Wednesday, 15 June 2016

"Military-themed Film Quiz"

For those interested, here's a copy of the just-for-fun "Military-themed Film Quiz" that I've put up on several forums.

I'll eventually give the answers in the comments of this post, but if people would like to have a go themselves then by all means leave your answers in the comments, below.

###          [SPOILER ALERT] The Answers Are Now Provided In The Comments, Below

1) The actor, Val Kilmer said the line, " I'm your huckleberry," in which 1993 American Western film?

2) Ronald Lee Ermey (professionally known as R. Lee Ermey) was originally hired as a technical adviser, but was then cast as a main character, in which Stanley Kubric war film?

3) Dale Adam Dye, Jr. (top technical adviser to Hollywood) has featured in such films and television series as Platoon and Band of Brothers, but what US Military service is he a retired member of?

4) What colour was the little girl's coat in Steven Speilberg's (predominantly black and white) film Schindler's List?

5) The German actor Gert Fröbe, who played Auric Goldfinger in the James Bond film Goldfinger, appeared in which 1962 war film as the Unteroffizier "Kaffeekanne"?

6a) The Germanic war chant in the battle scene at the beginning of Ridley Scott's film Gladiator, is the war chant used in which other film?

6b) And, this film depicts the action near a crossing point on the Buffalo River (English translation used) where a historic British defence, in the southern African continent and now being well-documented and celebrated, what is the name of this 1879 battle?

7) The 1984 film The Killing Fields is concerning which Asian country?

8) What is the name of the film, based on a 1955 novel by Graham Greene, where Michael Caine and Brendan Fraser play a British journalist and an undercover CIA officer respectively, set in 1950s Vietnam?

9) In the 1972 West German film Aguirre, the Wrath of God, the Spanish soldier Lope de Aguirre, who leads a group of conquistadors down the Orinoco and Amazon rivers, is searching for which legendary city of gold?

10) The 1959 film Ben-Hur, starring Charlton Heston, was nominated for 12 Academy Awards and won how many?

11) The city of Deadwood, USA, the historic town where "Wild Bill" Hickok was shot dead at during a poker game and a location depicted in many Cowboy films and television shows, is part of which US State?

12) In the literary work, and the film and television productions, of War & Peace, Prince Andrei Nikolayevich Bolkonsky is wounded and then, some years later, seriously wounded in which two, major Napoleonic battles?

Friday, 10 June 2016

Agema's Play-By-eMail RPG Game "Swashbuckler" - Turn #2

So last turn we left my character, Mister Bartholomew Yorke, facing a quick dunking in the River Ouse at the hand's of three ruffians. Well today saw the second turn, August 1706, arrive and we get to see how he survived...

Here's a quick link to turn one's blog post - LINK.

August 1706 - Current situation:
With arms held wide in a show of peaceful intent, you approached the trio saying, "Come now friends, this is surely not necessary. Instead of working up a sweat for nought, why don't you all breakfast with me instead - I'm paying!" 
The leading ruffian frowned. "Ay? Aren't you scared, just a little bit?" 
You smiled an insufferable smile, although inside your heart was racing ten-to-the-dozen and truth be told were afraid but doing your level best not to show it.  
His shoulders slumped as he shook his head. "Lads, we're losing our touch." 
The other two roughs looked at him as if their leader was quite disturbed, but then looked at each other and shrugged. One, whose face appears to have been pushed out of joint at some time in the past by contact with a shovel, spoke up. "If yer say so, Ern, breakfast it is then."
The leader - Ern, jabbed a finger forward. "Mind you, he's paying!" 
A tea shop was opening up around the corner, and the four of you enjoyed a hearty breakfast. Your new companions were pleasant enough, well so long as you didn't look at them too much (this seems to unnerve them) or mention their interesting odor. 
Patting his stomach contentedly, Ern grinned and said. "Right, then, now the pleasantries are over, back to business. We're to throw you in the Ouse!" 
The other two fellows stood up, one cracked his knuckles.  
Ern wagged a finger, "If you would avoid such an inconvenience, give us a job." 
"What?!" you exclaimed in surprise, unable to contain yourself. 
"Give - us - all - jobs," he reiterated, like he was addressing a particularly simple-minded child. 
Nodding sagely -  a gesture they took to be acceptance - they laughed together and then on being given the commission to fetch and buy you a sword-stick cane, Ern went off with some of your money and in short order returned with one for you. He even gave you the change. 
With that sorted out, you were obliged to pay for four seats on the coach to London, and you set off with your new companions for that illustrious destination.
London, red bricked jungle where dreams are made

So, Mister Yorke (and friends) is now, currently, in London.
He is now the owner of a sword-cane walking stick (which I'm guessing he won't know how to use, except to stab at dropped paper-sheets littering the streets), and is less one-and-a-half guineas from his original six.
Initial 'next turn' ideas are, locate a lodging house for myself while they make their own arrangements (some explaining / negotiations may need to take place to ensure I don't end up paying for rooms for us all!) and then exploring London for opportunities!  
a Sword-Cane walking stick!

If it's of interest to any readers, here's my turn orders that were interpreted by the GM to resolve and provide the current game turn. You'll notice that not everything I ordered came about, mainly due to the non-player-controlled trio affecting my character's situation and so I'll now need to consider them, as well as my character, in the next turn set of orders I submit.

B. Yorke Turn Orders
Swashbuckler - Game 8 August 1706


1. GO TO: London

2. HOW: Road

3. MEANS: Coach - cost 1 guinea

4. SKILLS USED: Persuasion. Civilised.


With arms held wide in a show of peaceful intent, I approach the trio saying, "Come now friends, this is surely not necessary. Instead of working up a sweat for nought, why don't you all break fast with me instead - I'm paying!"

Hopefully, that will work... If not, I scream out "Murder!" and keep doing so until the alarm goes up.

If I end up in the Ouse, and penny-less, I'll need to find a job, in a shop, at York.

If I survive the trio, and with money, I purchase for myself a walking stick-cum-weapon. Buying one from the trio if they're inclined.

All being well, I leave York aboard coach and head to London. At London, I search out lodgings that are both respectable and not too expensive. If asked by the landlady/lord, I tell them that I'm a merchant looking for new business sources and plan on visiting Lloyd's Coffee House to find opportunity.


Cheers for reading.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

My WW2 Wagon photos & yoke info.

Quoted from Col. Bills Facebook (30th May)
Many thanks to Roy Williamson for the excellent work he has done on our Early WW2 German Wagon Crew display figures. Roy has placed the crew on, and alongside, a converted 4Ground Ox Wagon which also carries a load from the Depot Battalion range (again converted) and some Ainsty bits and bobs. The whole lot is pulled by a pair of Depot Battalion draught horses.
The Facebook post does go on (through the comments) to discuss the reason behind the fact the yoke is incorrect for horses - basically, I didn't want to alter the stock model too much from how it is bought off the shelf - and, in private email, I've told Stu that I'll make the next wagon I'm going to do (an ECW artillery train wagon) to be accurate, as a model can be, for equine use.