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Frostgrave: Game One - A Standard Game

Introducing Bodvoc. Though some of you may already know him from various forums, such as Pendraken Miniatures, Impetus and To the Strongest!

Bodvoc's Warband: Wizard (Enchanter) / Apprentice / Ranger / Treasure Hunter / Thief / Crossbowman / 2x Thugs / Warhound

Roy's Warband: Wizard (Illusionist) / Apprentice / Knight / Treasure Hunter / 2x Archers / 2x Warhounds

This being the first game of a campaign, so new warbands were created. The Critical Hit, optional rule was used. Treasure was represented by models until they were picked up, then gold painted tokens were used to show that the treasure was in the possession of a miniature. It was my (Roy's) first game of Frostgrave. Bodvoc had played a couple of games previously. Mistakes were no doubt made by both players.

I've written this report as if being retold by a third party. The photo's may be a little out of sequence of what's written.
Starting positions: Bodvoc's player edge
Starting positions: Roy's player edge
Over-view of the table, moments before play commences
The Game
Bodvoc's warband
Roy's warband
The first two turns saw both warbands moving forward, aiming for the scattered treasure. The Wizard phases saw poor rolls by both sides, meaning no spells were cast and damage was suffered equally. Just to show up his mentor, Bodvoc's Apprentice Enchanter managed to pull off two spells during the early turns, while his Wizard failed and took self-inflicted damage due to miscasts.  One of those early spells cast by the Apprentice Enchanter would feature a number of times during the early part of the game - Spell: Telekinesis. Which allows Treasure to be moved magically. Obviously, Bodvoc moved the unclaimed treasure towards one of his soldiers.
Both warbands moving forward across the board. Bodvoc has already claimed two treasure
Then to add injury to insult, Bodvoc's Ranger went and shot one of Roy's Warhounds - Dropping the little creature's health down to perilous levels.

Suffering Bodvoc claiming first blood, Roy set about some action. Moving one of his Archers onto high ground, the bowman then shoots and hits the opposing warband's thief. But it doesn't stop Bodvoc from then, moments later, scooping up two of the treasures with a Thug and his Thief.
That would now be three treasure in the possession of Bodvoc's warband.
The third turn saw another of Bodvoc's Thugs move forward and secure a treasure - just to make sure it was his, Bodvoc had already set his Warhound to guard the treasure token in the previous turn. Then, thanks to strategic use of the Telekensis spell, Bodvoc's warband secure another treasure for itself - But it doesn't all go Bodvoc's way; during all this his Wizard failed in an attempt at casting Bone Dart and suffered more self-inflicted injury.
(Bottom of the photo) Roy's Apprentice and Archer move towards some treasure.
Roy's other Archer takes up position atop the high ground (right table edge) and targets Bodvoc's Thief.
Previously being a little too quiet, Roy's warband kicks fully into action, now. His Treasure Hunter engages and kills Bodvoc's Warhound in close combat. Roy's Apprentice spell-caster successfully calls down a magical Fog, blocking Bodvoc's Apprentice's line of sight to one of the only two unclaimed treasure - So meaning Bodvoc can't move another of the piles of loot with his Telekinesis spell. However, just to make sure that he does get some payment for his efforts, Roy moved up his second Archer into contact with the Fog enshrouded treasure and blocks off any easy access Bodvoc might have had in future turns.
This is why I need a Fog template! (from a line running from the corner of the building and across to the trees, there is a magically produced Fog blocking line of sight between the Archer and Apprentice Enchanter.
And then it all goes, momentarily, wrong for Roy. In a mad, tail-wagging charge, the previously injured Warhound bounds and leaps into combat with one of Bodvoc's Thugs - Only to end up with the dog missing it's hit and allowing Bodvoc's Thug to strike instead, this hit killing the canine soldier. Second dead dog of the evening - one from each warband.
There was two dogs there a minute ago! Bodvoc's Thug makes his escape, after killing one of Roy's Warhounds
One dog dead apiece. Both warbands momentarily stand off from each other
Mid-point of the game, and with the magically summoned Fog still in play, Roy seizes the initiative. His wizard manages to successfully cast Raise Zombie and Roy's warband is now joined by a shambling member of the undead. The last remaining Warhound belonging to Roy's warband takes off in pursuit of Bodvoc's Thug. The same Thug that had previously killed a dog in the last turn, and who was now making his escape with some treasure - The ensuing combat will see these two locked together for a number of future turns.

