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PBB - Turn Nine

The Action at Pearson's Farm
Turn Nine

The map showing the starting positions of the characters
###    ###
The Ysabel Kid pushes in front of The Lawyer, as he sees Johansen before them
  • From where he stood, in the hedged entrance to the farm's small orchard, Eric Johansen followed the flight of The Lawyer. Bad Luck McGill was still semi-conscious at his feet and no threat to him. Eric calmly reloaded his gun, in preparation of the showdown to come
  • Scrambling forward The Ysabel Kid pulled Reuben Bendix, aka The Lawyer, alongside him. As they went past the pile of wooden fence rails and posts The Kid saw Johansen ahead of them, but there was no sign of his ally McGill. Then he saw the boots of the downed man, poking out from beneath the hedge and telling the sad truth of the matter
  • Following the actions of his Maxey compatriot Johansen, Bladen Kleric reloaded his weapon
Billy Whistler moves along the lower slopes of the field
  • The other Maxey employee, Billy Whistler, foregoing the pistol and choosing instead to rely upon the weapon that had brought him the most success so far, his own body, set off to give chase. Billy moving rapidly across the field in a bid to catch The Lawyer
Buck McIntosh watching Whistler's movement
  • Seeing this move, Buck McIntosh gave out a shout to The Kid; "Get The Lawyer out of here!", before moving, himself, in an attempt to thwart Billy's plan
Eric Johansen prepares to move!
  • Charging into the path of The Kid and The Lawyer, with a yell of; "At them Minnesota!", Eric Johansen, reloaded pistol in hand, made ready to fire
The Ysabel Kid and Eric Johansen square off
  • With Johansen blocking their immediate path, The Kid had to pull The Lawyer onto another tack. Both of them continuing to run. Both of them aware that Johansen's pistol was aimed at one of them
Arm broken, Bad Luck McGill retreats
  • Regaining his wits, Bad Luck McGill looked about him for Johansen. Wincing in agony, he slowly got up when he saw the coast was clear. Cradling his broken arm with his free hand, McGill made to move. He turned away from the action and moved towards the far-end of the orchard
Billy Whistler moves onward, but Buck McIntosh is prepared
  • Billy Whistler, however, was not for turning his back on the fight, and continued his chase of The Lawyer. Running across the field, heedless of McIntosh matching his movements, Billy was determined to reclaim the bag containing the important papers his employers wanted
  • Coming to a halt next the woodpile of rails and posts, Buck McIntosh levelled his pistol and fired on Billy. The shot rang out, the flying lead coming close enough to cause Billy to flinch
Shush! Pretend this isn't a photo from last week.
Bladen Kleric, ready to draw
  • Now alone, on the far-side of the Pearson's land, Bladen Kleric took careful aim on McIntosh
Eric Johansen fires ... But which one is his target?!
  • Eric fired his pistol at close range on The Lawyer. It being harder to miss at that distance than at any other time. But alas, the shot did indeed go awry and The Lawyer survived the close-call
Eric can only watch and shoot on the retreating pair, as they make their escape
  • Not wishing to stick around any longer then they had to, The Ysabel Kid and The Lawyer skirted past Eric, in their flight away from the action. Moving as they did onto the roadway that cut across the Pearson's land, this route eventually taking them back to the safety of the Ashby ranch should they manage to escape
'Billy wants to get ya!'
Billy Whistler sprints across the slope in his effort to catch The Lawyer
  • But Billy Whistler was still in hot pursuit and was moving flat-out in a bid to reach The Lawyer before he did make his escape. Should Billy reach his next victim one thing was a assured; violence would ensue
Bladen Kleric, cutting a lonely figure, sends forth deadly lead from his pistol
  • The bullet sped away from Bladen Kleric's gun, speeding towards Buck McIntosh next the woodpile
  • Buck McIntosh's own shot missing his intended target, as he came under the flying lead aimed at him from Bladen Kleric
