Monday, 7 November 2016

Clint's PBB - Propaganda the 3rd! "The Dodo is Dead. Long live the Dodo"

Yes, more silly non-sense by me, all to do with Clint's Play By Blog game. 

Hopefully you can all read this - If not? Then try "Right Clicking" and selecting "Open In New Tab" and the image should appear in a new window, which can be zoomed in. 
Obviously steps have been taken by the Centralandesh Government to find the perpetrators of these lies and crimes!



  1. We would invade if I had an army who would do what it was told !

    1. @Matt Crump: The Centralandesh Defence Force is currently a bit miffed that the President has promised better education for women (to meet the rumoured standards set by Scottlandia). The traditionalist officer corps aren't taking kindly to the idea of an educated women, who might be able to think for herself.

  2. Replies
    1. @Clint: No, the most shocking part will be when the 'nice people with the questions' set to work on the bandits, using electricity as a motivation to talk
      [I wonder if that will effect the electricity bill?] :)


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