Friday, 30 December 2016

Last Club Meet Of 2016

The Old Guard Wargaming Group' s first all-day meet. 

I think we got in six games (counting multiple plays) amongst the seven of us in attendance. 

Dave Docherty brought his 28mm Western shootout game - John won. 

Stuart and Pete played a 400pt game of Impetus. 

I did a first attempt at running my Faustus Furius chariot racing game - John won. 

Steve and John got in a couple of games of 15mm Basic Impetus - I believe John won the first of the two games (can anyone see a pattern here?). 

I got out my Star Wars X-Wing set and attempted to figure out the rules while Dave and Martin Cooke played out a one-on-one interceptor spacefigher dogfight. 

Definitely a useful day for me, learning the rules to the chariot game and X-Wing (of which I'm hoping to be playing a lot more of, starting in 2017). I also picked up some more 10mm ACW Pendraken Miniatures figures that was part of a club bulk purchase, so those will be seeing paint in the not too distant future.

A brief summary of the Cowboy game. (imagine the plot of 3:10 to Yuma ... The bounty hunter has to get his prisoner onto the train and leave the board with them both alive, while facing off against the prisoner's two brothers / two Pinkertons who want to claim the bounty for the Agency / and the local sheriff and deputy). 

Spoiler. John was the Sheriff. He won the game. Not only did he (in one turn!) shoot dead the prisoner, but he also shot the Bounty Hunter (played be me!!) through the heart - killing my character.

The game didn't half see some poor dice rolling when it came to shooting. Though I did manage to shoot at the horse hooked-up to a wagon and got it to stampede ... shame it didn't provide the cover I was hoping for, plus it failed to run anyone down. Boo!

Some of the early game highlights featured the likes of a Cowboy attempting to steal dynamite from a shop - but failing to find any. The other Cowboy getting stuck into a Pinkerton with his Bowie knife and near-enough gutting the detective. Lots of poor dice rolls for shooting by most of us! 

Later game highlights being my Bounty Hunter dragging his wounded prisoner towards the train, just managing to jump aboard the last wagon as it began to set off. Then all hell broke loose as a Pinkerton agent, the Cowboys and the Sheriff all descended on the train and lead started to fly ... Then the Sheriff decided to uncouple the second to last wagon from the train, meaning we were all on the wrong end of the uncoupling -  and the scenario was all about the Bounty Hunter escaping on the train. Bugger!

So, off jumps the Bounty Hunter, dragging along his prisoner, as the prisoner's brothers (the Cowboys) attempt to stop all this. The Bounty Hunter runs his prisoner as fast as he can up the line in an attempt to jump aboard the last, still coupled, carriage ... all for the nought, as the Sheriff rolls on by on the uncoupled wagon, overtaking my guy - Bang! one shot finishes off the prisoner. Bang! one shot kills the Bounty Hunter... 

The calm before the gunfight!
Some dozy wazzock (me) opens fire first and all hell breaks loose!

The prisoner is injured and undergoing treatment from the busy-body doctor. 
The two Pinkerton Agents confront the Bounty Hunter (the model looking like Clint Eastwood)
The Bounty Hunter (and prisoner) make a run for the train ... only for the bloody thing to 
steam off, they only managing to jump on board the last wagon.
The stampeding horse-drawn wagon moves off down the Main Strip
The Pinkerton player decides he best get his men closer to the train - When I think about it, they did 
reach the train before the Bounty Hunter managed to jump aboard. There being a three-way dust up between Bounty Hunter v Pinkerton v Cowboy ... of which the Bounty Hunter brought a gun to a knife fight (or something like that).
Yes, the Sheriff's uncoupled the last two wagons from the train. There he is, standing tall at the front of the flatbed wagon...
...first killing the prisoner. Then the Bounty Hunter. Then (bloody hell, how many moves did he have in one turn!!) he injures a Cowboy.
Game end. Obviously the Sheriff will be getting re-elect next term.
 28mm Impetus.
Carthaginians vs. Gauls
 The Gauls.
 The table before lunch.
 The table while all the others have gone to the pub for their dinners  
(Yes, I was the billy-no-mates eating my sarnies on me tod. My choice, I hasten to add). 
 The Carthaginians
 Still the Carthaginians!
 The game after the first turn (probably?)
After lunch this game made an appearance. Thanks Dad for building me the Circus 😁
 After that game, above, I ventured back to the Impetus table ... and realised I had no idea what was happening. Obviously the others did!
 Basic Impetus in 15mm made an appearance. It looks very dignified in its restraint - when viewed against the mass melee of the preceding photograph.
 Its all looking Greek to me. (Yes, I know, a terrible attempt at humour)
 The 28mm Impetus game. Lots of melee.
 The 15mm Basic Impetus game. A smaller melee. 
And the photo's run out, as I then sorted out a X-Wing learning game (mainly so I could learn the rules). Then it was packing up and kicking out time.