As the turns advance, Roy's Knight engages Bodvoc's Wizard in hand combat. Successfully taking the Wizard out of the game, as Bodvoc's Ranger can only look on.
Bodvoc's Wizard falls to the mace of Roy's Knight.
In the background can be seen Bodvoc's Thug making his escape with treasure, though Roy's remaining Warhound catches him and bites at the Thugs ankles.
Roy's Illusionist Wizard (right of shot) sneaks around the building in an attempt to steal the treasure from under Bodvoc's Ranger's nose.
Back to the other side of the battlefield, and with the Fog still in place, the lone treasure well-guarded by Roy's Apprentice and an Archer, Bodvoc turns his Apprentice's attention elsewhere. Facing Roy's lone Treasure Hunter, Bodvoc's Apprentice and Crossbowman attack, engaging into combat and outnumbering Roy's soldier. But the dice roll badly for Bodvoc, and its Roy's Treasure Hunter that emerges victorious from the fight. Massively injuring Bodvoc's Apprentice, the victorious Soldier falls back from the unfair encounter of two against one ... stepping back into clear air and leaving Bodvoc's troops to watch.

And then Bodvoc's Crossbowman decides to shoot at the previously victorious Treasure Hunter belonging to Roy. The crossbowman takes aim at point blank range. Rolls a natural 20 on the dice. Critical Hit! Over-kill of 26 damage suffered, Roy's Treasure Hunter falls to the ground dead, with a crossbow bolt between it's eyes.
Roy's Treasure Hunter can be seen laid dead before Bodvoc's Crossbowman - The successful dice roll still in shot.
Death count: One Treasure Hunter and one Warhound now dead from Roy's warband. One Wizard out of action and one Warhound dead from Bodvoc's warband.

The end is nigh. The last couple of turns are spent with Roy mopping up unclaimed treasure and Bodvoc's warband falling back, as it makes off with four of the starting six piles of valuables.
A treasure token apiece, Bodvoc's (from left) Thug, Treasure Hunter and Thief make their escape.
In the last couple of turns, and to ensure to keep his remaining Soldiers alive, Roy manoeuvres them so as to be out of Bodvoc's Crossbowman's or Ranger's Line of sight. All that is except the Zombie, which, knowing that he loses the undead creature come the end of the game, Roy sends shambling forward toward Bodvoc's bow-armed Ranger.

A last throw of the initiative dice. Success going to Roy. The Zombie, previously surviving a accurate bow-shot from Bodvoc's Ranger, moved ever onward towards the Ranger ... Can the undead reach the bowman and engage in single combat? No. Millimetre's seperate them after the Zombie moves, shambling forward. Bodvoc's remaining Soldiers reach the table edge and exit with their treasure.

Victory to Bodvoc. Four treasures to two.

Post Game:
Bodvoc's Wizard suffers a permanent injury - Lost Toes. But manages to advance to Level 2.
Roy's Wizard advances to Level 1.
Bodvoc earns for himself a large quantity of gold coins, two grimoires and a magic banner.
Roy's efforts have secured him 240 gold, a set of Leather Armour, and a grimoire containing the Reveal Death spell.

Thing's I learned from the game:
Paint both sides of the Treasure tokens I made.
Make a Reload token for crossbowmen.
Tokens to place alongside figures of mine, to show that they've moved, will greatly help my memory.
Make a Fog template - Remember to keep rolling for the Fog each turn!
Make a Fiery Rune template.
Build some two-storey buildings.
Stop mumbling away to myself, trying to work out how a series of events will be managed by the rules. It confuses both players!

Next game, Bodvoc is hosting and is one of the scenarios from the main rules book.



  1. It was a great game Roy and played in a good friendly manner.

    1. @Stuart Smith: Yes, It was a good game. Thanks for coming around and for being such a good opponent.

      Next time, I should have a few new bits of terrain and buildings. I've drawn up some preliminary sketches for two-storey ruins and climbable scatter terrain. They'll all be easily transportable, so they can be used as and when, here or there, as needs require.

      I forgot to mention that you'd also earned for yourself a magic banner (now rectified).

  2. Great stuff! Look forward to the next installment!

  3. What a good'bat-reptle that was, it seemed a lot of fun and whilst you may have lost, it was a learning experience. Like many others you only come to realise what you need for a particular game once you've got the first under your belt, whether it be scenery, counters or just a QRS. Good luck ith the next encounter.

    1. @Zabadak: Thank you.
      Yes, I'd been out of the playing picture for 15 years, so I'd totally forgotten about all of the little bits and pieces that aid my gameplay. I've managed to make tokens and spell templates and have also built some more terrain ruins, as the board was a little building-lite.


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