Bad Luck continues his retreat
  • Thankfully forgotten about, Bad Luck McGill moved as gingerly as he could, so as to cause as least amount of paint to his arm. He came level with the privy as he moved among the fruit-less orchard trees. The only thing on McGill's mind being to get back to town and seek a doctor
Standing in the middle of the road, Eric Johansen sends a final shot at The Lawyer
  • Aware that this would be the last chance he had, Eric Johansen fired his final shot at The Lawyer. The bullet failed to do damage, but Bendix, The Lawyer, pulled The Kid up short in their flight for freedom. 
  • The Ysabel Kid turned to see what was wrong, fearful that The Lawyer had been hit by that last shot aimed against them. "What's wrong? You hit?", The Kid impatiently asked, desperate as he was to get back to their flight. Reuben Bendix's face coloured and he visibly had difficulty forming his reply; "I'm afraid I've soiled myself." 
Given that look in The Lawyers eye, this might just be that 'Oh, shit!' moment
  • Seeing his victim stop in his tracks ahead of him gave Billy Whistler renewed hope of catching up. But Billy's dreams of violence were quickly dashed as he saw The Ysabel Kid take a hold of The Lawyer and propel him forward
  • Buck McIntosh watched the paused flight and wondered what the heck had gone wrong. His consternation caused him to check his action. He realised his unwitting restraint. His finger finally squeezing back on the trigger as Buck's attention was fixed upon The Kid and The Lawyer and not on his intended target of Billy Whistler. His pistol firing out blindly and the bullet flying wide 
  • Bladen Kleric had no such issues with his concentration ... not this time at least. As he worked the hammer back on his six-shooter, the next chambered round turned into place in alignment with the barrel. With a crack the shot rang out, the bullet smashing splinters from the woodpile next to where McIntosh stood and further putting Buck under pressure
Farewell and Adieu ... Now get me a doctor!
  • With one, final backwards glance Bad Luck McGill exited the field. He could see his vanquisher Johansen firing on who he presumed was his Ashby allies and The Lawyer, but he wasn't too sure. Unshed tears made McGill's vision swim as the pain lanced out from his seriously injured arm. He couldn't care less about the Ashby's or their crooked lawyer in the County Seat, right then all he wanted was to get the hell outta there
  • "If we stay here much longer it'll be blood staining your garments," The Ysabel Kid barked at The Lawyer. "Move it, Reuben. We've gotta get outta here. Now!" 
Reuben Bendix turned to look back over the field. The sight greeting him proving as unwelcome as the foul sensation he was currently experiencing in the seat of his pants. 
He felt the ruffian beside him pulling at his sleeve, wanting them to continue away from the gunplay. 
The blonde-haired man who'd previously identified himself as a friend stood watching them from a way back. The fellow was gesticulating with his hands and his mouth worked at shouting, but the words didn't reach Reuben. He could hazard a darn good guess though, at what was being yelled at him 
The Kid, fellow at his side issued out another barked command to get moving. 
A further bullet let fly from the tall, lanky man close by to them. This attacker bellowing out between shots..."Komme tilbake hit. Jeg har en gave til deg!" 
But the foreign words, Swedish perhaps Reuben thought, meant nothing to him. 
The violent intentions from the other man, who was swifty bearing down on them, needed no translation, however.  
Indeed, it was the expression of bloody desire to be seen on this individual that finally made Reuben move again.  
He'd gotten away from that maniac last time without suffering an injury. Now, Reuben was painfully aware that he'd somehow misplaced his own gun in all the excitement and he knew that he'd stand no chance in defending himself against that blood-crazed lout, who it seemed was determined to catch him. 
Feeling the need to assert himself over the hireling beside him, Reuben issued forth; "You're not being paid to just stand there. Defend me, damn it!"

