. But, at £3.75 a figure, - purchased in pre-selected blister packs of multiple miniatures - they're expensive if viewed as an option to collect as wargame army troops. 

For such games that only require a handful of individually based Feudal Japanese figures they could, possibly, be considered an option, I suppose. But would I buy these figures to use thus, or would I go with Perry Miniatures? (for sake of argument, and picking a rival range at random - that isn't linked to Col. Bill's). To be honest, that would be a really difficult question. If I wanted a small 'warband' of figures that I was going to paint to best and play with regularly (to justify the expense) I might just go with Steel Fist Miniatures. They look great, even unpainted! And the majority of my (hypothetical) opponents probably wouldn't be using the company's figures for their own troops, so my collection would be all the more individual. 

I think the price question comes down to how the buyer makes use of the miniatures. If you get use out of them (however they'd be used) and enjoyment, then they're worth the price. I certainly can't find fault with them when talking about my experience of painting these four. Would I recommend the range? Yes. And then let the person make up their own mind. 

Cheers for looking


  1. Great looking miniatures Roy & fantastic paint-job ! Superb !
    I love Japanese Samurai's , and after seeing the movie "The wall" I wanted to start this army. But as I have already so many army's , I decided to put this idea on ice. But who knows some day...

    1. @Simon Jones: Pass. I think there was a US film with a WWE sports entertainer in it called The Wall.

    2. @Mario Morrhaye: Thank you Mario
      I sold off my own Samurai project, unpainted, as I realised I'd not be able to achieve what I'd hope for. Its certainly a popular subject, though, and I'm happy to paint the figures. I do still own a 12mm Samurai Apes fantasy army :D

    3. @ Simon Jones. Yes , the great Wall is Chinese. But I like both Chinese & Japanese Samurai's. & fantastic movie by the way... Greetings

    4. @Mario Morrhaye: You want to see my dvd collection. I've probably more Chinese and Korean and Japanese dvds than I have European or North American. A large chunk of my books are about Japanese, and some Chinese, subjects. also.

      Good job really. I've four more Steel Fist samurai to paint ... and I'm told there'll be more coming my way afterwards.

    5. @ Roy Williamson : I'm looking forward to see them Roy ! Keep up the good work ! Greetings

  2. They've all turned out really well, but as you say there are so many equally good, chepaer (imo) alternative choices out there.

    1. @Zabadak: Thanks Joe. Yes, it would be a tough decision for me if I was going to collect a warband. I love the Steel Fist Ashigaru firing matchlocks - I initially wanted to paint up the prone musketeer figures, as they look superb. If you could buy the range of figures individually, then I reckon that would be really popular - though a commercial headache, probably

  3. Superb, they look superb!

    1. @Phil: Yes, they've turned out quite well. Hopefully I might get paid when I hand them back :))

      Thank you Phil

  4. Replies
    1. @Michał Kucharski: Thank you, its much appreciated

  5. Tremendous work Roy, possibly a little expensive, but tempting nonetheless.

    1. @Michael Awdry: Thank you Michael.

      Yesterday I bought a figure to use for my FH Leopard Girl - it cost me £4.00. I suppose I'm a bit of a hypocrite when I say these Samurai are expensive, when I'm willing to purchase an even more expensive figure with a view to converting it.
      It really is a tough a question as to price and value with miniatures these days - not helped by the question of, are the figures for playing with (so should be cheaper) or for display (so should be better quality and cost more). You really can't win as a small business, I'd imagine

  6. Replies
    1. @Clint: Cheers Clint

      I'll pick up those 20mm today and see about slapping some paint on them asap. I'll let you know how I get on.


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