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Agema's Swashbuckler PBeM RPG - Turn 5

You could probably count this turn as being a week late as the GM enjoyed a summer holiday before the end of the school holidays, so all the games took a brief pause.
No problem to me, as everyone deserves a real life and enjoyment.

All the images used in this post are taken from the Hartlepool Historic Quay  - Mainly as I was running short of ideas of what pictures to use to illustrate these posts set in London.
LINK to Hartlepool Historic Quay

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LINK to where I showed my turn 5 game orders to the GM

If you take a look at the previously shown Turn 5 game orders, you'll see my character had been asked to supply a list of equipment and men to furnish a trip to Greenland. Well, I received the current turn on Thursday morning, and found out Agema's response to my list of equipment etc.

My character, Mister Bartholomew Yorke (merchant class character, unknown reputation and 3.5 guineas to his name), is still at London, and just finishing his initial meeting with the gentlemen of the Royal Society who wish to pursue a journey to Greenland - as in the game, currently set in 1706, Denmark hasn't really developed it's territory and the non-player-controlled English characters belonging the Royal Society see an opportunity to exploit the situation. And that's where my character comes in, acting as some sort of foreman-cum-chargehand looking after the workers, so the genteel upper-class lot don't come into contact with the riff-raff.
Let's get into the action with what's happened in Turn 5


[taken straight from my turn sheet]

Current situation:

Thomas Guy, Sir Richard, and Josiah Muddley listened intently as you outline the men and equipment necessary for guarding what you grandly call ‘the Royal Society expedition to Greenland’. They like that, and cordially agree it is a most suitable title.

“Every man needs the following equipment; warm, foul weather clothing, a leather shoulder satchel, a cork-stoppered bottle for drink -secured from shoulder by lanyard, a brightly coloured cloth strip to be tied around arm, or if needed all strips may be tied to a pole to signal with… and a supply of food in the form of dried ship's biscuit.”

“Mister Bartholomew Yorke,” pronounced Sir Richard, “You are a wonder to me!”

“Indeed! A gentleman of immense promise and talent, a veritable tower of strength who shall with voluminous grandeur our humble scheme,” declared Josiah. 

Richard sighed. “May we get on. I fear this expedition will take years to arrange if we do not make haste with the arrangements.”

He leaned towards you, “My friends have a habit of drawing matters out, I warn you of that now, lest you be disappointed too soon.”

“And yet I spy a singular difficulty,” announced the sponsor, Thomas. “While indeed I find it no hardship to have most of these items supplied liberally for our use and those whom we hire, I cannot for the life of me reason what a dried ship’s biscuit might be!”

“A biscuit. That is dry?” ventured Josiah.

Thomas frowned and ‘harrumphed’, but with haste Josiah explained himself somewhat better, “They are used on ships, hard biscuits being most efficacious as a food on long journeys.”

“Ah, then I withdraw my dissent and concern, they too shall indeed by financed,” answered Thomas. 

Each turn of Swashbuckler also comes with a copy of the in-game newspaper, highlighting the happenings of the parent game The Glory of Kings and any minor happening that a Swashbuckler character might have brought about that month. 

This turn the readers of The London Gazette (the in-game newspaper for game 8 ) have seen it read;

"It is being said that the Royal Society is planning an expedition to Greenland!"

The above statement being given as the 'And finally' bit of news under the location heading 'London'.

Now I wonder what that could be all about!

LINK - Here's an example of a TGOK in-game newspaper [click on the full-size preview button]

Agema also sells them, individually or as a bulk-buy, to anyone interested or to players of the other games - as seeing what other players are doing always provides valuable ideas to try yourself. 


So, given what's happened this turn, what's my character going to do now?

Erm, I haven't really thought about that yet. Probably bide his time till the expedition sets sail. Try and raise a little bit of capital so he can invest in goods to trade with at Greenland. Enjoy himself with what recreational frivolities London has to offer.  
Obviously not Hartlepool Historic Quay
I'll have to get my thinking hat on before I email in my next turn reply, due on the 27th.


  1. Every time I read these posts I feel guilty for not having sorted out a PBM my self.

    The rules are sorted in my head, and the name of the town/setting. Just sorting out some sort of price list for starting equipment and I should be ready to go!

    1. @Clint: Are you going to be offering playing positions for your pbm through your blog?

    2. I would only want a handful of players as I do not want to spend EVERY moment typing. But yes I would think through my blog would work best. You and Vampifan have already expressed an interest.

  2. It seems that your character is to be left twiddling his thumbs before the adventurebegins. Maybe some research into previous Greenland expeditions may be in order ? You could visit the British Library, maybe make up a simple phrase book of the local indiginent population, learn their customs, greeting etc.
    Maybe pick up a few of those things you've forgotten or now thought of too?

    1. @Zabadak: I've just written up my draft set of orders for the next turn and I reckon my man's going to be busy sorting out dealings with money lenders and then purchasing stock to sell/barter with at Greenland.
      But, saying all that and making all these plans, in the bigger picture of the parent game, The Glory of Kings, the person playing as Great Britain is concerned this Royal Society expedition might not have the rights to trespass on Danish territory, so is calling for the Royal Society to attend on the (British) Government so as to provide reassurances. The Danish ambassador to GB will probably be called in, also. All my man can do is prepare for the expedition and hope it all goes ahead ... Or hope the GM doesn't do something devious to throw a spanner in the works on mine and the two other players (Britain and Denmark).


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