Saturday, 31 January 2015

PBB - Turn Two

Straight into the report this week - 

###    ###

The Action at Pearson's Farm  
Turn Two

  • With eyes staring out from beneath the brim of his hat, Bad Luck McGill spied the looks both The Ysabel Kid and Bladen Kleric were giving him and gave legs to square B7, shouting "Ashby? Ashby? Ashby?" as he went...
  • Hearing these shouts, The Ysabel Kid was still unsure and, as Bad Luck had not given any indication of who'd hired him, took careful aim at the retreating figure.

    • Bladen Kleric meanwhile, hunkered down behind the tall grass, also drew an aimed bead on the back of McGill!

    • Turning to face him, Buck McIntosh called out to Billy Whistler, "What's wrong with you man? Shoot or get off the pot!", before moving forward to square C4...

    • To which the slow-thinking Billy, finally having taken in what happened previously, turned on McIntosh and opened fire! The bullet whipping past the intended target, causing McIntosh to miss his step as he moved, the shock of the very close call causing him to jink from his intended path ... But McIntosh had the necessary guts to continue on
    • Now knowing that he had an enemy before him, Eric Johansen crouched low to the foliage at the bottom of the tree and took aim at the moving form of the Ashby man, McIntosh.

      • Still shouting, "Ashby? Ashby? Ashby?", Bad Luck McGill continued in his jog move to square A6

      • The Ysabel Kid shoots, having previously taken aim at McGill, but the bullet missed

      The View of the "Action" at that point
      • Bladen Kleric's pistol fired moments later, again at McGill, but again the bullet missed ... McGill's bad luck was not in evidence, so far!

      • Butch McIntosh moved paces away from the Maxey enemy, Johansen. Both of them now in the same square, C2
      • His short-barrelled pistol following McIntosh's movement, Eric Johansen fired at close range... The bullet however failing to find the mark

        • Billy Whistler's shot however fairs better and put McIntosh under pressure from the close flying lead

        • "Ashby? Ashby? Ashby?" still being yelled, Bad Luck McGill dived into the solid cover of the privy building in square A2 ...

        • But not quick enough, as The Ysabel Kid managed to fire one last shot off at him before McGill vanished behind the closed door 

        • Bladen Kleric's view forward and beyond being blocked by the large boulder, he saved the bullet that had had McGill's name written upon it and waited 
        • Only yards between them now, Buck McIntosh leveled his pistol and shoots on Johansen. The bullet hitting home and blood beginning to seep from Johansen's right arm

          • Left hand clutching his right arm, Eric Johansen returned fire ... Causing McIntosh to take several steps back, as the blood dripped to the ground where Johansen stands
          • His aim thrown off as McIntosh stepped backwards, Billy Whistler's final shot missed the mark and flies true to where his target had been a second before 
          • Reuben Bendix, peering out from around the corner of the window, heard the frightened yelps of the dog as the bullets flew. The canine's distress growing further away as Bendix watched and made sure that none of the gunfighters came towards the front door of the house - least not before he knew friend from foe! 

          Below's the map, showing the positions of all characters as of the end of Turn Two - it's best viewed enlarged, via clicking upon it.

          A big thank you is deserving to the players! For without them I wouldn't have a game report to publish on my blog each weekend ... Thank you all.

          Also, to those readers who have shown their support and encouragement to this game, be it on this blog or the forums that I've posted the game upon ... Thank you.

          Turn Three's Orders emailed to me no later than Thursday evening, please.

          Updated Player Sheets will be emailed out this morning ... please let me know if you do not receive yours

          Thursday, 29 January 2015

          PBB - Guts Test - Necessary Rules Amendment

          I spotted an issue with my rules while playing out turn one. 
          I've made the following amendment.
          The .pdf has been altered up to date. 
          # # #    # # #
          Guts Levels & Flying Lead

          Guts tests
          Guts tests are made by rolling a D10 against the current Guts score - to pass, the roll must equal or be lower than the current Guts level.

          Amendment: each level of Flying Lead, currently suffered, adds +1 to the dice score when taking a Guts Test. Otherwise any test would be made on a score of 10 and therefore couldn't be failed!

          On failure of a Guts test, the model will be forced to move away from the enemy model that caused the test-inflicting injury. As this move is compulsory the model will be repositioned before the beginning of the next turn by the GM, the model being moved towards cover, and the controlling player will only be able to make two orders that new turn (the lost order being taken by the compulsory move).

          This fall-back move will be made into one of the three possible squares directly behind the model, as determined by the direction of the shooter. If the model is already in a square bordering the boards edge it will simply remain in the square and seek any cover to be had, but will still lose one order ability just as normal.

