Sunday, 23 October 2016

Ancient Chariot Racing - Colonel Bills Style!

So what's this all about then? I hear you all ask (or, more than likely, nobody asking). Ancient Chariot Racing, aren't you meant to be painted 15mm 7YW!

Yes, well, ahem. This should only be a slight diversion - Blame the Battleground Show (Stockton, next month) and Leon 'Pendraken' asking a member of the group I'm in whether we'd like to put on a game at the show, and me suggesting we do something easy.

One; I think The Old Guard Wargames Club (North Riding) will be putting on a 28mm Ancients games, with Republican Romans versus Carthaginians (I think?). Two; I then got to talking with Stu, when last I was at the Colonel Bill's office, and the Chariot Racing game sort of evolved into a possible 'just-use-Colonel-Bills-stuff-and-if-at-a-show-stick-the-game-in-front-of-my-stall idea (not the first show game idea myself and Stu have had, but to do such would all be down to me, since Stu et al have too much to do already and I'd need to look after the game on the day, on my own).

So, this Ancient Chariot Racing plan is my own idea, probably will come to nought, and may or may not feature at a gaming club meet (the group I'm in, or Stu's gaming group), or, alternatively, may see some limited attendance at UK shows. But I make no promises!

This is all a WIP, so far. I, and my Father, only began work on it Thursday afternoon - Me, the toy soldier models; my Father, (a retired carpenter-joiner) the 'Hippodrome' racing track. [My old man isn't a gamer, it needs to be said - I wish he was!]

The photo's; [Note: Painting is 'gaming friendly -style', meant to be knocked about and easily repaired on the road. It, hopefully, looks tidy, but there's nothing complex about the work and all colours are straight from the paint pot.]

28mm Celt Chariot crew & Ancient Horses are available from Colonel Bills - Depot Battalion range.
MDF Celt Chariots are 4Ground - sold via Colonel Bills, at shows and through the Internet
A few people come over to Colonel Bills, at the shows, and say they've seen the blog and picked up a few things that I've shown on here. That being the case, I've attempted to illustrate and explain what I've done with the models - Note: at time of photo' the models are in need of paint repair work, as explained in photos. 
 The 28mm resin jars (below) are sold by Magister Militum - Baueda terrain pieces.
Into my Father's Joiner's Shop. The finished race track will be modular, as in cut down the middle to allow it to be stored / transported in two halves. Such method also allows for an 'extension' to be placed in the middle of the track, at any later date, should it be deemed necessary.
So, two more Ancient Celt Chariots to make and paint, and the race track to finish off. Then there's some 'Oil Spill' dirty trick markers to make, 'Caltrop' dirty trick markers, and 'Track Invasion' crowd markers - All of which will be made using miniatures.

I'm hoping to have all this finished by November 6th - the next gaming club meet, so I can show off what it all looks like, and test out the storage / transport of it all.

Cheers for looking.


Clint's PBB - Some More Propaganda!

Just because I've got too much time on my hands, and too vivid an imagination! 
For those wondering, this is part of a fictitious 1930s Imagi-Nation PBeM PBB game.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Latest Miniatures At Colonel Bills!

There's finally some photo's of the latest Colonel Bills miniatures. These have been available at a couple of shows already, but haven't featured on the Internet yet (unless you've seen Ray Rousell's blog!)

So, may I present to you all the latest figures available at Colonel Bills Wargames Depot

Belt Fed Girls
BFG022 - Doll Face Kitty on foot - Wild West Outlaw
BFG023 - Hoetha fukaya - Central African Queen
BFG024 - Brigette - WW2 Wehrmacht Hussy
BFG025 - Dulce Maria - Wild West Mexican Bandito
BFG026 - Agustina of Aragon - Spanish Napoleonic heroine
BFG027 - Razia Sultana - Medieval Indian Warrior Queen

Coming Soon: Female Pirate! Female Rambo!

