Thursday, 29 October 2015

28mm Cowboys, 28mm Victorian Prussians, 10mm Union ACW. A Variety.

A case of clearing the paint desk of stuff needing photographing.

28mm Old West (the pink one's new)
Two more 'females' to paint then this gang is complete.

Finished the three Prussian line infantry models yesterday for IHMN - the glossy green on the bases will be killed by the varnish I'll be using.
Again, the figures took around an hour to paint, and the paint work is of a tabletop gaming standard (if we're labelling it).

10mm Pendraken Miniatures ACW Union Regiment. I painted these up a month or more ago, for something to do. I didn't spend nearly as much time on the figures as I've done with the zombies, as can be seen.
I could have glued the miniatures shoulder-to-shoulder but didn't, mainly to aid painting them once glued to the bases.
I know, after speaking to some on the Pendraken Forum, that the spacing of the figures above is not desirable - more suited to 28mm figures and not 10mm. Obviously it doesn't really bother me.
 I quite like looking along the two long lines of little men.
This one's inspired by the Dude. I painted the backs as well.
Close-up. Hopefully you can see the generalisation of the painting I did on these miniatures. Literally, splash the paint on the metal and on to the next colour.

Now back to the 10mm zombies.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Zomtober Week Four - Or Week Two For Me

Survivors this time. Still 10mm Pendraken Miniatures though.

That's this size...
Survivor with wooden baseball bat. Conversion on Eastern European -type police man with sniper rifle. Conversion of survivor with bow and quiver.
 Ammo pouches and quiver with arrows are scratch built (as is the rifle scope and bow).
I fancied painting the police officer as balding. A tough veteran.
I forgot to trim the overhanging grass tufts before photographing. Some dust gathered onto the black bases too
Group shot of all of my Survivors currently painted. The centre front figure is heavily converted to represent a pimp.
The full entirety of my 10mm Zombie collection. Ten more zombie bases to finish and seven survivor. The landrover and truck to follow.
Back to finishing off the last of my IHMN Prussians now. Then I'll have to juggle my Santa Clause, some Frostgrave and Week Three's zombies for next weekend.

Oh, and I'm still to catch up on the majority of the other Zomtober blogs...

Sunday, 25 October 2015

IHMN Prussians For Local Gaming Clubs/Group - £3 A Figure Painting Service?

A lot's happened, hobby-wise, over the last seven days. But I won't bore you with the details. Suffice to say that I need to get myself something to play with asap.

So, to that end, and using what I already have to hand - and a few quick purchases of a physical copy of the rules and some other figures - I've set to painting a Prussian Company for In Her Majesty's Name. British to follow once they arrive!
The paint jobs are basic tabletop fashion. One-hour a figure to paint up. Basecoat, shade wash, second colour coat of paint where needed. And they're done. Nothing fancy. Nothing special. Once varnished they'll get the job done and be ready to play with.
I best mention that there's a further three Prussians to add to the above group - Line Infantry this time.
The female, Chinese figure. I've decided to base my Prussians on a Company operating out of Tsingtau and so she can represent a Chinese apothecary/acupuncturist/mystical powers -type. Plus, it gets the figure used.
I have to admit to feeling refreshed and positive about getting these figures painted complete in so short a time. I know they're nothing better than playing standard, but come on, look at them and you'll see that they'll get the job done and you can all see what's what. And for an hours work on each, I'm not complaining.

Since no-one I know locally plays IHMN, I'm having to buy and paint up two opposing forces to enable play. Fair enough, they'll be mine and will allow for me to put on games, myself, with no issue in the future. But I've got to thinking. Should anyone else want to have their own forces, but not have the time to paint them due to Life or painting up forces for other games, do I offer a service to paint their's to the same standard as mine (shown above) and charge them £3 (they provide the figure and the base) per figure?

Working with Stuart (Col. Bills) I know the going rate of paint jobs, and I will admit that my standard (as shown) is less than the going norm. Hence why I'm saying £3 a figure, which works out at something like the official part-time wage-per-hour for the UK. This monetary figure being in-line with other painters local to me, painting to around the same standard.

I'd only offer to paint up skirmish forces though - IHMN, Frostgrave, DMH etc - as I've my own to paint and I'm not looking to become a painter. Just trying to help people get troops onto the tabletop to play.

If anyone has any thoughts on what I've just written, then please share them with me, either through a comment on the blog, or through private email.


[Suffice to say I'm yet to paint any zombies this week - Whoops!]

Monday, 19 October 2015

Stand To, at Shildon - Photo's From The Show

[apologies. due to the stupid vagaries of blogger, it has chosen to upload all of the photo's out of order, and with there being so many of them I'm not going to rectify this issue.] 

Stand To, at Shildon "Locomotion" National Railway Museum. 

The Cowboy game was put on by Mr Andrew Wylie - all of the buildings are made from paper!
The Romans and Celts game was by the Redcar Ironbeards.
The large Renaissance wargame was put on by the Independent Wargames Group.
The Living History team (a couple of nice chaps who I had a good chat with, and passed on some details as I'm trying to sell off a deactivated PPSH-41 sub-machine gun) I believe were depicting the 68th DLI (Durham Light Infantry) during the 1980s. 
The trader who I photographed is Asylum Wargaming. I had a good talk with the gentleman (I also had a good talk with Midlam Miniatures and Colonel Bill's trading/gaming group) and he's near-enough sold me on the Relics game system, as he tells me my local club play the game.

I have to say the venue is excellent. The museum staff and facilities a credit. However, the show really needs better advertising to bring in more visitors on the day. There's enough traders, if a couple more games could be brought together that would help, and hopefully more show-goers would help the traders and make the gamers be enthused to display again at further shows.  I did enjoy myself and spent money, so the organisers should view it as a success (of sorts). 

Darrell Hindley also went along to the show and you can read his views here: