Monday, 21 March 2016

Photos Of A Few Different Things. 10mm/28mm/Zombie Stuff/Frostgrave/Ancient Germans

I've been working on a variety of stuff, not all of them finished and so not photographed. 

In no particular order.

I painted a 10mm Land Rover for my Zombie Apocalypse project. Entered it into a painting competition ... I didn't win. Photo'd here with some converted and stock 10mm miniatures.
Regarding the painting competition I mentioned, Stuart (Bodvoc) who I played Frostgrave with, previously, won the People's Choice Award with his 10mm Vikings and Longship.

See Stuart's winning entry HERE! [scroll down a little]
 Talking Frostgrave, I needed to paint up a trio of figures to meet my warband requirements.
Heresy ghoul as a Raised Zombie, a Depot Battalion peeing dog as a Warhound (it was the only dog miniature I had) and a converted Midlam Miniatures farmer with pitch-fork (now an Infantryman with spear).
 Contractual Plug for Colonel Bills Wargames Depot, Depot Battalion range, here!
 Another shameless plug for Colonel Bills Wargames Depot, Depot Battalion range, here!
 Promotion for Colonel Bills Wargames Depot, Depot Battalion range, "Its the Mutt's Nuts!", here.
 Warhounds and Archers (though the models are actually Rangers).
 Infantryman. Treasure Hunter. Knight.
Raised Zombie. Wizard (the models a caravan guard, or something). Apprentice (looking dusty, and the model's actually a vampire figures, but with it's fangs cut off).
 I painted these up a fortnight, or more, ago. The idea is for me to have an Ancient German war host.
 The figures are 1st Corps. The crap painting is mine! (Okay, gaming standard paint job.)
Lets just say I've used artistic license when it comes to the warpaint, the shield design and the clothing. The only accurate thing is probably the colours on the wooden club!
 All the fashionable people are wearing black warpaint nowadays. Honest.
Once the base is finished, three more figure bases finished and joining this one (and then all looked at from an arms length), they'll look the job. Fingers crossed.
Building ruins for Frostgrave saw my spirits tumble, so I took a break and painted up a couple of bases of troops for my Samurai Apes "Warband" army.
'Defensive' Samurai Apes with bows, behind 'bamboo palisade'. I didn't fancy painting the bamboo green, like I've done in the past.
Water Elementals. Painted to look like they're shooting up from a body of flowing water. No, I didn't use any pure white highlights - when seen in the flesh they look good enough as is.
Followers of Clint's blog may notice a similarity between his work and the painted base method I've used. I certainly had a go at using the same style that Clint regularly uses, though I altered my method to suit my options.

Lastly, I've wrote some fluff for my Frostgrave warband.
Being the Personal Journal of Airon Revan, Journeyman Magician of the School of Illusion. 
Concerning The City 
Entry One: Now that we have arrived, we have only ventured forth timidly into this stone skeleton of a destroyed civilisation. Exploring our immediate environs for clues as to the locations of the treasures and magical knowledge that it is rumoured are here for the taking. 
One of my men reported to me that he had found sight of brass-bound chests and earthenware jars, that he was certain must contain what we had ventured here for. Mustering my warband, myself and my Apprentice, Anjileec, led forth a trek to the location of this promised haul - But, alas, when we arrived we were met by a rival band, who it seemed had the same intention as ourselves.
In the skirmish that ensued, this rival managed to best me in stealing away the forgotten spoils of this long-dead city. I am sure, however, that we shall meet again, and this next time I shall be more prepared.
Stuart (Bodvoc) emailed me a map, he drew, of the area that we're both exploring. Our games being located in the "Ruins" shown (centre right) on the map.
map of Braemarg
Our next game of Frostgrave is tomorrow night.

Other than wearing myself out building and painting ruins, I've also been playing The Glory of Kings. Agema Publications PBM/PBeM diplomacy/wargame, massive campaign game. See previous blog post, here

Until next time.



  1. You've been busy! Great figs. And I love that map!

    1. @Gordon Richards: Thank you.
      Too busy, if I'm honest. To the point of it becoming less a hobby and more of a chore.
      I'll pass on the praise to Stuart, for his map.

