Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Boats For The Next Club Night - 1/600 ACW Naval

Just finished getting the planned forces ready for an ACW naval game at The Old Guard Wargames Group's (Tunstall, Richmondshire, North Yorks) next club night. 

Merrimac-Virginia and Monitor had been built previously, but I've painted up the USS Nahant and USS Weehawken models to fit my planned scenario - Time-wise, post-Hampton Roads, and a Union force of three monitors has been dispatched to destroy the big Confederate ironclad warship Virginia.

Rules will be the free-to-download Smoke on the Water rules. LINK.

Since there may be members looking for a game on the night, I'll take along my other models and shoehorn them in somehow - adjusting forces where needed - so the Confederates may see surprise reinforcements.  

As far as I know, there's to be a FoW WW2 game also being played. 

- I've just got to remember how to play the game, now!

Saturday, 27 August 2016

6mm WotR At A New Local Club [Updated with New Pics]

Now then*

I went along to my local gaming club last night - first meeting of the group, and about 5 minutes away from our house, so hopefully it will continue to meet up.

I met a few fellow gamers, including Yorkie, who has his own blog HERE, James - blog link HERE - and Stuart who featured on this blog in a couple of previous Frostgrave posts. There was two other gamers, but I'm not aware of them being bloggers. 

Anyway, Yorkie put on the game last night, a 6mm War of the Roses battle using the Hail Caesar rules. I didn't take my camera, but James did and has featured his game report over on his blog - so pop over and read it HERE

My two groups of troops are centre left in those photos. James's being next to me. bottom left, Stuart being in the salmon-coloured top in the photos. It was a good night and everyone was pleasant and sporting. The next meet is in a fortnight and I've said I'll provide an ACW naval game, there being a Flames of War WW2 game as well on the night. 
Photo 'borrowed' from Mad Tin Hatter blog
So that's about it for this post, as I said, check out James's blog post for further photos.
borrowed from the Facebook page
borrowed from the Facebook page

*I don't normally come over all Yorkshire, but I've just been on Yorkie's blog and it has had an effect on me. 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Agema's "Swashbuckler" - Turn #5 Turn Return

For those following my progress with this Play-By-eMail RPG game, I thought I may as well post a copy of what I've just emailed in to the Games Master.

Last turn saw my character being asked what he needed for a planned Royal Society expedition to Greenland, acting as a guard along with his three cronies, so I compiled the following and, hopefully, it is what the GM was looking for - Either that or I've sent him a, little long by usual standards, turn reply that he'll have to translate into something useful for my character. Whichever it is, at least my character will be listed as being well supplied come Greenland!
Okay, I'll admit it, it is a painting depicting something 700 years too early for the game
What follows is an actual copy of what my turn reply looked like, apart from the omission of my true surname.


Roy -----                    B. Yorke
Swashbuckler - Game 8 November 1706

1. GO TO: nil

2. HOW: nil

3. MEANS: Walk (around current location)

4. SKILLS USED: Persuasion, Civilised


Men and Equipment for guarding Royal Society Expedition to Greenland

Equipment carried by every man:
* Warm, foul weather clothing
* Leather shoulder satchel
* Cork stoppered bottle for drink, secured from shoulder by lanyard
* Bright coloured cloth strip (tied around arm, or, if needed, all strips tied to a pole to signal with)
* supply of food (dried ship's biscuit)

B.Yorke's personal equipment, in addition to above:
* Flintlock Blunderbuss, powder and shot
* Flint and steel, necessary to light fire
* Leather bottle of whale oil (if available)
* Half-a-dozen candles (can be stored in shoulder bag)
* Small mirror (used for signalling)
* Small spyglass and compass (if both available)

Ern's personal equipment, in addition to above:
* Flintlock Blunderbuss, powder and shot
* Flint and steel, and whale oil
* Rope, coiled around shoulder and body
* Machete-like knife

Equipment for Ern's Mates, in addition to above:
* Axe
* Spade
* Shoulder bag of wood faggots for fires, tied together with thin rope.
* Knife, with worked leather sheath

Further detail:

If organisers require further men to act as porters they can arrange use of ship's hands. Their equipment and clothing being as "Items for all" and "Ern's Mates", though excluding the faggots, above. Further coiled rope, and a couple of large dogs would also be useful to equip further men with, as would a few firearms and powder and shot.