And with that, Reuben's arms shot forward and propelled The Ysabel Kid in the direction of the danger bearing down upon them.
Taking the opportunity offered, while the other man had him covered, Reuben made good his escape. Only the need to issue further commands stopping him from giving one-hundred percent of his efforts to running: "Shoot and run. Shoot and run, won't you. Follow me and keep them back." 
Spotting a saddled horse hitched to a fence rail, Reuben didn't give any thought to which of the gunfighters it belonged.  
Saddling up, he pulled the horse's head round to the direction of safety. 
Uncaring of the predicament he'd left his would-be escorts, Reuben Bendix decided that all-out flight would serve him better at that moment than needing their guns to guard him. The money that the Ashby's were paying him, to ensure they won the bid to own the land deeds he currently held in his possession, was worth the risk of unescorted passage to them.  
Without looking back, Reuben kicked the horse into a gallop and left the Pearson's farm in a trail of dust.   
###    ###
So, in effect, that is the end of the game. 

I would like to thank the players and everyone who has followed this blog game. 

Thank you.

It has been an ambition of mine to run a game like this for some time. I'm grateful to you all for helping me to achieve it. 

However, there is the availability of one last turn, if the players want?

I'll email out the updated player sheets and will include the new map, below. But if we do play on it will only be for the one turn [Turn Ten] and I don't know what would be achieved, except, probably, two bouts of hand combat and some shooting - or the Ashby players just legging it off the board before they can be targeted! 
I'll sort it out should I receive any further emails - but don't worry should any of you just decide enough's enough. You've earned it!

Once again, thank you all.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

PBB ~ Turn Eight

The Action at Pearson's Farm
Turn 8

Below is the map showing the starting positions of the characters.
Eric Johansen (right) fires on McGill (left) - McIntosh runs out from the privy(near the house)
- Kleric can be seen in the background under the tree
  • His mind still swimming in the illusion that he was back fighting among his brother Union soldiers in the late war between the States, Eric Johansen squeezed the trigger on his short-barreled revolver. The point-blank shot managing to miss completely its target as the lanky Minnesota fighter surged forward towards McGill, spittle frothing at his lips, a queer look of hatred to his eye
  • Bad Luck McGill stood near-rooted to the spot, faced as he was by this almost savage brutality. He raised his right arm and took quick aim at the snarling Johansen...
The Lawyer (centre-right) picks up the bag and prepares to run the gauntlet, alongside
The Ysabel Kid - Billy Whister (bottom) & Bladen Kleric (top)
  • Over at the furthest point of the Pearson's land, Billy Whistler took a knee and recovered from the flying tackle that had robbed him of his near-escape, previously. He looked on through the tall grasses as The Lawyer rushed up to The Kid and seized the bag containing the land deeds that the Maxey Family had hired Billy and his allies to steal. A slow burning anger began in Billy's chest, spreading to his gut and along his arms till it heated his blood and made him feel invulnerable to attack. Hatred burned away inside him like a wildfire. His unblinking eyes locked onto one man as he made sure of his pistol.
The Kid & The Lawyer, stuck between a rock and a hardplace
  • Closeby and with The Lawyer by his side, The Ysabel Kid opened fire on the lawman-for-hire Kleric. The bullet marking the opening salvo of the latest exchange of fire between the pair. As The Ysabel Kid prepared to move The Lawyer, Kleric, from beside the tree to their front, was already ready to shoot
  • The recoil lifted the pistol in his held grip. Bladen Kleric's shot rang out and flew true towards The Kid and The Lawyer, only the sudden stumble of The Kid saving him from injury. Bladen watched as The Kid's head whipped round to check the progress of Bladen's gunplay. As Bladen's finger began to squeeze back on the trigger, he watched as The Kid visibly took stock of himself and steadied his nerve in expectation of the forthcoming danger
  • Seeing his Ashby Family ally under fire, and as he himself was now fully recovered from the beatings received while in the farmhouse, Buck McIntosh burst forth from the protection of the privy building. Running forward to offer his assistance, as he pocketed what was obviously some sort of reading material that Farmer Pearson had kept in the outhouse - Buck ran into square A6
The 'Scandinavian Warrior' Johansen (left) savagely attacks Bad Luck McGill 
  • Bad Luck McGill fell under the sustained and savage attack that Eric Johansen was dealing out to him. The pair of them were the only combatants on this side of the field, no ally would soon be coming to McGill's aid. Bad Luck's vision swam as pain lanced out from his left side, he felt himself begin to lose consciousness as he collapsed beside the hedge that marked the edge of the Pearson's small orchard. The last thing he recognised was the scratching tear of a thorn upon his cheek, as he blacked-out amidst the clouding dirt kicked up by the frenzied, kicking feet of Johansen
An enraged Billy Whistler (bottom) opens fire! 
  • Down on the slope of the field, Billy Whistler's free hand parted the grasses as his pistol was slowly raised against his target. The revolver crashed out its report as the bullet sped direct toward the current target of Billy's rage. With a single eyebrow raised, Billy took in the effect that his bullet had caused. It had obviously hit home, his target had been physically shook by the impact. Billy's burning anger reached feverish levels when he realised that the shot had hit the bag clutched in his target's hand. The Lawyer was still on his feet!
Lawman-cum-Bounty Hunter Bladen Kleric
  • Higher up the slope from where Billy raged away, Bladen Kleric's targeting of The Kid continued. With a calmness unknown to Billy, Bladen softly squeezed back on the trigger of his gun

