Thursday, 31 March 2016

Dolly Mop the Harlot 'Finished & Ready for Business!'* [Belt Fed Girl]

*Or, it can now be handed over to Stu at Colonel Bills on Saturday, at the Tees Con wargames show.

This is a [converted] example of BFG20 Dolly Mop - Victorian Harlot, from the Belt Fed Gaming range produced by Colonel Bills Wargames Depot.

Here's a LINK to the full range available, on the Colonel Bills webstore

You'll have to, please, excuse the fact that the models still attached to it's painting stand. A decent photography stage is something that I'll have to rig up.

LINK to post 1 of this paint up of Dolly Mop
LINK to post 2 of this paint up of Dolly Mop

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

WIP Post #2 On Dolly Mop - Colonel Bills Victorian Harlot

Apart from the skin tones needing their second and third contrasting layers, and I might work on the blues of the feather and garter belts, maybe a highlight on the red of the nipple tassels' cups, that's the work about there, completed.

All ready for more work, come Saturday. Yay ... Groan! ;-)

All I've been doing is painting on diluted layers of paint, so I'll just let the photo's do the talking. 
There is some spots of shiny, in places. Its the sun reflecting off a glossy bit of paint, which should vanish with a coat of varnish .

The photo's may be enlarged, by clicking upon them.

Second layering of contrasting colours
 Third layering of contrasting colours
Here's the LINK to the official version - now with a photograph of another painted example!

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

WIP Belt Fed Victorian Harlot & FIBUA Frostgrave board

Progress on the Belt Fed Miniatures: Dolly Mop (Victorian / Steampunk Harlot) has taken the form of this, so far - base sculpted, nipple tassel conversions, primed and undercoated, base colours applied, shading washes applied. 
 Foundation base colours 'blocked in'
Games Workshops Agrax Earthshade shading wash applied to the figure
Nuln Oil shading wash applied to the base.

Next task will be to layer on either the same base colour paints, or slightly contrasting, lighter tones of paint atop the raised parts of the sculpt. Leaving the shaded areas darker. 
Here's a recap shot of the miniature before paint - my conversion work being the 
Games Workshop Green-Stuff areas on the base and breasts.

You are able to purchase, an unconverted, Dolly Mop miniature here

Photo of the planned layout for the next game of Frostgrave.
FIBUA is an appropriate acronym.

[Fighting In Built Up Area]

Sunday, 27 March 2016

My conversion of a Belt Fed Girl to wear nipple tassels!

Here's an example of the (not long ago released - I've had it since before release, but didn't pull my finger out and get it photographed. Whoops!) Belt Fed Girl, Dolly Mop. A Victorian / Steam Punk Harlot.

Link to where you can purchase (an unconverted) Dolly Mop
There's still a bit of work to do tidying up the greenstuff work - using a new scalpel blade to clean the edges of the cobble stones etc, and maybe try to work some definition into the nipple tassels.

Yes, this is the second Belt Fed Girl miniature that I've converted to cover up the naked breasts. I've nothing against nudity in figures, nor specifically any complaints with the sculpts ... In this case I just envisioned the miniature wearing nipple tassels, to complement her corset and stockings and other frilly fancies.

Hopefully, I'll have it painted within the week.


Friday, 25 March 2016

Frostgrave Terrain Board DIY WIP

Just a quick post for my own Frostgrave project, before the Colonel Bills post self-publishes in 10 minutes time.

I've now built enough ruined terrain pieces to fill my 39" x 30" board. Some are still to finish off being built, and then a number of them require painting. Its been a bit of a slog building them all, but now that the end's in sight I'm hoping to get the impetus to finish this project off.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Frostgrave Game #2 - The Mausoleum Scenario

Game two of our ongoing Frostgrave campaign. It was carnage!

Spells aplenty. Combat aplenty. My soldiers falling like flies, aplenty. In the last few turns I only had my Wizard, a Knight, an Archer and my extremely useful Raised Zombie to play with. I have to say my Raised Zombies have proven of great use in both games - that and the FOG spell!

I didn't take notes of the game, and the photo's are just what I grabbed while Stuart was planning his moves. This second game flowed far smoother and, without having too much terrain, the game was decisively concluded in a couple of hours. This second game has highlighted to me the issue of how the experience gaining system can unbalance rival warbands, in such a quick period of time. I've been looking at a couple of house rules, however, to address this issue.

