Saturday, 28 February 2015

PBB - Turn Six

To make it easier for casual readers to follow the action, here's the
turn map showing the positions at the end of last turn
This being pointed out to me over on the Pendraken Miniatures Forum

The Action at Pearson's Farm
Turn Six
  • From where he stood behind the pile of fence posts and rails, Bad Luck McGill took aim at Johansen
  • Eric Johansen beating McGill to the shot, though the bullet flew wide.
  • From over the other side of the field, Bladen Kleric also fixed his aim onto McGill. The next few minutes will tell if Bad Luck McGill's name is apt or not...
  • From inside the farmhouse could be heard the voice of Buck McIntosh: "Kid, he's got the lawyer's bag, don't let him get away with it!", moments before Buck could be seen using the butt of his pistol to smash out a window, clearing the debris from the sill with the barrel, and pulling himself through and escaping the building into square A3.
  • Back inside the building and successfully holding the prize of the lawyer's bag in his hand, Billy Whistler moved to square B4, aiming to head back out of the window he'd previously dived through ...
  • But before Whistler managed to reach the exit point, The Ysabel Kid caught him with a vicious right hook punched into his side. Whistler having to abandon his escape for now, as he looked to defend himself.
  • A fire fight then broke out outside the property: Bad Luck McGill opening fire at Johansen.
  • Eric Johansen returning lead for lead, with a second shot from his revolver.
  • Catching McGill in a cross-fire of speeding bullets, Bladen Kleric's pistol rang out. The shot proving accurate enough to unnerve McGill and make him fail a Guts Test.
  • With a croak of; "I'm done for," Buck McIntosh staggered into the shelter of the privy.
  • As back inside the building, Billy Whistler and The Ysabel Kid went at each other with their fists - The Kid attacking while Whistler defended himself; but once again Whistler proved himself strong in hand combat and the bout of fisticuffs ended in a near-stalemate. The Kid just edging it and landing the last punch as they both pulled away to glare daggers at each other.
  • Winded and seeking cover, Bad Luck McGill fired a retreating shot at Bladen Kleric. That done, 'Bad Luck' set to falling back to take cover behind the hedge closeby.
  • Both Eric Johansen and Bladen Kleric saw to it that 'Bad Luck' did move out from the cover of the wood pile. Both their single-action pistols firing as one and sending flying lead close to McGill, just before he began his retreat.
  • Making sure he didn't share the same fate as his Ashby -employed compatriot, Buck McIntosh took the opportunity to recover.
  • Momentarily free of The Kid, Billy Whistler dived once again through the open hole of the window frame. Once outside he put his head down and began legging it, making with the snake hips to square B8. Shouting as he did: "Bladen. Cover me!" 
  • However, all but ripping the door from its hinges as he gave chase, The Ysabel Kid was hot on Whistler's heels and also made it into square B8, as the turn drew to a close.
Bonus Photo's
McIntosh recovering inside the privy and McGill in Square A8.
McGill will begin next turn in this square, due to the compulsory 
retreat move that was made at the end of this turn.

The Dog returns! 
I don't think I'll call upon his services now, but if needed 
(if the game looked to be finishing too soon) I was going to
employ the animal to steal the bag and run off with it.

A 'How It's Made' shot: 
Blue cloth and thumb tacks (drawing pins) 
Magnifying light and daylight bulb.

Below is the map showing the player positions as of the end of Turn Six. It is best viewed enlarged, which is possible by clicking upon the image.

I will now email out the updated player sheets to those involved.
Please, let me know if you do not receive such an email.
Thank you.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

PBB Rules Alterations

I've decided to make the following alterations to the PBB rules (effective as of now). The reason for the alteration, mid-game, is due to the requirements of keeping the game free-flowing and fast-playing.

I don't want to be stuck writing turn reports where player's have been forced to do nothing but make recovery actions or are suffering playing paralysis through negative modifiers.

My philosophy is this:

Players playing against each other and not against the rules = more fun for all.

###    ###

Recover will now remove 2 levels of Flying Lead

Guts Tests:
Guts scores are a fixed score that can only be reduced, they cannot be recovered. However, unless a multiple of an injury is suffered then the guts score will remain at 10 and the dice roll is only modified (in the negative) by the current level of flying lead suffered.