Preparing to move - The Ysabel Kid bundles The Lawyer forward into a run
  • With the shot ringing out closeby, no bullet thankfully materialised around them as The Ysabel Kid bundled The Lawyer into square D2 
Buck McIntosh (centre) arrives in the nick of time to offer friendly support to
The Ysabel Kid & The Lawyer  
  • Sprinting away from the privy and following the progress made by his ally and The Lawyer, Buck McIntosh turned his attention to search for Whistler as he ran forward into square B7
'Union Triumphant!'
Eric Johansen stands over the unconscious form of Bad Luck McGill 
  • A rustling in the hedge by his side greeted Eric Johansen as he came back to his senses. There was blood on his face, his arms and on his boots. None of it was his. He looked down on the enemy McGill, noting the injury he had dealt out to the unconscious man. Eric muttered a breathy note of self-satisfaction as he noted how completely he had broken McGill's left arm
"Billy's gonna get ya!"
  • Almost throwing away his useless gun after seeing his latest shot fail to hit The Lawyer, Billy Whistler let out a cry of frustrated anguish. His blood was still up. Anger and hatred filling him with a buzzing sensation of heat and power, surging through his body and desperately wanting to be unleashed on something. Someone
The job-in-hand is all that's on the mind of Bladen Kleric (centre-back)
  • Bladen Kleric took his eye off The Kid and The Lawyer as he heard Billy's wailing keen from downslope. Mentally chastising himself for being distracted from his prey he returned his attention to his target. So focused was Kleric on shooting down The Kid, that he failed to realise that his pistol was giving out the clicks of spent casings being hit inside the turning chambers, as he tried to shoot with his now empty weapon
Surviving the storm - The Ysabel Kid & The Lawyer (both nearest to shot) 
  • Unaware of his good luck, The Ysabel Kid half dragged The Lawyer alongside him as he ran towards the wood pile in square D1. He turned to check on McIntosh, seeing what support his ally was offering, his view catching the moment the other man's pistol fired downslope at a Maxey target
Buck McIntosh (centre-bottom, blue shirt) covers The Kid & The Lawyers flight
  • Firing as he ran, Buck McIntosh watched as the bullets he sent forth whipped through the tall grasses around Billy Whistler. Each shot he fired went so close to his target that they couldn't fail to affect the man's nerve. But alas, McIntosh noted, none of his fired rounds had caused injury to his foe

Below is the updated map, showing the final positions of the characters as of turn 8.
I'll now email out the updated player sheets. If a player fails to receive one, then please let me know.


Footnote: I've scheduled for tomorrow another one of my Designing a PBB posts. In it will feature the behind the scenes information on how this turn came together (with pictures!)