Depot Battalion Miniatures
DBH012 - C17th Villagers

Painted examples of all the above will be shown as and when completed.

Thank you.


Monday, 17 October 2016

Sands of the Sudan At Shildon Show 2016

I was at the Stand To 2016 show, yesterday, at the Shildon NRM and was lucky enough to play Dave Docherty's Sands of the Sudan game. 

While at the show I also met with Zabadak and Manic_Miner (from the Lead Adventure Forum - who is a trader of 28mm Fantasy and Sci-Fi figures, which are excellent! Check out his Four A Miniatures shop to see what I mean. He's on Facebook, here. I bought a couple of bits from him ... more to follow!)

Anyway, the game.
Pre-Show Set Up
 The British Relief Column
 The besieged settlement, guarded by Egyptian Infantry & British Engineers.
Also, being the whole point of the game, the General's Daughter - who needed rescuing!
Early action: Some wally in charge of the British has caused a rather large mob, armed with spears,
to emerge from the village and attack two regiments of the Camel Corp. I wish I could say that my 
rash actions of seeing off pesky natives hadn't caused the incident, but it would be a lie if I did.
Me: 'Eh up, is that the time. Dinner break! I'll just leave you chaps to sort out my mess, while I pop out to eat my sandwiches. Steve and James take charge of the British, and sort out the mess I'd started. 
Bengal Lancers at top of shot - Henceforth to be known as the Kolkata Knight Riders!
 Ah. There's a load of angry natives trying to get into the village. 
 Bugger! They've got in. "About face, lads. Three rounds, rapid fire!"
 James, being a proud Scottish chap, decided that The Black Watch should be the heroes of the day, and set a gruelling pace of march to rapidly eat up the distance between them and the village.
I'm still at Lunch. The Camel Corp is now all engaged and about to see off the pesky foreigners. The 19th Hussars, closest to shot, have seen off two lots of infantry during the course of the action. "Up and at them boys! Up and at 'em!" 
 Meanwhile, with the Kolkata Knight Riders, "Subedar, we can't have those kilted chaps stealing our glory now, can we. Onward and upwards boys, and ride those enemy down!" 
 Lots of camels in the Sudan (Martin Cooke and Matt Crump now realise why I keep going on about camels!)
 The defenders of the village see off the enemy. But the General's Daughter is getting flighty (typical woman. They don't have the spunk that a good British soldier's got).
 "Enemy to front, boys. Subedar ... Charge!"
 "Hamish, those glory seeking cavalry chaps are trying to steal our laurels. Onward The Black Watch!"
"What the! Where did they come from, Hamish? ... Column, halt! Left face. Present arms. Fire!" 
 While this is happening, over on the other side of the field... "Ma'am, I have the honour to be your servant, and if you'd like to accompany us." 
 The Black Watch sees off the Fuzzy Wuzzies! 
The Bengal Lancers win the day. Huzzah!
The General's Daughter is rescued!
 "Subedar, let us get back to camp in time for tiffin."
 Our host. Dave Docherty. 
Three cheers for David, boys. 
Hip hip, Huzzah!
 The thwarted commander of The Black Watch, James the Mad Tin Hatter 
 Me. The chap who caused a riot in the native village early in the game, then buggered off for dinner!
Captain Roy Williamson, VC
Sands of the Sudan, by Dave Docherty, is a cracking good game. Highly enjoyable and a pleasure to play. Recommended!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Clint's PBB - My Own Propaganda!

I had a spare half-a-hour, so I made the following. 

Obviously it is part of my in-game roleplaying in Clint's PBB game. I may be taking it more seriously than others? (but then maybe not, as you're all in the dark to what my orders actually were!) 

Possibly, you may need to Right-Click on the image & Open In New Tab / Window, so you can zoom in and view the print. 

As I say, this is just for my own enjoyment, so please don't think any other players need to copy or do likewise - I've just got far too much free time on my hands!

