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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Samurai B. Mk II (or, I added more painted detail)

If you read the comments on yesterday's post you'll see me wittering on (like I do) about not being happy with the black armoured Samurai. I obviously went back to work on the miniature, last night, and added some more colour to the previously predominantly Black and Blue paint job.

For those of you reading who don't know what this is all about, then here is a very brief summary:-

Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot now stocks and sells Steel Fist Miniatures 28mm Knights & Samurai figures. The Col. Bill's trade stand already has painted examples of the European Knights, but no Samurai. I volunteered my services to paint some Samurai for the job.  

I've four miniatures to paint. Three are done - but the second of which I wasn't happy with, so went back to work on it. Hence this post.

LINK to the Steel Fist Miniatures items for sale at Col. Bill's [European C15th & C16th + Japanese Feudal]

New Paint Job:
 Old Paint Job:
Apologies for the poor quality of the second photo, from yesterday, but I hope to display that I've now added more detail to the clothing's pattern work in the form of green grasses and coloured flowers to accompany the yellow dragonfly. The helmet also has a green band added to it, and several pieces of the body armour have green and grey pattern work added. The added paint work isn't much, but I feel the additional splashes of colour help to balance the overall piece. 
I also now know how Stuart wants the basing. 25mm Rounds. So the figures are going to be individually based, which I wasn't, obviously, certain of previously, hence the temporary square bases to work from.

Cheers for looking.


  1. Replies
    1. @Michał Kucharski: Thank you, its much appreciated

  2. Wow. Was good before but looks superb the detail!

  3. You have somehow made these even better Roy - wonderful work Sir.

    1. @Michael Awdry: I hope so, though I'm still not happy with the overall colour choices I made with this miniature. But you live and learn.
      Thank you Michael

  4. Nice job Roy đŸ˜€but I'm afraid there is no way I could even contemplate a samurai army the paining would be way beyond my endurance

    1. @Matt Crump: I wouldn't want to paint a Samurai army, to be honest. I sold off my own miniatures (unpainted) when I came to the realisation that I wouldn't be able to do my dreams justice and that I'd ultimately be disappointed with what I would have achieved. I did manage to paint up quite the number of IJN WW2 naval models a few years back, but I don't think that counts :)
      Thanks Matt

  5. Splendid details, excellent job!

  6. Subtedly different to the old paint-job and well worth the effort, even if it;s just to keep your sanity.

    1. @Zabadak: I think my sanity went out the window a long time ago! :))
      I just wasn't happy about the work, before, and couldn't allow myself to hand it back to Stu in it's then state. I think Stu's worked out my neurotic tendencies, so he just lets me get on with things at my own pace and how I want to do things.


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