Next all-day game meet to be announced.


Thursday, 29 December 2016

28mm Ancient Germans

Following on from yesterday's Ancient Chariot Racing post (clearing the painting desk / preparing for Friday's all-day club game), here's the Ancient Germans that I mentioned. 

Based up on 60mm (frontage) bases. With 50mm (depth) for the Warrior bases and 30mm (depth) for the Light Infantry bases. 

They'll see use as either the Germanic Teutons or the Cimbri peoples in games, be it Basic Impetus or To the Strongest! Obviously there's not enough painted yet for a full army - for TtS! the photos show x1 Warrior unit (deep)*, 3x Hero, 2x Light Infantry unit (javelin), 1x Camp / for Basic Impetus the photo'd items translate to x3 Warbands (FL) and 3x Javelinmen (S).

*we use 180mm (frontage) units in our club's games
They're going to see use tomorrow in a game of Impetus, as a club member has entered into the Impetus competition at the York show 2017.


Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Faustus Furius 28mm Chariot Racing

There's an all-dayer club meet on Friday, and I'm hoping to put on a game of Faustus Furius Chariot Racing (with a little aid from Martin Cooke, in the shape of a few more chariots). 

So I've been working on what I do have for the game, clearing the painting table before 2017 arrives. All that's left to do with these is varnish - and paint on a Finish Line on the board (haven't decided how best to do this yet).
Chariot crews are Colonel Bills (conversions). Chariots are 4Ground - bought from Colonel Bills. Horses are Colonel Bills. Civilians are a mix of Crusader Miniatures and Foundry.
Well done those of you who've spotted that they're driving on the wrong side of the road - They're meant to be going anti-clockwise!

Not sure what detail work to add to the board - apart from a finishing line and, separate, start line - as the whole thing is very much a 'basic' layout to aid transport and group gaming. The board will comfortably fit 6 - 8 chariots all at once.
Dirty tricks: Oil Spills and Caltrops, both cause chariots passing through them to spin out / lose control. Amphora are from Baueda. There's also the chance to incite the Mob to 'pitch invade', or, should a player roll particularly badly, the Mob could just invade anyway!
Caltrops are home-made, using Greenstuff and florist wire (formers for the vertical spikes).
Measurement sticks and Turn templates (ignore the board they're laid upon, please).
Long / Medium / Short measurements, 0 - 45 degree template, and 46 - 90 degree template.

All that's left to do now for Friday is finish basing some Ancient Germans (belonging Impetus / To the Strongest!), and then varnish everything.


Thursday, 22 December 2016

Project 2017

Since I've not been active on the blogosphere of late, have curtailed a lot of my forum activities to only one hobby forum (Pendraken Miniatures Forum), and generally have just been getting on with things, I've noticed a marked increase in my hobby productivity. Apart from working on a few things for a game next week I've managed to stick to one project and have painted up quite the number of miniatures for it - see the photos!
 10mm ACW from Pendraken Miniatures 'New' range
The only major distraction to my efforts has been Facebook, so I've just asked them to delete my account (which will take 14 days) and then that's another time-waster gone and hopefully more miniatures will get painted.

And that's my Project 2017. Ignore as many distractions as I can and just work through one project. Obviously I'll need to have a few other bits and pieces to offer me a 'change of scenery', but these will only be:- A) the ancient chariot racing game, that I've got nearly completed. B) Stars X-Wing and Armada, as the miniatures already come pre-painted and allow games to be played straight from the box. And C) Star Trek Attack Wing, which, like Star Wars, is another game where the miniatures already come pre-painted and allow games to be played straight from the box.

So, hopefully, 2017 will see me working on only one tabletop wargaming project - 10mm ACW - and will be supported by a couple of other games that will allow me to play as and when needed.

Regarding the ACW project, the set of rules to use was becoming an issue. So I spotted They Couldn't Hit An Elephant over on the TooFatLardies webstore, at a cheap enough price, and purchased the rules as a PDF. That's it. I'm told they work and from looking through them I can understand them, so as far as I'm concerned the rules I'll be gaming with has been sorted and I'll just use them - So no need to waste precious time in the future learning new rules, relearning previous rules, rebasing, etc. etc. Which means more time to paint up miniatures and just play games. It also means I've only spent £7.00 on a rules set and won't need to buy into others, which on average cost £30+ each (when taking into consideration supplements and any tools needed to play the rules).

