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Agema's Play-By-eMail RPG Game "Swashbuckler" - Turn #4

So what's happening in the World of The Glory of Kings game 8, specifically with Mr Bartholomew Yorke?

Well, at present - October 1706 - Mr Yorke is still to be found at London, not least due to the stormy weather effecting Western Europe. 

Last turn, after arriving at London, my character spotted a pamphlet advertising a need for men of substance and, so, my character being in want of employment, I gave orders to the Games Master that I would be looking into this venture, this turn.

Agema Publications are looking to speed up the game turn-around time between turns, so I should be updating this series of blog posts every two weeks, or so. 
LINK to turn one

LINK to turn two

October 1706

LocationLondon, England.
What am I doing: Responding to the advertising pamphlet regarding an expedition to Greenland. 
Drawing by Labrousse, from Encyclopedie des Voyages, 1795-1796, Greenland.
by Jacques Grasset de Saint-Sauveur (1757-1810)
Current situation
Having proceeded to the abode of one Mister Thomas Guy, who lives in apartments situated within Sloane Square Hospital, part of the Royal Society in Cavendish Square near Westminster, you knock and ask to be allowed in. Why here? Because this was the address and contact name given in relation to the curious advertisement entitled ‘Men of Substance and Quality’ in the London Gazette. A butler answers the door and leads you down a corridor to a room where he dourly announces who you are. You enter a finely furnished gentleman’s room lined with books from floor to ceiling as the butler intones, as if making an announcement of a guest at a grand ball, “Mister Bartholomew Yorke, in response to the advertisement.” 
“Ah! Come in and join us!” announced one particularly animated gentleman who was in full flow of conversation as you arrived. He turned to a seated man who, while equally appearing to have the cut of a gentleman, is frowning. 
“Ah, Sir Thomas, so quickly and precisely do you place your fingertip on the crux, so perspicaciously do you identify the gleaming nugget of opportunity where others see merely yawning void!” the man declared to the seated – and sceptical - Thomas Guy. 
“Eh?” Enquired Sir Thomas. “What’s ‘e on about?”, turning to his friend Sir Richard, the third gentleman in the room (yourself accepted), 
“Allow me to expand,” the speaker continued hastily, “Greenland is not entirely barren, as many believe. It has been settled over the centuries by robust Nordic types, many of whose settlements are likely still to exist. This, indeed, is why Denmark still claims sovereignty over the isle and its population, and is rumoured to be preparing an expedition to map and establish communication with its colonists. We must strike first! If we mount such an expedition ourselves, we can be first to establish a monopoly of trade and exploit the vast natural resources of this land... whales, seals, er, fish, coal... and... um... diamonds,” he added hopefully. 
Sir Richard spoke up. “Indeed, gentlemen, the prospects for trade with Greenland are the talk of the coffee-houses in Dublin. We risk being sidelined in this great venture! Let us pledge, I beseech you, for we have not a minute to lose!”
You cough, ill-temper rising in that your arrival appears to be in the process of being effectively ignored. It has the desired effect, and Thomas Guy, Sir Richard, and the proposer of the project whose name it transpires if Josiah Muddley, stop their discussion and as one turn to face you. 
You speak, admittedly with anger in your tone of voice (but frankly they deserve no less, for all their quality), to expound on your own qualities and virtues in a most truthful manner. In a no nonsense and plain speaking fashion, typical of a Yorkshire man, you bluntly state you seek employment from them, for myself and my 'employees'.  
“There you go! We have our guards already!” replies a clearly delighted Josiah. 
“Obviously we have simple honest men to protect us on this expedition,” – he then lowered his voice – “which is precisely what we need.” 
Thomas explains. “I am to sponsor this expedition… apparently. Sir Richard here will lead it, and our mutual friend Josiah is doing the leg work and arranging the expedition to Greenland. Tell me, how many men do you have, Bart? May I call you Bart?” 
Josiah added, “And what equipment will you need? Do tell, come on, come on, speak up man!”
Dress of the inhabitants of Greenland. 18th century engraving.

And that is where you find me. In need of plans to recruit more 'guards' than just myself and the other three, and desperately thinking what equipage we'll all need. 

Still, I got away with using my character weakness and now don't need to use Temper as my 'skill' for six more turns. 

Er, I don't know what the chaps playing England and Denmark will think of all this private enterprise my man seems to have found himself involved in. White Flags of truce probably won't show up against a snowy backdrop!

[The Glory of Kings is a multi-player and Non-Player-Controlled game, with each player controlling a country or pirate, or the like. Swashbuckler slots into this game by allowing a player to control a single RPG character, and shape event in the bigger picture of the game.]
I might need to re-read this!


  1. The plot thickens. Until you know how large and how long the expedition is to be you cannot discern the number of guards needed. Fear NOT the Postal GM wants you to succeed therefore anything you cannot manage the opposing forces will be set to match. And as long as you do nothing "TOO STUPID OR WORDS" you will probably survive!

    1. @Clint: Yes, I think Richard (AGEMA GM) has used my rpg adventure to help bring about a story line to shape the game for the two other players involved as England and Denmark - Possibly there might be some small friction points, designed to effect all three of us, but, as you say, ultimately the game has to allow the player's to succeed to a certain extent so they keep paying and playing. Not that he makes it easy for us, something that I'll no doubt soon learn in another game I'm playing as a Zulu -type African Tribal nation, soon to go on a war of conquest against the NPC neighbouring countries.

      Back to Swashbuckler: I've been finding lists, both historic and modern, giving equipment requirements, so I'll have to sort through them and make a rough list. Ship size will probably be of the brig variety, so will limit the men for the expedition and stores etc. The problem will be finding the balance between not too big and not too small, as the GM will probably not give away too many clues just so I can stumble into events of my own making.

  2. I think that you've made good progress and 'loosing' your temper early was a good move allowing you a bit for free rein for the near future.
    I'd allow for two men for each of the leader types with you as their overall leader - I'd also pack soom wooly undies and sandwiches.
    Good luck with the next step of this very interesting venture.
    (I'm pretty sure the gm meant excepting rather than accepting too)

    1. @Zabadak: Yes, the GM has used parts of my turn orders to shape what he has in mind for the adventure, and used the upright and honest aspects of what else I've sent in to keep my man looking for legal employment as opposed going down the route of piracy or highwayman, like others have done.

      In my turn orders I stated that after my man had gone to the interview he would spend his time awaiting the departure securing equipment and visiting play houses and public taprooms, possible spending time with ladies - though not to the point of getting some sort of ailment from them. I thought, possibly, that my Temper may have flared up while out on the town, but the GM has obviously other plans for the future and doesn't want to upset them by having something happening that would only effect myself, and so missing that chance of an event that could develop into a possible international diplomatic incident between the two players acting as England and Denmark.

      Next time my temper will come into play will probably be while at Greenland. Hopefully I could use it to my advantage and take my frustrations out on an attacking Polar Bear!

  3. Roll on the next installment things are certainly hotting up.

    1. @Stuart S: Yes, I only hope I get my equipment list right - Obviously including some items to trade on my own behalf with the Greenlanders. I only hope I'm allowed some private cargo space on the boat.


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