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Agema's Swashbuckler PBeM - Turn 7

Agema Play-By-eMail time. And if, like me, you're getting a bit fed up of my character being stuck in London waiting for the boat to sail, well, hopefully, things will be moving along soon. The game is meant to recreate the slower pace of life of the C18th, and to be fair I've not actually been ordering my character to be doing much adventuress fun - mainly to keep him from breaking the law, or a leg, and not rocking the boat before the ship sails. Also, the involvement of my rpg gaming is all part of a larger Diplomacy-type game, so the other players have to be allowed time to work into their plans my actions and to respond to me, should they wish ... As you will see, this turn!

For the previous turns, here's an index [LINK]
January 1707. London.
Current situation: 
In the shop you shout out in agitation, “I WON’T PAWN MY SWORD
Josiah Snead physically moves back as if you had struck him, and
waves both hands before him, “Well you’re free to leave, this is a
respectable establishment, we don’t need any trouble.” 
He then hesitates before calling out, presumably to some fellows in the
back, “Isaiah, Jeremiah, will you come in here please, could be trouble
You immediately feel embarrassed by your outburst, nod in a feeble
attempt at civility, and leave. 
Still annoyed from last month's failure to secure a loan, you attempt to
secure a job in a merchant's shop. You enter the premises of Mister
Harry Collins, a dealer in books. He looks over his round glasses and
with a flourish welcomes you to his humble store. His smile and
friendly manner changes somewhat on learning you are after a job, or
news of a merchant’s shop where work may abound. “Times are not
hard, but not good either, you could try Jones the fishmonger. He’s
always in need of helpers… mainly because he is so ill-tempered no one can stand working with him for long.” 
You take your leave to go to the shop of the said fishmonger, and find
him to be just as foul mouthed and unpleasant as Mister Harry had
warned. However, he offered you work for one guinea per four months,
paid in arrears. “If you don’t like the terms, clear off! I’m not a charity!”
he sneered. 
Retiring for the evening you were most pleased to find 75 guineas had
been forwarded to your person from the Duke of Halifax. It seems you
have your much needed patron after all! 
Josiah Muddley visited you come the morning. “Good news, sir, the
Duke of Halifax has graced us with no less than 500 guineas, the race
for Greenland is on!” He is effusive as he speaks of the wonders and
riches to come. He then got to the point of his visit. “I have heard the
gracious Duke has sent you a tidy sum as well. Would you care to
invest that as well into our venture? The more you invest, the more
handsome the share of the reward you shall receive when we succeed!
Come now, there is not a moment to lose, invest in the Royal Society’s
most wonderful adventure to Greenland!”
 Further to the, above, turn report
From the In-Game Newspaper: The London Gazette, January 1707 
First news item
"Having read of the possible expedition to Greenland, the Duke of Halifax has given a donation of 500 guineas to the Royal Society to help, and sent a further 75 guineas to Mister Yorke for his efforts." 
Last news item (the Reader's Letters): 
Danish-Norwegian Government Statement 
"Greenland is an integral part of the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway and has been since its settlement by Norwegian settlers in the 10th century. The Danish Lutheran Church has also been active amongst the native population of the island. Any foreigners visiting Greenland without the express permission of the Danish government will be considered trespassers and dealt with accordingly.
So that's it. I ordered my character to lose his temper, again, for this turn - I have to use my Weakness once every six turns, or face the consequences - so I let my character loose, not that he did much, in hope that getting bloody-well-annoyed might just create a little excitement for him. Obviously the GM had other ideas, and wants me to suffer all my excitement at Greenland - or a Law Court in Copenhagen!
Royal Danish Embassy London (2008)
So this next turn I'll finally be able to buy in some merchant stock - my character is a Merchant, remember - to trade with at Greenland. Hopefully. To aid in said venture I'm going to visit a professional letter writer and courier, to dispatch a letter to the Danish-Norwegian embassy at London, asking the Government at Copenhagen to grant my character one-off trading rights to visit Greenland and trade there - whether as part of the Royal Society's expedition, or under my own sail.

I think I'm only allowed to write one letter a turn. So I'll pay the professional scribe (he has all the decent quality inks and headed notepaper) to pen a thank you note to Lord Halifax, then it can be sent onward next turn - And so thanking, who I suspect is the (real person) playing as Great Britain, him for helping to forward my own rpg adventure. Such links to both the players playing as Great Britain and Denmark-Norway might just help me in the future, allowing my character government contracts to trade. My main rpg aim is to get rich quick, after all.

I might, also, just have my character pop back to that (in-game) book shop and see if there's any books on Greenland! Or some other useful tome.

Cheers for taking the time to read this.



  1. A terrific read. You might also consider visiting the Danish embassy and asking for permission to visit Greenland. (Just in Case!!)Maybe take the person dealing with visits to Greenland out for a slap up lunch.... Just to speed up any paperwork involved, definitely not as any sort of bribe or anything like that. Just a lunch out of the office to show respect and understanding for the extra work you are asking for in being granted permission.

    Good stuff and while not a setting that appeals to me terribly enjoyable none the less.

    1. Thanks Clint.

      Yes, the Greenland expedition will probably end up being a matter concerning both the player's playing GB & Denmark, the GM and then me. I'm going to write a letter to Denmark this turn - so opening dialogue, and contact, between myself and the player - and next turn, the player controlling GB.

      Via the Agema Forum I know who the chap is playing GB, and I've played against/alongside him in another Ageman PBM in the past. I also know the chap's playing as Moghul India and Spain, in this game, so if it all comes to nought with this Greenland trip, I can approach GB, India or Spain, in the game, (as they've said via the Forum that should I wish to send them a letter in the game, they'd help out my character and incorporate my rpg gaming into their Country-Diplomacy game) and my character would probably receive employment with their governments. At the moment I'm trying to go it on my own. And the GM is happy for limited dialogue outside of the game, via the Forum, as long as all 'game' play is done so, and proven to be, in the actual game turns sent to him. If that makes sense.


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