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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

WIP Belt Fed Victorian Harlot

Progress on the Belt Fed Miniatures: Dolly Mop (Victorian / Steampunk Harlot) has taken the form of this, so far - base sculpted, nipple tassel conversions, primed and undercoated, base colours applied, shading washes applied. 
 Foundation base colours 'blocked in'
Games Workshops Agrax Earthshade shading wash applied to the figure
Nuln Oil shading wash applied to the base.

Next task will be to layer on either the same base colour paints, or slightly contrasting, lighter tones of paint atop the raised parts of the sculpt. Leaving the shaded areas darker. 
Here's a recap shot of the miniature before paint - my conversion work being the 
Games Workshop Green-Stuff areas on the base and breasts.

You are able to purchase, an unconverted, Dolly Mop miniature here


  1. Replies
    1. @Martin Cooke: Yes, I'm looking forward to try a game on it. Warbands will move onto the board from either the top-right, or bottom-left (as shown in the photo).

  2. I think I can now understand Jack the Ripper - great brushwork on the "fallen dove" and some highlights will certianly make it 'pop' (Note: "it", not "them").
    You Frostgrave set-uphas come on in leaps and bounds and looks superb. Have you considered taking it to a third dimesion, adding some ruined staris and uooer floors or maybe a tower, steeple or similar ?

    1. @Zabadak: Thank you, and I'll be posting another blog post on the miniature later today.

      The terrain: Yes, I agree the set up shown is by far the most visually (and possibly game play) pleasing that I've managed, up till now. There is a tower (centre of the board with the painted brown floor) and two ruins with rooftops. In the game rules it states that all ruins are scalable, so I'm using that as an excuse to not have to build stairs (though only as they'll take up space that could be used for further cover providing ruins). The other terrain items yet to be finished are all 'vertical opportunities' ruins, so once they're complete the third dimension will hopefully be covered.
      Thanks for the suggestions, though.

    2. @Zabadak: Oh forgot to mention, the photo isn't the best to exhibit the varying heights of the terrain on show. Once its all complete I'll take shots from other viewing angles.

  3. Dolly is certainly looking good and I envy that Frostgrave set up of yours Roy.

    1. @Michael Awdry: Thank you. The terrain is a happy marriage of two separate projects and I've been very fortunate that they work so well together - Though, in time, I may need to enlarge and build more ruins (more work!).

  4. Your area of frostgrave looks nicely cluttered. (I like things to hide behind).

    Dolly Looks very pleasing. I shall see her in the flesh on Sunday. (Bare naked metal!)

    1. @Clint: Judging by my performance in my last game of Frostgrave, my warband needs things to hide behind :)

      I've got to say that I think the Dolly Mop miniature is my favourite of the Belt Fed Girl sculpts that I own. Mata Hari is sat next to me on a shelf, and I picked her up at the same time as Dolly (they'd both only just arrived, along with a load of Depot Battalion items, from Pendraken Miniatures where they were cast when I was last at Col. Bills), but I haven't really paid the Mata Hari miniature much attention.

      I'm picking up some 40mm D'Arlo Miniatures on Saturday, to see what I can do with them, paint and game -wise..

  5. Cracking step up Roy.
    Plenty of blind spots to keep out of the way of nasty archers and wizards.

    1. @Stuart S: If you haven't encountered the spell "Telekinesis" you'll possibly soon come to loathe it (when used against you).

      As mentioned above, I'm really looking forward to trying out this terrain set up .

  6. Nice putty/paint on Dolly. Good looking mini too. The webstore pic fails to do her justice.

    Also, the first use of the expression "nipple tassel conversions" in the history of the English language.

    1. @Finch: Thank you

      Yes, those old photos of the recent additions to the webstore were crap, if I'm being honest. The sculpting on this miniature is quite excellent - probably the best in the range, being my honest opinion.

      There is a new photo on the webstore now, I've just spotted.

      I've also just made a follow-on post showing the next steps in my work.

      I'm quite enjoying myself painting this miniature. Which is not something that I commonly say.


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