          Until a recover order is made, following this failed Guts test, any further Flying Lead results against the character will also result in another Guts test, which will be harder to pass than the previously failed, due to the further accumulation of negative modifiers. Only the one Guts test will be made due to suffering Flying Lead in a turn, no matter how many Flying Lead results are suffered by the player.

          Until a recover order is made it will not be possible to move out from the square that the model finds itself in at that point, unless due to failing another Guts test and further fall back moves are necessary.

          The GM's advice is make a recover order asap, after failing a Guts test, as Flying Lead is gained quick under these rules and model's failing Guts tests will soon be pushed across the board due to compulsory moves.

          Flying Lead
          Flying Lead represents near misses, flesh wounds or just the psychological pressure of the situation. In the game this is represented by the Flying Lead score rising and offering a negative modifier to dice rolls, to the effect of minus one per level of Flying Lead currently suffered.

          Sunday, 25 January 2015

          PBB - Turn One

          Roy: First off, yes, there's been some confusion in how to go about using the role-played 'dialogue' in the game, not least by me.

          Here's what we'll do (unless someone has a better way?)

          Speaking, as part of the turn orders, is done so freely.

          You can provide dialogue / questions in addition to the three actions permitted each turn.

          Players can include dialogue / questions in the turn orders that they send me, if they wish (which I'll then publish next turn), or ...

          Players can use the 'Comments' method at the end of the blog posts I make on this blog, meaning players can talk amongst themselves and resolve any role-playing issues without having to wait for the next turn.

          I will ensure that the relevant players know that there are comments waiting for them to read / answer, should there be any.

          Slight change in how the turn is published this time. I've simply written the turn out how it was played, without any literature from me.

          ###    ###

          The Action at Pearson's Farm ~ Turn One
          • Eric Johansen, looking startled at the presence of the others, moves behind the tree in grid C2 - where he shouts out, in his thick Norwegian accent, "Yumpin Yehosafat. Who sent youh boys here, eh?"
          • Butch McIntosh answers: "Howdy! Stanard sent me - how about you?"
          • Eric Johansen, hearing this, takes aim at Buck McIntosh
          • But Buck beats him to the shot, and fires first! 
          • Affected by the close shot, Eric returns fire on Buck. His close aim not helping this time, as the bullet whips past his intended target
          • Billy Whistler stands immobile while this is occurring, silent to both questions and the close danger!
          • Buck McIntosh shoots again at Eric Johansen. The bullet flying straight and, if not for the tree that Johansen was taking cover behind, blood would have been spilled!
          • Billy Whistler stands his ground and takes this all in, silent as death.
          • Bladen Kleric, conscious of the action close by, moves off towards the slight cover that the tall grass offers, in grid D7
          • Bad Luck McGill, seeing B. Kleric moving, rushes to the cover of the tree in C9
          • The Ysabel Kid, gun in hand, smartly sprints into cover behind the tree, in grid square D3
          • Bad Luck McGill rushes into grid square D4
          • Bladen Kleric, watching The Kid's movement, stalks through the high grass, keeping his silhouette small, and moves into grid D8
          • The Ysabel Kid puts further distance between himself and the others by moving behind the tree in grid B9.
          • Bladen Kleric, seeing his chance of a closer shot vanish, squeezes off a round at the darting form of The Ysabel Kid. His aim is so off however, that the bullet flies off into the sky!
          • Bad Luck McGill, now breaking into a run, goes hell-for-leather into grid D2
          • Billy Whistler, still remaining glued to the spot, stands silent to Buck McIntosh's earlier question...
          • Seeing no answer is forthcoming, and therefore deducing that Whistler is an enemy, McIntosh fires for a third time and causes Whistler's first moment of activity; a raised eyebrow at the close miss!
          • The Dog, having earlier fled from the sound of gunfire ventures back, onto the porch, and views the men fighting it out on the slope
          • The action takes a slight pause after the opening shots
          • All the combatants having sought cover in one form or another...

          • All except Bad Luck McGill, that is

          Below is the map of where the characters find themselves at the end of Turn One. It is best viewed by clicking upon it, to enlarge.

          Updated Player Sheets will be emailed out today.

          Next turn orders to be emailed in to me no later than Thursday please.

          Remember that people can talk amongst themselves in the 'Comments' of this post.

          Also, thanks to those of you who have informed me of any issues that I need to resolve. It's much appreciated. 

          Of course, if there is any further issues, then please don't hesitate to contact me. 

          Tuesday, 20 January 2015

          PBB - Turn Zero (starting positions) ...