All equipment and stores being paid for by expedition organisers. I'm assuming that sleep will be taken on board ship, or shelter constructed on-site. If not, then canvas tents will be required.

Each man paid small amount of wages on outset, the rest paid to them on return to England. Any monies not claimed, on failing to return for any reason, be paid to B.Yorke.

B.Yorke allowed the ability to trade on his own behalf at Greenland. Cargo space in ship's hold permitted to him for such use.
Items to trade being Rum, Metal Hand Tools and Woollen Clothing.
All items bought before sailing, using money at hand by B. Yorke.

It's a long way to Tipperary London from Greenland!
Here's hoping I'm not tempting fate...

We'll all have to see if I made a mess of things, now.

Cheers for looking

Roy son of William.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Pulling My Finger Out ... Post #2 [a bit of everything]

Right, so where did I get to last time?

Blood Bowl (GW boardgame of a Fantasy Ball Game):
My mail order has arrived from Heresy Miniatures and I now have all the bits to field a Necromantic Zombie Team. I just have to remember the colours I used when I started on this project during Zomtober 2014!
 What I had previously
 Zomtober 2014
New stuff bought: 1x Flesh Gholem, 1x Werewolf, 1x Ghoul
2x Wights (need converting from the male Zombies), 1x Cheerleader,
1x Necromancer Manager

Star Wars X-Wing (Fantasy Flight Games, Star Wars dogfights):
My mail orders arrived from Games of War (some asteroids) and Combatzone Scenery (a Senator-class shuttle) and I've got painted 50% of the asteroids - and bloody good they look too! Definitely be buying some more from Games of War.
Sat down (over a number of days) and worked out what it is that I am wanting to collect, using the X-Wing Wikia page, and have got it written out on paper what I want for my Scum & Villainy and Imperial forces.

The Imperials will just be a small collection to allow me to play solo, or to offer a game to someone without their own collection. My main interest in X-Wing is the Scum & Villainy faction, which I see as a force belonging to a small-time noble family from a small world, operating semi-legitimately within the Empire. Not sure about the Rebels, as I do like the Star Wars characters from the films and playing with ships like the Millennium Falcon and X-Wings, but I'm not sure if I want to have to collect a full force. As I say, the Scum & Villainy faction is my go-to favourite.

I've been adding a few bits of paint to make the pre-painted models more individual
 The blue engine flames might be a little bit of an artistic liberty, 
but it adds an extra touch of colour 
 Squadron badge on ship
 Blue stripes - on a repaint over the pre-painted stripes,
the other being free hand (just follow the grid pattern)
Squadron badge displayed on ship

Star Wars Armada (Fantasy Flight Games, Star Wars fleet battles):
I've gone and collected all of the Core and First Wave releases for this game (in other words, all of the things that were available when it first came out) and have sorted out for myself two 150 point forces for both the Imperial and Rebel factions. My intention is to now use these to learn the rules, see if I can sort out some method of adapting the game for myself to play solo, and then take it from there. I'll be keeping the game simple to start with, not using upgrades cards on the ships or any of the missions.
 150pts Imperial - bigger ships are pre-paints, the smaller fighters are hand painted
 TIE Fighters
Again, artistic licence used to add colour
 TIE Bombers
If anyone is wondering how I painted the small fighter models? I drilled out the plastic pegs that are part of the sculpts and attached the models to steel pins (using white, PVA glue) to paint them. Obviously the drill bits used were small and I used a hand operated pin vice to do the drilling, not an electric drill.
148pts of Rebels - bigger ships are pre-paints, the smaller fighters are hand painted
 Blue identification marks added to a pre-paint (the blue vertical stripe is suffering 
from a bit of an optical illusion - it is straight in real life, honest)
 X-Wing T-65; Base A (on the right) was the first attempt paint job and it looks crap to my mind.
Base B takes longer to do, and from a distance there's no difference between them, but up close
it looks better.
 Two shots of Base B.
 Two shots of the B-Wing base. Optical illusion has the Flight markings appear wobbly, the only 
thing that I did do in error was fail to keep the three stripes on the last ship equal distance apart.
Some shots alongside the (smaller of the six) asteroids
The Games of War (X-Wing scale) asteroids next to Small ships from Armada