  2. Terrific stuff Roy, and a real pleasure to see many of your minis in all their glory side-by-side. Love the Samurai apes btw. But those water elementals are outstanding :-)

    1. @Blaxkleric: Thank you.
      Yeah, if I'd bought and painted those water elementals earlier I could have entered them into the Pendraken painting competition. There's always next year.

  3. The snow looks great Roy, and as Gordon says that map is a piece of work!

    1. @Pendragon Without: Thank you.
      I'll pass on the praise to Stuart, for his map.

  4. Busy, busy, busy; an impressive output. I guess the up-coming Fostgrave game is a great incentive and you know you're in a 'proper' campaign when you're presented with a map (v. nice btw).

    1. @Zabadak: Thank you.
      Its all becoming a bit overwhelming, getting stuff ready for games to be honest. Opponent players all having armies ready to use, but me being the new boy joining in from scratch means I'm having to juggle the projects and try to get them game-ready asap. Burn out is a big possibility, if I'm not careful.
      I've popped Stuart an email to let him know that his map is being well received.

  5. Roy finally found your blog.....plenty going on I like the 10 mm zombies......I need some but bigger for me.

    1. @Matt Crump: Yes, I started out with plans to do 28mm zombies. I've only really gone for the 10mm stuff as Pendraken Miniatures is a local business, so there's plenty of people playing in that size local to me.

  6. That's certainly a wide and varied collection of figures. Great work!

    1. @Ray Rousell: Thanks Ray.
      Yeah, the downside to playing catch-up to other gamers. Luckily, they're allowing me to use their armies until I can field my own bits.

  7. I saw the Landie in the Pendraken painting comp. (and the Viking longship). I hope to enter the comp next year. No idea with what though. Maybe some Dragon Rampant army! Who knows.

    All the figures do look good and all I can say is Busy looks at this blog and wishes it was as productive!

    1. @Clint: Hello Clint, I spotted a new Pendraken Forum member called "Clint" and have meant to contact you to ask if its yourself?

      It looks like I'll be playing against (Bodvoc) Stuart using 15mm Dragon Rampant - but its not a scale I know much about, so I'll have to pick Stu (Col. Bills) brains, or his 2nd hand pile, for suggestions.

      Yeah, I've plenty of irons in the fire, but nothing really completed to a point that I can put up on this blog. That and I don't like to flood my blog with too many posts, and squeeze out the Colonel Bills adverts for new painted items. It can be a bit of a balancing act, to be honest.

    2. "Clint" is me on the Pendraken forum. I mostly just lurk though. Not contribute. For good or bad I was Christened Clint in real life and I have only ever met 2 others (and one of those changed his name). So I figure I might as well use that name on Forums as no-one else does!

      15mm Dragon Rampant would be very cool. So if you want some old and TATTY 15mm Fantasy figures let me know and I'll give them to STU to pass on.

    3. @Clint: 15mm Fantasy figures.
      I'll gladly receive them from you, as I know nothing about 15mm figures except Peter Pig. If you want to discuss payment, I'll contact you via email - or I can make a donation to charity in exchange for them, if you're not looking for money?
      Yes, STU would be a useful delivery method, whatever happens.
      Thanks. Roy

    4. Honestly there are not very many of them and are all about 30 years old. (Mostly Tabbletop games and some Asgard large Orcs (with Pikes)0. s they are so old the castings are quite naff on many and all WILL need a repaint. But that should keep you busy for a small while.

      I want ZERO money, so forget all about that.

      I will see Stu next weekend so will hand them over then.

    5. @Clint: Okay. Thank you, I'll gladly receive and make use of them.

      I've just spoken to Stu concerning some other stuff and I'll be seeing him at the Boro show the day before Sidcup, so I'll mention what's happening between us to him.
      Again, thank you Clint. Its much appreciated.


  8. Love your Frostgrave stuff Roy.

    1. @Michael Awdry: Thank you.

      I've just put in an order for some more figures to fill out my Wizard's warband, from Midlam Miniatures.


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