          ...let's get this wagon a'rolling

          Roy: I'd like to just explain (to those readers who are not playing) that the initial deployment of the player's characters was picked 'blind', where they could not see where the others would begin the game.

          Also, although I've grouped the players into two teams of equal strength, the players only know which side they are on, and what their scenario objective is (if they choose to follow it). None of the players know which other player are friend or enemy. However, each has sufficient information to determine friend from foe, by shouting questions 'in-game'.

          I explained this 'in-game' by stating that the men who hired each individual did so in a saloon and that at the time he was very drunk, so neglecting to give out all the information due to his inebriation.

          The mission of both side, the Ashby Family men and the Maxey Family men, concerns the lawyer (a non-player controlled character) Reuben Napoleon Bendix.

          On to the action...

          ###    ###
          Reuben Bendix stared out from the bare comforts of the Pearson's farmhouse, watching as the first of the men he knew were coming out to meet with him arrived.  
          He watched the tall fellow walk up the sloping path and stride across to the tree. Reuben wondered to himself why the man would venture off from the pathway and make hard work of the walk. The man was looking over his shoulder, watching as first one, then another stranger came into Reuben's view.  
          Three men.  
          It was three men that he knew was to meet him.
          As the first stranger turned his back to the farmhouse and reached for his holstered pistol, he walked backwards slowly, keeping his back to the tree.  
          Reuben instinctively took out his own pistol, as the two other men reacted to the threat of the first. The long haired fellow pulling out his gun while the blonde, bearded individual calmly kept his hand ready over his holster. 
          From the corner of his eye, Reuben watched as an unexpected fourth man appeared. This long, grey coated stranger flanked the trio and took up position on the far side of the tree opposite.  
          Seeing these unexpected events unfold before him had Reuben reaching for his satchel, snatching it up from atop the mattress on the brass bed and quickly returning to the window, where he saw a fifth man enter the scene from across the field. 
          Reuben didn't know what was happening. He didn't plan on venturing out there, to find out just who, and why, these men were here.  
          But then he realised it was obvious. The answers to both who and why lay in the papers that his satchel enclosed.  
          The Ashby's had told him to expect three men. But he knew that should the Maxey's find out about what he was carrying that they would come and try for the papers.  
          He was expecting three men.  
          But five, so far, had arrived.  
          Each one armed and looking at the others with no sign of trust or comradeship.  
          The cold metal of their six-shooters as hard as the cold stares they gave each other. 
          Reuben went to the door of the farmhouse and made sure it was locked. He checked his pistol once again and returned to the window. 
          He wasn't sure, but just maybe, he could see a sixth man out there. Some unfortunate fellow who was stood at the furthest edge of his vision and looking out of luck, as he examined a hoof belonging his horse. 
          Reuben stood rooted to the spot. Waiting to see how the drama would unfold.
          This map will be best viewed by clicking upon it.

          Of all the space, on all this board, you just so happen to choose
          the corner that three others do!

          The Ysabel Kid surveys the action unfolding, 
          watching the two men before him.

          From the distance, The Ysabel Kid's vision of all four of the others is
          blocked by either the large rock or the man-sized bush. 

          The Dog looks on!
          The Ysabel Kid hunkered down close to the tree, checking his pistol as he scanned the terrain before him, keeping one eye on the other men.  
          He knew none of them.
          The only recognition he had was that each man was a gunfighter, such as himself.
          That, and that they were each set on the same goal as he was.  
          Reaching the farmhouse and the lawyer inside. 
          ###    ###
          Turn one will follow shortly (posted on Saturday, hopefully). If each player could email in to me their turns before Friday please, I would be grateful. 

          In regard Bad Luck McGill.

          H.W., no worries, pick a grid square [as per the starting instructions] to begin from and issue your three actions straight away.

          If anything, being late to the party (due to the bad luck of your horse throwing a shoe) is fitting of your character's bio.

          Thursday, 15 January 2015

          The PBB Pre-Game

          Players should have received an email from me, containing their player sheets and a photograph detailing starting positions.

          If any of you haven't, or are experiencing difficulties, then please let me know.

          You all require to see the scenario map, which features Points X & Y, as per your scenario goals.

          As mentioned in the emails, I can accept photo's with turn replies showing your character's position on the board and their movement. Here's the two photo's for you to use, should you wish.

          Simply save them now and use a program such as MS paint, to plot out your turn.

          If you mark any movement as a straight line, from your starting position to your finish, and show where you will be at the end of any movement with a X. Photo's to be saved as JPEGS, please.

          If you are unable to do this, then it's no problem. The idea only came to me this morning and I didn't plan the game to revolve around this method, anyway.