Swashbuckler (AGEMA Publications, Play-By-eMail / Mail RPG):
You can all follow my character in the Swashbuckler posts on this blog.

American Civil War Naval (Peter Pig 1/600 models, Smoke on the Water rules):
Not sure how many of my models I've shown on the blog, definitely some, but maybe not all.
 United States ships
Confederate States ships

Its a period and subject I'd love to keep going with, and I enjoy the modelling and painting (when I don't bugger up the rigging on the City-class gunboats!) so I can see me continuing with what I've got. Maybe, someday, I might even get around to playing a game ... I just won't hold my breath!

And that's about it.

Cheers for looking.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Agema's Play-By-eMail RPG Game "Swashbuckler" - Turn #4

So what's happening in the World of The Glory of Kings game 8, specifically with Mr Bartholomew Yorke?

Well, at present - October 1706 - Mr Yorke is still to be found at London, not least due to the stormy weather effecting Western Europe. 

Last turn, after arriving at London, my character spotted a pamphlet advertising a need for men of substance and, so, my character being in want of employment, I gave orders to the Games Master that I would be looking into this venture, this turn.

Agema Publications are looking to speed up the game turn-around time between turns, so I should be updating this series of blog posts every two weeks, or so. 
LINK to turn one

LINK to turn two

October 1706

LocationLondon, England.
What am I doing: Responding to the advertising pamphlet regarding an expedition to Greenland. 
Drawing by Labrousse, from Encyclopedie des Voyages, 1795-1796, Greenland.
by Jacques Grasset de Saint-Sauveur (1757-1810)
Current situation
Having proceeded to the abode of one Mister Thomas Guy, who lives in apartments situated within Sloane Square Hospital, part of the Royal Society in Cavendish Square near Westminster, you knock and ask to be allowed in. Why here? Because this was the address and contact name given in relation to the curious advertisement entitled ‘Men of Substance and Quality’ in the London Gazette. A butler answers the door and leads you down a corridor to a room where he dourly announces who you are. You enter a finely furnished gentleman’s room lined with books from floor to ceiling as the butler intones, as if making an announcement of a guest at a grand ball, “Mister Bartholomew Yorke, in response to the advertisement.” 
“Ah! Come in and join us!” announced one particularly animated gentleman who was in full flow of conversation as you arrived. He turned to a seated man who, while equally appearing to have the cut of a gentleman, is frowning. 
“Ah, Sir Thomas, so quickly and precisely do you place your fingertip on the crux, so perspicaciously do you identify the gleaming nugget of opportunity where others see merely yawning void!” the man declared to the seated – and sceptical - Thomas Guy. 
“Eh?” Enquired Sir Thomas. “What’s ‘e on about?”, turning to his friend Sir Richard, the third gentleman in the room (yourself accepted), 
“Allow me to expand,” the speaker continued hastily, “Greenland is not entirely barren, as many believe. It has been settled over the centuries by robust Nordic types, many of whose settlements are likely still to exist. This, indeed, is why Denmark still claims sovereignty over the isle and its population, and is rumoured to be preparing an expedition to map and establish communication with its colonists. We must strike first! If we mount such an expedition ourselves, we can be first to establish a monopoly of trade and exploit the vast natural resources of this land... whales, seals, er, fish, coal... and... um... diamonds,” he added hopefully. 
Sir Richard spoke up. “Indeed, gentlemen, the prospects for trade with Greenland are the talk of the coffee-houses in Dublin. We risk being sidelined in this great venture! Let us pledge, I beseech you, for we have not a minute to lose!”
You cough, ill-temper rising in that your arrival appears to be in the process of being effectively ignored. It has the desired effect, and Thomas Guy, Sir Richard, and the proposer of the project whose name it transpires if Josiah Muddley, stop their discussion and as one turn to face you. 
You speak, admittedly with anger in your tone of voice (but frankly they deserve no less, for all their quality), to expound on your own qualities and virtues in a most truthful manner. In a no nonsense and plain speaking fashion, typical of a Yorkshire man, you bluntly state you seek employment from them, for myself and my 'employees'.  
“There you go! We have our guards already!” replies a clearly delighted Josiah. 
“Obviously we have simple honest men to protect us on this expedition,” – he then lowered his voice – “which is precisely what we need.” 
Thomas explains. “I am to sponsor this expedition… apparently. Sir Richard here will lead it, and our mutual friend Josiah is doing the leg work and arranging the expedition to Greenland. Tell me, how many men do you have, Bart? May I call you Bart?” 
Josiah added, “And what equipment will you need? Do tell, come on, come on, speak up man!”
Dress of the inhabitants of Greenland. 18th century engraving.