Saturday, 7 March 2015

PBB - Turn Seven

The Action at Pearson's Farm
Turn 7

The map showing how the action starts, this turn
  • Fortunate that the bullet missed and determined to make best use of bullying his way free with the Lawyer's bag, Billy Whistler put his head down and ran, jinking and ducking as he went, firing backwards wildly as he entered square D2
  • The Ysabel Kid was still following close behind to Whistler, however. Soon entering square D2, as well
  • Having been forced to retreat earlier, Bad Luck McGill took a moment to recover from the pistol shot that had momentarily unnerved him. Using the cover of the hedge to partially shield him as he did
  • However... With a flashback from Chickamagua blasting through his senses, and suddenly believing that McGill was in fact wearing a butternut uniform. Eric Johansen issued forth a battle cry of; "Termin menn! Drepe den sørlige avskum. To me Minnesota!", as he moved forward to square C4, wildly firing his revolver as he began to charge forward!
  • Answering the call of "Cover me!" that Whistler cried out as he passed him, Bladen Kleric opened fire on The Kid, the bullet closing the short distance between them in a flash 
  • Another bullet blasted out from the privy, the revolving chambers of Buck McIntosh's single-action pistol now all empty as the last round flew out towards the careering shape of Whistler
  • Aware of the dangers aimed at him, Billy Whistler moved into square D6 and onto the trackway that would lead him away from the battle, back to the Maxey ranch and victory
  • But The Ysabel Kid wasn't going to let Whistler get away so easily and was in close pursuit as he himself entered square D6
  • Bladen Kleric again fired on the running Kid, hoping the shot would force The Kid from the chase - But alas, the shot missed, so it didn't
  • On the other side of the Pearson's property and from his position behind the hedge, Bad Luck McGill fired out a warning shot at the mad charge of Johansen, hoping to force the fellow to keep away
  • But Johansen continued his charge up the slope, still blindly, blazing away with his six-shooter as he ran forward in the direction of McGill
  • Continuing to brave the Pearson family privy, Buck McIntosh stepped back from the door and began chambering fresh rounds into his pistol
  • Closeby, at the hedge that marked the edge of the Pearson's small orchard, Eric Johansen came upon McGill. His weapon leveled at the 'Rebel' target that his mindseye saw, the pistol's recoil lifting the weapon as it belched out speeding lead, Eric gave a cry of delight as his Civil War fantasy played out before him
  • Bad Luck McGill ducking the shot however, and furiously wondering where this foreign-speaking madman came from ... And wishing he would soon go back!
  • Back with the chase to freedom, and finally catching Whistler, The Ysabel Kid dived forward in a bid to tackle Billy to the ground...
  • Bearing witness to these events, Bladen Kleric stood with his finger poised over the trigger of his gun. The thought of possibly hitting his ally Whistler causing him to keep from firing
  • Both The Kid and Whistler went crashing to the ground in a heap. Though, in a tangle of limbs, Billy Whistler managed to kick himself free. The Kid refusing to yield however, and both men were left shambling ungainly on all fours across the dusty ground, limbs flying around as outreaching hands caught hold of scrambling ankles and feet. Finally managing to break free, Billy was forced to give ground and move off the track, to enter square D9 ... Standing beside the tall grass, Billy turned to look back and he saw the Lawyer's bag sitting at the feet of The Kid!
Below is the map showing the positions of the characters as the end of turn seven. It is best viewed enlarged, which is possible by clicking upon the image
The Ysabel Kid caught Billy Whistler in hand combat and beat him. So in seeing Whistler off the Lawyer's bag ended up in The Kid's possession, just as I stated was required in a previous turn.

What will happen now is this: The Lawyer will rush in before anyone else performs any action and he will pick up the bag from where it sits. The Lawyer will then remain with The Ysabel Kid 'Under Escort', until either The Kid is driven off or another Ashby member takes over the task. 

The Lawyer must be escorted off the board by an Ashby Family member from the grid square C1. 

To steal the bag from the lawyer, simply attack him in hand combat and he will surrender the bag. It then being stolen by a Maxey Family member and needing to be exited off the board from square D6.

* I would like to point out that the only reason I know about this C19th erotica book is due to it being the first one I found while performing a quick Wikipedia search for such a 'mucky book', that I could jokingly say was located within privy - Where Farmer Pearson hid it, so his wife didn't find out he had such kinky tastes.

I will now email out the updated player sheets to those involved in the game. If you do not receive an email, please let me know.

Thank you.