          You will all have noticed by now that you have been split into two factions (at least you will have if you received and read the email). This gives you the choice to obey the scenario, or choose your own 'way of the gun'. There is no right or wrong option, it's simply there to add another level to the game.

          If there's anything you would like explaining then please get in touch, either as a comment on here (if it's nothing Top Secret) or through an email.

          POST EDIT: you should have also of received this email
          Just an update: The photo provided; the large (dark green) trees in grid squares C4 and C8. They've already caused some confusion, that I have to hold my hands up and take responsibility for.
          On plotting your starting position don't worry about terrain features too much, just decide upon which grid square.
          When I get all the figures on the board I'll take plenty of model's-eye-view photographs, so you can all appreciate cover and terrain features before plotting out your first turn.  

          Monday, 12 January 2015

          The Action at Pearson's Farm [PBB Game]

          Well, I guess that the PBB game now has a name. 

          I can't give further details at this point as the game will be involving a scenario, and I don't want to give the game away. But what I can show you all is the cast that will make up the game. 

          So without further ado, let me introduce to you all... 
          Player's Name: Herbert West   
          Character's Name: Bad Luck McGill

          Brief Biography: (possible future entry)

          Left or Right-handed: tbc.

          Player's Name: Dave Docherty  
          Character's Name: Billy Whistler

          Brief Biography: -

          Left or Right-handed: Left (ignore what the miniature is depicted as)

          Player's Name: BlaxKleric 
          Character's Name: Bladen "Blax" Xavier Kleric

          Brief Biography: An ex-union officer, "Blax" scours the southern limits of the American territories searching for Johnny Rebs who refuse to surrender, or war criminals (from both sides). He works for the Federal Government as an ad hoc lawman/bounty hunter.

          Left or Right-handed: Right

          Player's Name: Edwin King
          Character's Name: Buck McIntosh

          Brief Biography: Buck McIntyre was born to a family of Virginia sharecroppers.  The ninth of twelve surviving children, there was never much left for him when it came to his turn.  He didn't stay on the farm long, joining mining and forestry camps.

          After the war he drifted West where he spent time as a prospector, broke horses and worked in a saloon.  He found his true calling with the railway company,  He was 'foreman' to Chinese labourers and found he had a skill as an enforcer - driving Indians and other 'squatters' from their land.

          He terminated his employment with the railway company the week he was entrusted with delivering the payroll to the rail-head camp...

          Left or Right-handed: Right

          Player's Name: Chris Stoesen  
          Character's Name: Eric Johansen

          Brief biography: Eric immigrated to Minnesota shortly before the recent unpleasantness between the states. He served with the 7th Minnesota Infantry where he learned his English language skills. Following the war, he decided to seek his fortune out west.  

          He is a tall man of just over six feet in height and of a lanky build.  He has light brown hair and eyes to match.  Even with four years in the ranks of the 7th, he still speaks with a heavy accent on his English.  He is very self conscious about his language skills and tends to be quiet around strangers.

          He prefers a Colt revolver with a shorter three inch barrel.  He also carries a bowie knife that he picked up as a souvenir during the course of the war.  Eric's dream is to one day own his own saloon. Until then, he is looking to get by any way he can.

          Left or Right -Handed:  Right

          Player's Name: NonPlayerControlled  [NPC]
          Character's Name: Reuben Napoleon Bendix (lawyer)

          Brief Biography: Tall, well-built gentleman. Has a temper. Red hair. From "back East" (as in, the 'civilized' eastern seaboard States of the Union). Unscrupulous.

          Left or Right -Handed:  Right
          [this character will be controlled by the games master and will only react to player's actions]

          Player's Name: Pendragon Without  
          Character's Name: The Ysabel Kid

          Brief Biography: Mean and 'ornery.

          Left or Right Handed: Right


          I've also updated the playing 'maps'. You'll see that I've had to split the boards to photograph them and that the tree's canopies are a hindrance to the terrain beneath. In regard the trees there is nothing beneath them that will hinder play, so not being able to see beneath them isn't an issue.

          Upper Table Half
          Lower Table Half

          The tree's canopy, on the upper board, hangs onto the lower board and so has been omitted from the photograph (due to the boards being photographed separately).

          The two board halves also don't line up, in the photographs. The pixel dimensions are not exactly the same, I'd bet. Again, it will cause no issue to gameplay as each grid square represents 4 inches by 4 inches atop the tabletop and so is easy to translate to the gameplay.

          Anyway, that's all for now except, for me to say that each player will receive an email from me later in the week, containing their Character Sheet, scenario information and asking at which point they would like to begin at from the locations offered.