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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Dolly Mop the Harlot 'Finished & Ready for Business!'* [Belt Fed Girl]

*Or, it can now be handed over to Stu at Colonel Bills on Saturday, at the Tees Con wargames show.

This is a [converted] example of BFG20 Dolly Mop - Victorian Harlot, from the Belt Fed Gaming range produced by Colonel Bills Wargames Depot.

Here's a LINK to the full range available, on the Colonel Bills webstore

You'll have to, please, excuse the fact that the models still attached to it's painting stand. A decent photography stage is something that I'll have to rig up.

LINK to post 1 of this paint up of Dolly Mop
LINK to post 2 of this paint up of Dolly Mop


  1. Roy,
    Youve done a lovely paint job with the figure, you should be very pleased.

    1. @Robbie Rodiss: Thank you for the kind words.
      Yes, I'm very happy with what I've managed with this miniature. It's by far the best paint result I've ever achieved, and I really enjoyed myself painting it.

  2. Brilliant job Roy, you must be pleased with how she turned out.

    1. @Michael Awdry: Yes, very pleased.
      I don't often look at a paint job and find satisfaction in a job well done (mainly as I normally paint, deliberately, to a lesser standard) but with this miniature I really am pleased with my efforts.
      The figure is now with Col. Bills and I've been given a couple of things to paint up for display purposes for the website. In effect, my first commission of work.

  3. The final product was well worth the anticipation as she's turned out beautifully, yoou must be very pleased with the obvious effort you've put into realisng this figure.#

  4. @Zabadak: Thank you. Yes, I'm a bit chuffed about it, I can honestly say.

    This may be of use to yourself (and Robbie) to know. Stand To 2016, at Shildon Locomotion National Railway Museum. There was hand-out fliers for this year's show, today, at the Tees Con wargames show.


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