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Saturday, 22 July 2017

5 New Belt Fed Girls Released! & 1 New Paint Job - Col. Bill's

There's been an update today over on Facebook, Stu's posted that he's got some new Belt Fed toys available. 

But first, and coincidentally, I've just painted this
 BFG28 'Rambo Lynne'
Here's Stu's Facebook post:-
""Finally....5 new Belt Fed girls. BFG33 is Dabria - Angel of Death; BFG34 is 'Wee' Maggie Maclean - a rather buxom Jacobite Highlander; BFG35 Else, Landskecht Swordsman; BFG36 Marie Tete du Bois - French Napoleonic Cantiniere; BFG37 Lady Six Sky, Mayan Warrior Queen. No painted display figures yet, and only limited stocks currently available online. We hope to have more very soon. In the meantime enjoy the pics....""
BFG33 is Dabria - Angel of Death
BFG34 is 'Wee' Maggie Maclean
BFG35 Else, Landsknecht Swordsman
BFG36 Marie Tete du Bois - French Napoleonic Cantiniere
BFG37 Lady Six Sky, Mayan Warrior Queen

I don't know what's happening with the Modern fighter girl 'Rambo Lynne', that I've just painted. Possibly it will be put up for sale? 

So if you would like it, you'd best pester Stu and tell him you want to buy it 🙌

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

2'x2' Skirmish Wargames Board

 Quoted from my Facebook blog:
"" 2'x2' board for skirmish gaming. Needs some varnish to protect surfaces and a decision made on either clear water effects resin or gloss varnish for the stream - though it isn't, ideally, deep enough for the resin, as the instructions say it should be poured to a depth of 1/8" (2.5mm) and that's a little too deep for this model. ""
The board appears generic enough to, hopefully, see it used for a variety of periods and subjects. Primarily it was built to take up to the Catterick Garrison gaming club for Bushido, but I'm sure it'll see use elsewhere.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Rowing Boats - Waterline & Full Hull Versions, Also Oars - New Items At Col. Bill's

You heard it here first!

An Internet exclusive!

Mainly as Stu's been too busy to advertise them himself!

28mm Boats from the Depot Battalion range.


Rowing Boat
Product no.: DBT001
28mm Rowing Boat. Metal kit requiring some assembly

Rowing Boat - waterline model
Product no.: DBT002
28mm Rowing Boat waterline model. Metal kit requiring some assembly


Product no.: DBT003
6 x 28mm oars cast with rowlocks in place. Metal items

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Forgotten Heroes: Leopard Girl Complete!

Well, the converted miniature is painted. Obviously I went for the 'Less is More' approach, and can always claim that the suit isn't actually a real leopard's coat and so doesn't need to be accurate! 😉
Back in 1953...   (what follows is, further, information, that I forgot to publish in the first post)

The origins of the woman known as Leopard Girl are a mystery. She was a secretary to a various scientists and explorers who lived in the jungles of Africa in the 1950s, under civilian named of Gwen, although her last name is unrevealed. She frequently worked with a young wealthy man named Peter who had an infatuation with the Leopard Girl. What prompted Gwen to become the Leopard Girl is unknown, however she soon became a legendary jungle adventurer fighting criminals who sought to exploit the jungle. She was frequently aided in her adventures by a pack of wild leopards who followed her every command.
In her first recorded appearance, Gwen was working for Peter directly. At the time he was to be married to Sandra Dennings whom was really working a con with her father in order to trick Peter into purchasing Mr. Dennings failing business and then running off with the money. Learning of this ploy, the Leopard Girl stranded Sandra and her father in the middle of the jungle at the mercy of seemingly deadly snakes, forcing them to confess their scam to Peter before revealing that the snakes were harmless and delivering them to the authorities.
Later, Gwen's secretarial services were hired by Professor Kreitzer, a scientist who came to the jungles to continue his researched undisturbed. One of his first experiments was using radioactive chemicals to summon the spirit of the so-called Flame Witch. Surprisingly, the experiment was a success but Kreitzer was knocked out and the Flame Witch then cut a swath of destruction across the jungle seeking out the man who restored her to life. Gwen changed into Leopard Girl and came to Kreitzer's aid, stashing his unconscious body into the cave of the female lion known as Numa. Leopard Girl and Numa then tricked the Flame Witch into following them into the cave, where an uncovered water source doused the Flame Witch apparently destroying her.

The jungle was later terrorised anew by a tribal man named Robo who attempted to summon spirits to get revenge on Leopard Girl for arresting him for murder in the past. However the spirits turned against Robo and apprehended him. In her civilian identity she rescued Pete and Professor Kreitzer who had foolishly charged off on their own to stop Robo and became mutually trapped.

Leopard Girl stopped a leopard known as the Wild One who had been driven mad by a thorn caught in his paw. After stopping Pete from trying to kill the big cat, she removed the thorn, restoring the leopards sanity.
Leopard Girl had her place as ruler of the leopard pack usurped by a leopard named Fang who then sent the other leopards out on the attack. Leopard Girl prevented Pete from killing the leopards, and defeated Fang in battle, learning that Fang had no teeth and only sought to be part of the pack. Leopard Girl promised Fang that she would keep his secret and took control of the leopards once again.

Leopard Girl later appeared as a resident of Valhalla Villas, a retirement home for ex-heroes and ex-villains that is located in Miami. When Scott Lang was there meeting with Mary Morgan, Leopard Girl was interested in meeting Scott's father only to be told that he is dead. Leopard Girl is among the residents that are temporarily de-aged by Mary Morgan, who used an unnamed Asgardian relic during the Incursion between Earth-616 and Earth-1610.
Thanks for checking out my series of posts, and for all the kind comments left for me.

Also, thank you to everyone that has made Forgotten Heroes so much fun!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Forgotten Heroes: Leopard Girl #2

I think the photo's tell the story, really. I filled in the gaps between boots and legs. Removed the belt and filled and smoothed. Some Green Stuff was used to bring the collar of the suit up under the chin. PVA white glue was used to fix talus grit to the base. When that had completely dried I applied more PVA white glue atop the dried grit, and now it has dried rock hard. Primer/undercoat is some Vallejo Flat Brown.
I've also began work on the Crossover Miniatures model that I'm going to base my work on for Retro Girl. But I'll go into further details in a separate post once I've finished converting it.

Here's the LINK to the Forgotten Heroes blog, where you can view all the participants great work!