Some fluff:

Being the Personal Journal of Airon Revan, Journeyman Magician of the School of Illusion.  
Entry Two: My Nemesis bested me again.  
Drawn towards a treasure-rich mausoleum, myself and Anjileec led our men forward to give battle to the undead denizens of that place. Again we were met by the rival band from our previous encounter - though it seemed some alterations to its man-power had been made.  
In the ensuing three-way battle we felt the loss of our wounded treasure hunter, numbers being firmly in favour of our rivals. Skeletons emerged from their crypt home in steady fashion and seemed drawn to my men like iron-filings to a lodestone.  
With my men falling all around me, Anjileec fell also. Suffering from a crushed arm we discovered, after the battle. With only a hundred gold coins gained from this encounter, I, myself, held the rear-guard while my men retreated from the battleground.  
Wee Jim, my faithful dog, was badly injured in this action. But then the stupid mutt shouldn't have charged into a suicide attack against a stronger opponent. Idiot animal! 

Photo's: (I used the flash for the majority, but when compared with the other shots you can see the differences. I don't know which works better?)

The game was played at Stuart's, the terrain being a mixture of his (the better stuff) and mine.
Pre-Game Set-Up
 Pre-Game Set-Up
Turn One(ish?) 
 Stuart's warband fighting the skeleton guards, 
and the thief picking up some 'Telekinesis-moved' treasure. 
 My warband moves forward - Raised Zombie leading one of the pincer attacks!
 First turn, or so.
 First turn, or so.
 Stuart's nice terrain
 Stuart's nicely painted warband and skeleton
 My warband moving forward, amongst the ruins I built
 My apprentice leading from the back - all five of my fighters shown (the smaller dog is just hidden by the wall) won't survive the game and will be moved to the injured pile. 
 Stuart's 'Man of the Match' probably belongs to his crossbowman. In this, and last game, that figure has taken out more of my men that any other of Stuart's warband.
 Near-enough the last turns - My knight is legging it towards the table edge with some gold (not shown), the last of my fighters belonging the Left Pincer attack is about to be taken out of the game, and my Wizard is trying to save the day with the raised zombie and an archer (who will actually get killed, next turn).
My knight at the bottom of the shot, and Stuart's Thug, Thief, Ranger and I can't remember what else, all moving towards the board edge with treasure. I tried my hardest to secure an equal share of the loot, but my men were just too outnumbered and kept getting taken out of the game.
My 'Injured Pile' at the end of the game. 
The 'right-hand' treasure hunter missed this game, but all the rest fell during the action.

Post game, when Stuart totalled up all the treasure he'd won for himself (and the experience gained, alone, from securing that treasure) it was evident how quickly the rival warbands can become unbalanced. As it is now, Stuart's warband is well in advance of mine in money, magic items and the abilities stakes - unless his wizard gets killed next game, should he have another run-away success his warband will become stronger to the point of handicapping my own in future games (and any new player would also be in the same position as me, against Stuart). 

I'm not moaning, nor taking anything away from Stuarts success, but I feel that this is part of the rules that I'd like to address with a house rule. As so;

Possible House Rules For Frostgrave
In an effort to try and keep rival warbands balanced, in regard to experience gains and rapid advancement of "Levels". 

1) No experience gained for each treasure recovered.

2) alter the experience table to include:

+10 Exp. | For each enemy soldier that one of your soldiers takes out of the game.
+20 Exp. | For each enemy apprentice that one of your soldiers takes out of the game.
+35 Exp. | For each enemy wizard that one of your soldiers takes out of the game.

+20 Exp. | For each enemy soldier that your apprentice takes out of the game.
+40 Exp. | For each enemy apprentice that your apprentice takes out of the game.
+75 Exp. | For each enemy wizard that your apprentice takes out of the game.

This 'warband' experience is in addition to the normal experience gains awarded from a game (excepting that stated above in House Rules 1). 
All experience benefits achieved are still only awarded to the Wizard, however. 