Example: Guts Test = 10 minus Flying Lead score.
              This test being made using a D10

Hand to hand combat:
Fight outcomes will be worked out using the difference in the scores, as follows:

Score Effect
Tie or 1 models will be separated apart but will remain together in the same square

2,3,4 or 5         loser retreats into an empty square and must make a Recover action as                                        the first order of their next turn.

6 or more         loser suffers an injury

###    ###

I'll update the .pdf rules shortly to cover the above changes.

My thanks, again, goes to the players, and especially Dave D. for the suggestion of the differing hand combat outcome (which I slightly modified to feature into the above).

To take into account the above changes: I'll be updating certain player's character sheets, where Flying Lead scores need to be reduced to take into account the above changes. I'll get this done immediately.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

PBB - Turn Five

Firstly, some more information 

* there's an issue with moving into combat - do you move and fight as two actions, or as one? To speed up the game I've take the decision to combine them when a charge order is issued. 

* To win the game a player is required to move to the respective grid square as indicated in their scenario details and then give the order - Win (which represents moving off table)

* As it doesn't indicate this in the rules: Hand Combat is not affected by the current Flying Lead score suffered. Shooting is, as are Guts tests. 
The only modifier to Hand Combat is whether a player states Attacking or if they issue a Fight order in the same turn (which is used, even though it may feature somewhat out of the sequence of events, to grant a positive +1 modifier to the Hand Combat dice roll).

The above being issues I've encountered while playing out this turn. 

The Action At Pearson's Farm
Turn Five

  • Inside the farmhouse: Being driven back previously by Whistler, a snarling Buck McIntosh spat out; "Bring a headbutt to a gunfight would ya?", only moments before he opened fire on Whistler. The shot rang out in the one-room building, and, as McIntosh spied activity from a friendly source, Buck shouted out; "Let's finish this bum off, Kid!" 
  • Hearing these words, The Ysabel Kid kicked open the door of the farmhouse, the short distance between himself and Whistler making it easy for him to swiftly raise his pistol, bringing it to bear on Whistler. However...
  • Not being fazed by the danger, in-front, to the side, and behind him, Billy Whistler moved to square A6 and confronted the Lawyer. "You're gonna give me that," he declared, lip curled and with a mad-eyed look. To which Lawyer Bendix dropped the case he carried and, despite his fiery reputation he proved to be a coward when it came down to it, as he didn't make use of the chance to defend himself when Whistler bent to claim the satchel case, which contained the precious land deeds, as his own.   
  • Meanwhile, outside and not being privy to what had happened in the other building, Bad Luck McGill sprang out from the cover of the outhouse, yelling; "I've got you covered Lawyer man!", as he moved to square A5
  • While this was happening, Eric Johansen took a knee and worked on fixing up his bleeding right arm. Eventually laying prone, as he began to see more of McGill coming forward from behind the hedge.
  • Having previously fired all chambered rounds of his pistol, Bladen Kleric quickly reloaded.
  • Back inside the farmhouse: Witnessing the capitulation of the Lawyer, Buck McIntosh fired again at Whistler; again the shot coming perilously close but not actually hitting the target.
  • Satchel case in one hand, pistol in the other, Billy Whistler turned on his heel and moved against McIntosh, pushing away the brass frame of the bed as moved into square B1. All the while whistling a tune as he moved.
  • As Whistler did this he came close to real danger. The Ysabel Kid firing from where he stood aiming his pistol.
  • Back outside; Breaking cover, Bad Luck McGill moved out into the open space of square A9...
  • Eric Johansen taking the chance to shoot at McGill as the opportunity presented itself, before McGill could safely reach the pile of fence posts and rails.
  • His corner of the action now quiet, Bladen Kleric calmly moved out from the cover of the tall grasses and walked to square D6
  • Once again, hand-combat broke out inside the farmhouse: Though forewarned of the attack, Buck McIntosh suffered once again at the hands of Billy Whistler. Launching a sudden kick to McIntosh's groin and then flipping his pistol so the butt was uppermost, Whistler brought the weapon crashing down into McIntosh's head. Buck McIntosh taking instant injury from the blow. His opponent vanquished, Billy began whistling, again.
  • One-sided as the melee had been, The Ysabel Kid still refrained from shooting. Just in case the shot did accidently hit his ally, McIntosh. 
  • Standing as he was in the doorway, with his back towards the exterior, the Kid failed to notice Bladen Kleric getting ever closer. Kleric cutting across the open slope, to hunker down at the base of the tree where The Kid had previously stood. 
  • A new stand-off occurring on the other side of the field; Eric Johansen quickly finished up bandaging his wound before rolling away from where he'd lain, as...
  • Bad Luck McGill's pistol returned the gesture previously shown it, firing back at the Maxey-hired Johansen. 