Friday, 14 October 2016

Agema's Swashbuckler PBeM - Turn 6

Game play has sped up by a week, so the time between turns was only 12 working days this time around.

I've created a new Page (see above) which contains an index of the previous turns, to make it easier for us all.
Hmm, either this picture is wrong, or those Greenlander natives don't feel the cold!
Right, summary of what I wanted to do this turn - Spoiler Alert! I had plans to borrow BIG money and purchase cargo to trade with when we'd reached Greenland. Yes, ahem, that didn't happen. No doubt due to the fact that my character's social rank is currently classed as "Unheard Of", so I couldn't secure a loan as I'm still considered an "Ordinary Joe", just another "Tom, Dick or Harry" trying his chances on the streets of London. My argument of "Don't you know who I am? I'm with the Royal Society's hirelings!" didn't work, either. Galling circumstances and all that!

Well, nobody can say I didn't try. Also, I gave orders that my character would allow his 'workers' to have some time off to themselves (not at all to be read as, buying their loyalty), and that my character would rest up at his Inn lodgings so as to be well-rested and fit for the expedition to come.

So, onward to the...
Current situation:
Attempting to secure a loan off a moneylender for 25 guineas proves
more difficult than one would have thought. You find yourself at the
Sign of Three, a pokey and dusty shop which is dark within, and
manned by an unkempt shaggy-haired individual sporting ragged black
clothing and fingerless gloves. He introduces himself as Josiah Snead.
You ask for a loan of up to 25 guineas, and he looks surprised. He
shrugs, “What have you got as security, my boy?” 
You hesitate. He points to your walking cane, prompting you to show it
him, and explain it to be a sword-cane. He examines it, and explains if
this is left with him until payment is made back, he offers you half-a-guinea, as a loan up until January 1711 at which point either one
guinea needs to have been paid to him to release the cane and clear the
debt, or the cane becomes his own possession. You try to persuade him
to make you a better deal, but it soon becomes clear that he is sure this
is the best deal you will find! Do you accept the offer? 
It is frustrating, because half-a-guinea won’t buy any goods even if you
should agree, so dreams of buying goods to trade seem to be fading
While there is still free time before sailing, you hand to Ern one guinea
and allow him and his two mates time to spend it as they will (which
appears to involve drinking far too much). Your insistence that they be
fit and healthy, and present to set sail for Greenland when that time
arrives notwithstanding (for the next day they seemed in good spirits,
and in rude health, despite having over-indulged, albeit they tired later
in the day and to a man became sullen). 
As for yourself, you retired to the Old Thameside Inn, visited coffee
shops, and led a quiet existence keeping yourself out of trouble as best
you can. 
It was with some gratification that a few items found a way to your
lodgings courtesy of Thomas Guy, for your personal use. Namely,  a
flintlock blunderbuss, powder and shot, a flint and steel necessary to
light fire, a leather bottle of whale oil.
An English Flintlock Blunderbuss

And there we have it. My current situation and where I shall begin my imaginings for next turn's orders. I'm not going to give up on securing trade goods (my character is a merchant after all), but I feel that the disappointment of failing to secure a loan, and suppressing said disappointment last month, means Mister Bartholomew Yorke will be using / allowing his Weakness of his Temper to become unchecked this next turn. You have all been warned!
Cornelis Dusart, 'Drinking Bout', 1700 © Frans Hals Museum

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

15mm 7YW British Unit Paint Up [#7]


I failed to photo the officer, I know. Nor did I photo the stages of the basing. But I'm sure, for those interested, if you look at these images, or those previously posted, you can work out the methods I used.

Figures used: Freikorp15 British Seven Years' War (sold through Total System Scenic)
Unit representing: British 12th Foot.
[images can be enlarged by clicking on them]

Thanks to those of you who pointed out my mistakes, while I was working on these, and to those chap's who passed on information to me when I was stuck. Also to everyone who left comments or 'Liked' my WIP posts. Much appreciated.