Saturday, 28 November 2015

Back From Stockton

From start to finish, near-enough twelve hours its been. I know one thing, I couldn't do it every weekend! 

I'm easily spotted in the following picture...
I met some other bloggers today. Martin Cooke. Dave Docherty. Darrell Hindley. Robbie Roddis.

Some members of either the Pendraken Forum (Skywalker - member of the Redcar Ironbeards) and Dags (the Steve Dean Figure Painting Forum) - most will know Dags as Jon of Ainsty Castings.

I made contact with another very local gaming group - The Brompton Bankers (that's Brompton Hambletonshire, not Richmondshire).

I came away with more money than when I entered :)

I played Dead Man's Hand (Andrew Wylie's game).

I got some valuable experience and information for my proposed game for the Shildon show, next year.

And I'm now knackered. I don't know how traders manage doing the show circuit...

Oh, before I go. A parcel has arrived for me, marked with the Secret Santa initials. Thank you.