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Sands of the Sudan At Shildon Show 2016

I was at the Stand To 2016 show, yesterday, at the Shildon NRM and was lucky enough to play Dave Docherty's Sands of the Sudan game. 

While at the show I also met with Zabadak and Manic_Miner (from the Lead Adventure Forum - who is a trader of 28mm Fantasy and Sci-Fi figures, which are excellent! Check out his Four A Miniatures shop to see what I mean. He's on Facebook, here. I bought a couple of bits from him ... more to follow!)

Anyway, the game.
Pre-Show Set Up
 The British Relief Column
 The besieged settlement, guarded by Egyptian Infantry & British Engineers.
Also, being the whole point of the game, the General's Daughter - who needed rescuing!
Early action: Some wally in charge of the British has caused a rather large mob, armed with spears,
to emerge from the village and attack two regiments of the Camel Corp. I wish I could say that my 
rash actions of seeing off pesky natives hadn't caused the incident, but it would be a lie if I did.
Me: 'Eh up, is that the time. Dinner break! I'll just leave you chaps to sort out my mess, while I pop out to eat my sandwiches. Steve and James take charge of the British, and sort out the mess I'd started. 
Bengal Lancers at top of shot - Henceforth to be known as the Kolkata Knight Riders!
 Ah. There's a load of angry natives trying to get into the village. 
 Bugger! They've got in. "About face, lads. Three rounds, rapid fire!"
 James, being a proud Scottish chap, decided that The Black Watch should be the heroes of the day, and set a gruelling pace of march to rapidly eat up the distance between them and the village.
I'm still at Lunch. The Camel Corp is now all engaged and about to see off the pesky foreigners. The 19th Hussars, closest to shot, have seen off two lots of infantry during the course of the action. "Up and at them boys! Up and at 'em!" 
 Meanwhile, with the Kolkata Knight Riders, "Subedar, we can't have those kilted chaps stealing our glory now, can we. Onward and upwards boys, and ride those enemy down!" 
 Lots of camels in the Sudan (Martin Cooke and Matt Crump now realise why I keep going on about camels!)
 The defenders of the village see off the enemy. But the General's Daughter is getting flighty (typical woman. They don't have the spunk that a good British soldier's got).
 "Enemy to front, boys. Subedar ... Charge!"
 "Hamish, those glory seeking cavalry chaps are trying to steal our laurels. Onward The Black Watch!"
"What the! Where did they come from, Hamish? ... Column, halt! Left face. Present arms. Fire!" 
 While this is happening, over on the other side of the field... "Ma'am, I have the honour to be your servant, and if you'd like to accompany us." 
 The Black Watch sees off the Fuzzy Wuzzies! 
The Bengal Lancers win the day. Huzzah!
The General's Daughter is rescued!
 "Subedar, let us get back to camp in time for tiffin."
 Our host. Dave Docherty. 
Three cheers for David, boys. 
Hip hip, Huzzah!
 The thwarted commander of The Black Watch, James the Mad Tin Hatter 
 Me. The chap who caused a riot in the native village early in the game, then buggered off for dinner!
Captain Roy Williamson, VC
Sands of the Sudan, by Dave Docherty, is a cracking good game. Highly enjoyable and a pleasure to play. Recommended!


  1. Replies
    1. @Dave Docherty: The least I could do for this excellent game of yours!

      I'm still amazed at how large a collection of figures you brought with you on the day.

  2. Great write-up and very enjoyable event, Dave's (top bloke) game looked excellent.
    Always good to meet fellow bloggers too.

    1. @Zabadak: Yes, I met a few faces at the show that I'm now able to put with names I'm familiar with from off the Internet.

      And it was the first time I'd really met David, too. Normally its just a walk past at a show, with a quick hello.

  3. Having painted over 50 Camels (and riders ) one winter I was named the camel king. For those who dislike camels clear off, because Camels are great. You can never have enough Camel mounted troops.

