Friday, 29 January 2016

Shop Signs For My Old West Town

First piece of news: My Old West town now has a name. Dead Mule. 

Second piece of news: Dead Mule currently comprises six buildings - and Rogan's Bar is now two-storeys high. 

Thirdly: I've made some new signs (shown below), as two of the signs currently on the model buildings are hideous! 

Unfortunately, I don't know how to make a 'correct size' .pdf (where you only have to print and glue to the model). So it means a trial and error approach, of printing off enlarged signs until I get the correct fit. I might figure it out someday...
I'm going to have a break from the Old West. I fancy painting a base of 10mm Barbarians for Warband, next. Then it'll be back to it.


Saturday, 23 January 2016

DIY Board - Old West 28mm - WIP

I had to start with a decent photo for the blog rolls!
Dark Brown
 Coat of Medium Brown [overbrushed]  
Coat of Light Brown [overbrushed] 
 Coat of whatever the colour is [overbrushed] 
 The paints used - from Wilkos [in the UK]
 I've another single storey building, which may sit next to the under-construction. 
 Helping to show the different heights of the board.
 Wonky camera work, not wonky board! [Bits still need painting]
 Don't know what building's going to go on the empty plot.
 I'll probably extend the layout with a second board running past the Bar (from the top of the photo).
 I wonder if I should have another gated fence behind the single storey, next to the road.
 The town's Temperance League.
The board looks a little 'samey' in this shot. I may have to take a look at it, 
bit more paint, a few weeds and grass clumps. 

The building's have received some interior work and furnishing, but they're
not finished yet. I'll concentrate on the board and the externals, then sort out
the interior decorating. 


Thursday, 21 January 2016

DIY Gaming Board

Just knocked this together in the joiner's workshop. A skirmish-sized battle-board, that I can use for both DMH (Dead Man's Hand) and my Miniature Paintball Game idea.
Originally I measured up for the ruined buildings I've been making, but post-polyfilla I realised it could probably see use as an Old West game-board, too. Luckily, the 4Ground buildings I have fit!
What might not be obvious from the photo's is that the board features four raised areas, and the central x-route is sunken.
Three coats of various brown paints later and it'll be good for the western United States and paintballing among some ruins. Oh, there's Frostgrave* too. I Might have to call my games Mudgrave.

The metal handle on the wooden framework was my Father's idea. Great idea, Dad!

*Yes, it's probably too small for Frostgrave.

Monday, 18 January 2016

DIY Ruins WIP - 50% Completed

To Do
Four more buildings to paint up. 

Possibly tone down the paint jobs - Though they are actually a lot less brighter than they appear in the flash photography. There's also more coloured layers than is to be seen in the photo's.

Think about adding some static grass or grass clumps to the terrain bases so it blends in better with the tabletop - Though this is dependent upon what choice of tablecloth I use. If its of a brown colour (muddy) then I'll probably forego any grass. 

Not counting the cost of the Minibits trees, nor the GW grass mat, I reckon I've spent around £15 or so on the DIY ruins so far (there's four more to paint, not shown, remember). Rather a good saving I reckon, and if anyone tells me they look crap ... Well, I'll just highlight that the cost of the build far outweighs the DIYs shortcomings.
 The following photo's are for Paul (of Paul's Bods).
Last bit: Pendraken Miniatures 10mm Painting Competition is starting soon. Head over to the Pendraken Forum for the info. Here's The LINK

Monday, 4 January 2016

Progress On The DIY 28mm Ruins

What I've got painted, so far.
Possibly not evident from the photo's is that the external and internal walls are two differing colours.
I've left them pretty plain and generic so as to facilitate multi genre and period use.
 Cheers for looking.