And that is where you find me. In need of plans to recruit more 'guards' than just myself and the other three, and desperately thinking what equipage we'll all need. 

Still, I got away with using my character weakness and now don't need to use Temper as my 'skill' for six more turns. 

Er, I don't know what the chaps playing England and Denmark will think of all this private enterprise my man seems to have found himself involved in. White Flags of truce probably won't show up against a snowy backdrop!

[The Glory of Kings is a multi-player and Non-Player-Controlled game, with each player controlling a country or pirate, or the like. Swashbuckler slots into this game by allowing a player to control a single RPG character, and shape event in the bigger picture of the game.]
I might need to re-read this!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Pulling My Finger Out ... Star Wars X-Wing #1

As a follow up to a previous blog post - titled Pulling My Finger Out, or something like that - I've gone and begun to get myself sorted to play some games.

First off was Blood Bowl, which I mail ordered some figures from Heresy Miniatures to complete a Necromantic zombie team - There was a sale on, the bits ordered haven't arrived through the post as of yet.

Secondly, I placed a number of orders through the post to people selling Star Wars X-Wing and Armada stuff. The first to arrive of these was a 3' x 3' gaming mat, as shown in the photos.
I could have attempted to make something myself, but I thought that if I was going to play the game I may as well do it properly and have a professionally made bit of kit, as I'm unable to make something that looks as good.
The mat is one of those shiny, vinyl type materials that lays flat once rolled out and smooths out without any creases.  I went for the X-Wing standard sized mat, as I'd never bought from the people before (bought on Tuesday arrived on Thursday!), but I reckon I'll end up getting a 6' x 4' mat for big games of Star Wars Armada.

You'll possibly notice that I've painted the X-Wing model's flight bases black, and added small painted details to the three TIE/LN starfighters, above? I painted the bluey-white exhaust detail too, but forgot to photo the model's from the rear. I only need one more TIE/LN and then I'll have a proper Flight, as opposed the one full Element and single unit belonging to the other Element of the Flight - I can see I'm going to be all OCD about this!  
The mat I bought is made by the above, though bought from Big Mouth Clothing through Amazon.

Yesterday, I ordered some asteroids from Games of War and the Senator class shuttle and satellites from Combatzone Scenery. I'll update when they arrive and show them off - I only wish they came pre-painted.
May your Lightsaber stay shiny!