I'm hoping that my plan for 2017 will actually become a sort of experiment. Seeing if I can stick to it and, if I do, by the end of 2017 how large a painted miniature collection could I manage to amass when a lot of the modern distractions of the hobby are removed? (Yes, I can see the irony of using the modern distraction of an Internet blog to chart my progress.)

Obviously I've tailored my efforts and requirements to work for myself, an OCD and wargames butterfly sufferer, and they won't be suited to anyone else. But I do think it will be interesting to see the results of my efforts, should I be able to stick to them.

Some more of my 10mm WIP photos
And, lastly, a drawn-up plan of what I'm aiming to collect for an initial scenario/game to mark the completion of phase one of my project. Though I've, since drawing it, decided to only have the one limber per artillery battery.

Cheers for looking.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Club Night - Ancients TtS! & SAGA

The Old Guard Wargames Group's latest meet was last night. A smaller turn out than previously, mainly due to work parties for Christmas etc, but we got in two games at our Scruton Village Hall venue.
6mm (Ancients) To the Strongest! - Athenian Greeks versus Persians
Players: Stuart (who's fig's and terrain we were using) and James (Mad Tin Hatter! blog) as the Greeks, against myself as the Persians. It turned out to be a very good game, with victory within the grasp of both sides.

The Persians initially attempting a redeployment strategy in the face of the enemy (thwarted by a pair of Aces! - meaning the turn was over for me), with demonstrations on both wings and a refused flank. The Persians playing the long game, allowing the Greeks to commit themselves across the battlefield - which they did by moving forward across their whole front, "Attack being the best form of Defence" I was told, and moving to restrict the Persian's redeployment options.

The game focused mainly on the centre and the Persian's (attempted, but failed, refused flank). James' Hoplites in the centre, whom suffered from Persian cavalry charges, and Stuart's flank command seizing command of an entire wing of the battlefield and pinning my Left Command into its deployment area.

The game finished with the Greek's only left with x1 Victory Medal (meaning if they lost that medal they'd have lost the game) and the Persian's last x3 Victory Medals being taken by James' Hoplite charge into the Persian camp. Heck of a good game.

The Persian (that being me) Grand Plan:
Initial deployment saw the Persian army spread out to meet the Greek's whole front.
 Phase One: The Light Cavalry on both wings would move forward, in demonstration, while the Medium and Guard Cavalry would move obliquely in front of the right-flank units. The infantry on the left-flank occupying the ground just vacated by the central cavalry units - so, effectively, operating a refused flank strategy on the Persian left.
Phase Two: The left-hand Light Cavalry would retire, while the right-hand Light cavalry would move forward and continue to harass the Greek wing with missile fire. The scythed chariot, now being free to charge forward, the Medium and Guard Cavalry all charging into the Greek central units. 

What actually happened: Well, the Persian plan pretty much worked, and the units moved as planned. The Chariots were charged before they themselves were able to attack, however, and were lost. The redeploying infantry on the Persian left were thwarted by failed command tests and never managed to form a defensive line on the Camp. The Light Cavalry retiring in the face of the enemy; one was wiped out due to skirmish missile fire, and the other voluntarily left the field, and never managed to return. The Medium and Guard Cavalry units worked a treat and really gave it all they had against the Greek Hoplite units, destroying Greek units or severely disrupting them and causing the Greek command to have to divert Hoplites from their flank to strengthen their centre. The Persian refused left-flank was pinned back by the Greeks, though still in a strong condition, and the game was taken by a unit of Greek Hoplites charging into the undefended Persian Camp. 

A very good game!

Image courtesy of The Mad Tin Hatter
Image courtesy of The Mad Tin Hatter
Image courtesy of The Mad Tin Hatter
Image courtesy of The Mad Tin Hatter

The above image shows off 'The Plan' in action:-
Both Light Cavalry on the wings have moved forward. 
The central Guard & Medium Cavalry has moved obliquely to their right. (the Chariots are destroyed)
The Infantry on the left wing has turned facing and is about to march towards their camp... 
...Well, that was what was meant to happen!
The other game on the night saw John (Normans) playing against Pete (Anglo-Danish) in a game of SAGA. Which I'm afraid I didn't really get chance to see much of, nor take many photo's of. 
Another cracking good games night, all helping to motivate me to paint up my 28mm Ancient Germans and to dig out my own SAGA bits and bobs. 

Cheers for looking.