Here's the map, showing all player positions as of the end of Turn Five.

Three of the players will now be thinking how do we get the satchel containing the papers back to lawyer - Beat Billy Whistler in a round of hand combat, that's how. The lawyer will move up and retrieve the satchel case from whichever of you has it.

I'll now email out all updated player sheets. Please let me know if you fail to receive one.

Thank you.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

PBB - Turn Four

The Action At Pearson's Farm
Turn Four
  • From the cover of the privy building Bad Luck McGill takes aim at the moving form of Billy W., the effort wasted as ...
  • Billy Whistler moves to square B4, building up to a run as he goes. Head-first, arms covering his face while he leaps, Billy smashes through the glass pane of the window and crashes into the farmhouse close to the feet of the Ashby man, McIntosh
  • Moments before, Buck McIntosh had been taking the time to recover his breath from the action, now he found himself in the thick of it once again!
  • Outside, Bladen Kleric tries his luck from afar and fires on The Ysabel Kid - the shot hitting the tree close to The Kid, sending splintered bark to the feet of the other man
  • The Ysabel Kid, under fire from B. Kleric, begins to patch up his bleeding arm. One end of the torn fabric bandage between his teeth while his free hand pulls tight and then ties off the tourniquet. 
  • Briefly forgotten, Eric Johansen slinks away from the top of the slope and descends to square C7 
  • With no-one before him to target, Bad Luck McGill settles back to bide his time.               While inside the farmhouse...
  • Scrabbling to his feet Billy Whistler snatches his pistol towards McIntosh, firing at close-range, the bullet whipping close but not finding the target
  • In quick reply Buck McIntosh fires back, his aim better than Whistler's but still failing to score a telling hit
  • Meanwhile, outside, The Ysabel Kid vaults over the fence previously at his back and begins to move towards the farmhouse, entering square B5
It's hard work to make these photo's of Bladen 'One Tactic' Kleric more interesting.
  • The Kid's movement being accompanied by a further long-range shot from Bladen Kleric
  • On the other side of the field and with the action elsewhere, Eric Johansen quietly moved into square C7
  • Back in the farmhouse and seeing Whistler's intent, Buck McIntosh fired fast on the man. Moments before...
  • Billy Whistler, now on his feet and still enraged from the earlier insults suffered at the hands of McIntosh, charged forward. With pistol still in his left hand, he manages to take hold of both McIntosh's shoulders and smash his head forward in a vicious headbutt. 
This sudden attack caught McIntosh near off-guard, Billy maximising his attack and easily beating McIntosh in the combat. Forced back in retreat across the one-room building, McIntosh moved into square B1 
Triumphant, Billy turned to the Lawyer and threatened; "You're done."
  • Back outside. Firing from where he stood, far back from the action, Bladen Kleric sent another bullet after The Kid
  • The Ysabel Kid ran to square B4, skidding to a halt on the porch of the farmhouse as he saw the stand-off inside, between Whistler and the Lawyer Bendix. 
Seeing the possible outcome of simply barging in, The Kid called out; "I'm with Ashby", while his hand went to push open the door...
  • Meanwhile, back in the fragrant confines of the privy, Bad Luck McGill took his time reloading his gun
  • Down in the bottom corner of the field, Eric Johansen did likewise.                             
The former soldier waiting to see what would become of the action inside the farmhouse. 
###    ###

Below is the map showing the final positions of the characters, as of the end of turn four.
It's best viewed enlarged, which is possible by clicking upon it.
Updated Player Sheets will now be emailed out to all the players. Please inform me if you do not receive one.

Emails for Turn Five sent in to me no later than Thursday please.