Using my alterations, after our two games, both warbands would still be on a par with each other and we would both, I feel, be more satisfied recording the successes that our soldiers had achieved. [Stuart's crossbowman notching-up at least 3 'kills' and my knight took out Stuart's wizard last game.]

I'm also working on one of my own scenarios, that focuses more on combat experience gains than treasure hunting. But saying all of this, none of my ideas may work or become adopted by us.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Photos Of A Few Different Things. 10mm/28mm/Zombie Stuff/Frostgrave/Ancient Germans

I've been working on a variety of stuff, not all of them finished and so not photographed. 

In no particular order.

I painted a 10mm Land Rover for my Zombie Apocalypse project. Entered it into a painting competition ... I didn't win. Photo'd here with some converted and stock 10mm miniatures.
Regarding the painting competition I mentioned, Stuart (Bodvoc) who I played Frostgrave with, previously, won the People's Choice Award with his 10mm Vikings and Longship.

See Stuart's winning entry HERE! [scroll down a little]
 Talking Frostgrave, I needed to paint up a trio of figures to meet my warband requirements.
Heresy ghoul as a Raised Zombie, a Depot Battalion peeing dog as a Warhound (it was the only dog miniature I had) and a converted Midlam Miniatures farmer with pitch-fork (now an Infantryman with spear).
 Contractual Plug for Colonel Bills Wargames Depot, Depot Battalion range, here!
 Another shameless plug for Colonel Bills Wargames Depot, Depot Battalion range, here!
 Promotion for Colonel Bills Wargames Depot, Depot Battalion range, "Its the Mutt's Nuts!", here.
 Warhounds and Archers (though the models are actually Rangers).
 Infantryman. Treasure Hunter. Knight.
Raised Zombie. Wizard (the models a caravan guard, or something). Apprentice (looking dusty, and the model's actually a vampire figures, but with it's fangs cut off).
 I painted these up a fortnight, or more, ago. The idea is for me to have an Ancient German war host.
 The figures are 1st Corps. The crap painting is mine! (Okay, gaming standard paint job.)
Lets just say I've used artistic license when it comes to the warpaint, the shield design and the clothing. The only accurate thing is probably the colours on the wooden club!
 All the fashionable people are wearing black warpaint nowadays. Honest.
Once the base is finished, three more figure bases finished and joining this one (and then all looked at from an arms length), they'll look the job. Fingers crossed.
Building ruins for Frostgrave saw my spirits tumble, so I took a break and painted up a couple of bases of troops for my Samurai Apes "Warband" army.
'Defensive' Samurai Apes with bows, behind 'bamboo palisade'. I didn't fancy painting the bamboo green, like I've done in the past.
Water Elementals. Painted to look like they're shooting up from a body of flowing water. No, I didn't use any pure white highlights - when seen in the flesh they look good enough as is.
Followers of Clint's blog may notice a similarity between his work and the painted base method I've used. I certainly had a go at using the same style that Clint regularly uses, though I altered my method to suit my options.

Lastly, I've wrote some fluff for my Frostgrave warband.
Being the Personal Journal of Airon Revan, Journeyman Magician of the School of Illusion. 
Concerning The City 
Entry One: Now that we have arrived, we have only ventured forth timidly into this stone skeleton of a destroyed civilisation. Exploring our immediate environs for clues as to the locations of the treasures and magical knowledge that it is rumoured are here for the taking. 
One of my men reported to me that he had found sight of brass-bound chests and earthenware jars, that he was certain must contain what we had ventured here for. Mustering my warband, myself and my Apprentice, Anjileec, led forth a trek to the location of this promised haul - But, alas, when we arrived we were met by a rival band, who it seemed had the same intention as ourselves.
In the skirmish that ensued, this rival managed to best me in stealing away the forgotten spoils of this long-dead city. I am sure, however, that we shall meet again, and this next time I shall be more prepared.
Stuart (Bodvoc) emailed me a map, he drew, of the area that we're both exploring. Our games being located in the "Ruins" shown (centre right) on the map.
map of Braemarg
Our next game of Frostgrave is tomorrow night.

Other than wearing myself out building and painting ruins, I've also been playing The Glory of Kings. Agema Publications PBM/PBeM diplomacy/wargame, massive campaign game. See previous blog post, here

Until next time.