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Agema's "Swashbuckler" - Turn #5 Turn Return

For those following my progress with this Play-By-eMail RPG game, I thought I may as well post a copy of what I've just emailed in to the Games Master.

Last turn saw my character being asked what he needed for a planned Royal Society expedition to Greenland, acting as a guard along with his three cronies, so I compiled the following and, hopefully, it is what the GM was looking for - Either that or I've sent him a, little long by usual standards, turn reply that he'll have to translate into something useful for my character. Whichever it is, at least my character will be listed as being well supplied come Greenland!
Okay, I'll admit it, it is a painting depicting something 700 years too early for the game
What follows is an actual copy of what my turn reply looked like, apart from the omission of my true surname.


Roy -----                    B. Yorke
Swashbuckler - Game 8 November 1706

1. GO TO: nil

2. HOW: nil

3. MEANS: Walk (around current location)

4. SKILLS USED: Persuasion, Civilised


Men and Equipment for guarding Royal Society Expedition to Greenland

Equipment carried by every man:
* Warm, foul weather clothing
* Leather shoulder satchel
* Cork stoppered bottle for drink, secured from shoulder by lanyard
* Bright coloured cloth strip (tied around arm, or, if needed, all strips tied to a pole to signal with)
* supply of food (dried ship's biscuit)

B.Yorke's personal equipment, in addition to above:
* Flintlock Blunderbuss, powder and shot
* Flint and steel, necessary to light fire
* Leather bottle of whale oil (if available)
* Half-a-dozen candles (can be stored in shoulder bag)
* Small mirror (used for signalling)
* Small spyglass and compass (if both available)

Ern's personal equipment, in addition to above:
* Flintlock Blunderbuss, powder and shot
* Flint and steel, and whale oil
* Rope, coiled around shoulder and body
* Machete-like knife

Equipment for Ern's Mates, in addition to above:
* Axe
* Spade
* Shoulder bag of wood faggots for fires, tied together with thin rope.
* Knife, with worked leather sheath

Further detail:

If organisers require further men to act as porters they can arrange use of ship's hands. Their equipment and clothing being as "Items for all" and "Ern's Mates", though excluding the faggots, above. Further coiled rope, and a couple of large dogs would also be useful to equip further men with, as would a few firearms and powder and shot.

All equipment and stores being paid for by expedition organisers. I'm assuming that sleep will be taken on board ship, or shelter constructed on-site. If not, then canvas tents will be required.

Each man paid small amount of wages on outset, the rest paid to them on return to England. Any monies not claimed, on failing to return for any reason, be paid to B.Yorke.

B.Yorke allowed the ability to trade on his own behalf at Greenland. Cargo space in ship's hold permitted to him for such use.
Items to trade being Rum, Metal Hand Tools and Woollen Clothing.
All items bought before sailing, using money at hand by B. Yorke.

It's a long way to Tipperary London from Greenland!
Here's hoping I'm not tempting fate...

We'll all have to see if I made a mess of things, now.

Cheers for looking

Roy son of William.


  1. Well you have not asked for anything outrageous so you probably will get it and possibly a bit more if the GM deems that you will need it. As a side note the strangest request for equipment in a play by mail game (I have heard of) is the "Daganhams Girls Pipe and Drum band... yes honestly some one did ask for it a part of their equipment!)

    I meant to say last time I am enjoying the way you present this with pictures and text.

    1. @Clint: Thanks. I post the same write up on the Agema Forum for the other players to read, but as pictures can be an issue to post on forums I omit them and the posts really do seem more of a task to read.

      Another chap's character, in Swashbuckler, was caught in the wilds of Canada without coat or weapon, and staring at a charging black bear. Hopefully I won't be in the same predicament if faced with a polar bear. Though, weighed down with all the gear that I am, and my inability to swim, drowning may be an issue. Unless I freeze to death in the arctic waters first.

      Hmm, Greenland sounds a bit dangerous. Why couldn't the Royal Society chaps wish to go explore the Cotswolds instead.

  2. Hmm, snowshoes seem to be missing, but I do think that you've requested a fairly modest amount of kit, though trade items seem to be a bit sparse.
    Looking forward to the GM's response.

    1. @Zabadak: Snowshoes did enter my head last night, while brushing my teeth, which was obviously too late.
      Snowshoes were a North American invention, I believe, passed into Western knowledge by association with the Native American peoples, so the knowledge of snowshoes should have been available at 1700AD. Hmm, I've probably missed an opportunity there - Unless the Greenlanders have some to trade of course.

      What happened with the trade items was due to my character's funds. At present he's only 3 Guineas, and whatever he can get up-front in wages from the expedition, so I just gave those three options and will allow the GM decide if anything is allowed me.

      I've a horrible idea, that's just popped into my head, that I'll end up with a few casks of Rum, the ship's crew gets at it one night and before we know it we've mutiny on-board! Either my character will end up fighting for his life while at sea, or facing the law courts back at London for the expeditions failure and financial ruin.

      They say always plan for the worse, correct...? :))


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