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Agema's Swashbuckler PBeM - Turn 6

Game play has sped up by a week, so the time between turns was only 12 working days this time around.

I've created a new Page (see above) which contains an index of the previous turns, to make it easier for us all.
Hmm, either this picture is wrong, or those Greenlander natives don't feel the cold!
Right, summary of what I wanted to do this turn - Spoiler Alert! I had plans to borrow BIG money and purchase cargo to trade with when we'd reached Greenland. Yes, ahem, that didn't happen. No doubt due to the fact that my character's social rank is currently classed as "Unheard Of", so I couldn't secure a loan as I'm still considered an "Ordinary Joe", just another "Tom, Dick or Harry" trying his chances on the streets of London. My argument of "Don't you know who I am? I'm with the Royal Society's hirelings!" didn't work, either. Galling circumstances and all that!

Well, nobody can say I didn't try. Also, I gave orders that my character would allow his 'workers' to have some time off to themselves (not at all to be read as, buying their loyalty), and that my character would rest up at his Inn lodgings so as to be well-rested and fit for the expedition to come.

So, onward to the...
Current situation:
Attempting to secure a loan off a moneylender for 25 guineas proves
more difficult than one would have thought. You find yourself at the
Sign of Three, a pokey and dusty shop which is dark within, and
manned by an unkempt shaggy-haired individual sporting ragged black
clothing and fingerless gloves. He introduces himself as Josiah Snead.
You ask for a loan of up to 25 guineas, and he looks surprised. He
shrugs, “What have you got as security, my boy?” 
You hesitate. He points to your walking cane, prompting you to show it
him, and explain it to be a sword-cane. He examines it, and explains if
this is left with him until payment is made back, he offers you half-a-guinea, as a loan up until January 1711 at which point either one
guinea needs to have been paid to him to release the cane and clear the
debt, or the cane becomes his own possession. You try to persuade him
to make you a better deal, but it soon becomes clear that he is sure this
is the best deal you will find! Do you accept the offer? 
It is frustrating, because half-a-guinea won’t buy any goods even if you
should agree, so dreams of buying goods to trade seem to be fading
While there is still free time before sailing, you hand to Ern one guinea
and allow him and his two mates time to spend it as they will (which
appears to involve drinking far too much). Your insistence that they be
fit and healthy, and present to set sail for Greenland when that time
arrives notwithstanding (for the next day they seemed in good spirits,
and in rude health, despite having over-indulged, albeit they tired later
in the day and to a man became sullen). 
As for yourself, you retired to the Old Thameside Inn, visited coffee
shops, and led a quiet existence keeping yourself out of trouble as best
you can. 
It was with some gratification that a few items found a way to your
lodgings courtesy of Thomas Guy, for your personal use. Namely,  a
flintlock blunderbuss, powder and shot, a flint and steel necessary to
light fire, a leather bottle of whale oil.
An English Flintlock Blunderbuss

And there we have it. My current situation and where I shall begin my imaginings for next turn's orders. I'm not going to give up on securing trade goods (my character is a merchant after all), but I feel that the disappointment of failing to secure a loan, and suppressing said disappointment last month, means Mister Bartholomew Yorke will be using / allowing his Weakness of his Temper to become unchecked this next turn. You have all been warned!
Cornelis Dusart, 'Drinking Bout', 1700 © Frans Hals Museum


  1. You seem to reached an impassed in what you wish to do and what you seem able to do.!
    I would have a rethink of what your character can do, rather than 'rest'. The British library, for background on your destination, Victoria and Albert Museum for more of the same (artifacts) come to mind from other rpgs. Find out some backrougnd on the other member of the expedition from gossip or or tavern chatter etc. Training and learning is always an option too; improving skills your home cooking (MTS Beeton anyone?); shooting or fencing (if the price were right); tyimg knots (you are shipboard), fishing (survival); skinning. Hopefully there is something there to ispire and is suitble to your charcater, but I'm sure there are other actions you could take.

    1. @Zabadak: Ah, I seem to have forgotten to mention in the post that it was the December turn, and that the weather for Western Europe was extremely poor - This was another reason why I allowed my character's to rest.

      I had jotted down a few ideas for next turn though, including getting to grips with the blunderbuss, so we're both looking along the same lines of thought. Thinking about what I've written as possibilities and reading your suggestions, I think I may have to rethink and follow up on the Knot Tying (useful if we need to rescue someone, using the rope) or Skinning (DIY trade supply) training.

      Thanks for the suggestions, as I obviously need to do more than just have my character sat on his backside awaiting to sail (though another option I thought about was finding short-term work in a shop, as funds are getting low).


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