    Nice to see a pic of you, well when I say nice I mean Alright I suppose. (CaNT BE TO NICE TO A FELLOW BLOGGER)

    A Very nice looking game by Dave Doc (I will come back and say something nasty about him later) ....

    Brilliant post mate well worth reading.

    1. @Clint: Thanks Clint.

      Yes, well, to be honest, my command of the camel troops was a disaster. So the other two took charge of them, thankfully. I was determined that those Bengali boys would get up the length of the table, however.
      Korbo, Lorbo, Jeetbo Re (we will act, fight and win!)

      Normally I'm the one taking the photos, so I'm not usually captured in any of the shots. But when someone needs a photo of a bloke acting the goat, I'm always available to offer my services.

  4. Now that is a great looking table! Brilliant stuff!

    1. @Godorn Richards: Completely agree with you.

      All the work of Dave, I believe. Which makes it even more impressive (and slightly upsetting, when I consider that I wouldn't have the staying power to attempt something such as grand)

  5. That's a lot of sand to cover.......good looking game. Now I get your camel obsession 😀

    1. Now that's only a fraction of em!

    2. @Matt Crump: I did a military quiz for the Pendraken forum, all about camels, the other month. Bonkers!

      And as Dave says, there was even more of his toys in their boxes under the table. And still more left at home, I believe!

  6. Looks brilliant, ah camels! They have personality, just a very bad one

    1. @Martin Cooke: They're very handy to handle crowd control, seemingly, too.

      I think the horses and mules belonging the Imperial forces, there on the day, will be feeling slightly put out with all this talk of camels I've been doing! :))

  7. Fantastic looking table Roy! Sands like real :)

    1. @Michal Kucharski: Yes, Dave Docherty made a great job on the table mat. Excellent collection he has, with hundreds of figures and terrain pieces.

  8. Fine looking table! It would have been a pleasure fighting in that one!

    1. @Jonathan Freitag: Yes, it is probably the best looking game I've played in. And the game was very easy and fun to play, too. Dave is a top chap for allowing / running such a great game.

      The last great game I played was a 633 Squadron game, at a York show in 1997. WW2 RAF Mosquito fighter bomber 1/56 models flying up a cliff edged fjord. German AA batteries firing from all sides, and the competition was seeing which of the RAF players managed to blow up the factory.
      As it happened I won that game, too. Last turn, with the last roll of the dice. Boom! The youngest players manages to pull of the victory.

      Dave, and the two chaps who ran the 633 game, certainly help to show the hobby in the best of lights.

  9. Great to see Dave's game in all its glory, he is a splendid chap.

    1. @Michael Awdry: Hear, hear.

      The only thing that probably let the side down was one of the idiots (me) playing! :))

  10. Wonderful write up and some cracking photos of what was obviously a sensational game. Yes those Mahdist camels can certainly put a dent in the imperial forces if left to their own devices. Glad you enjoyed the rules!

    1. @Carlo: Hello Carlo, thank you for the kind words.

      I probably owe you an apology, as I'd been under the impression that David had adapted an old rules set for the game, when it looks like it was your set of rules we were using on the day.

      Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the game, and the cards are brilliant. The mix of rules and David's miniature / terrain collection worked a treat, and both received positive praise on the day from show goers.

    2. No apology necessary at all Roy. Dave is the man when it comes to Sudan games in the UK and he is a tremendous source of ideas,mscenarioes and inspiration to all of us who want the Gilder legacy in this period to continue. He puts on a great game and if you liked the rules pop past the "With Pyjamas through the desert" blog for some more pictures and battle reports.

  11. Looks and sounds like you had a great time, Dave's game does indeed look rather splendid!

    1. @Ray Rousell: Too true, on both counts.

      These UK blogger peeps should start arguing for another Blog-Con, and begging Dave to bring the game along! [though that's easy for me to say, since I'd have no hard work to do - Whoops!]


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