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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Secret Santa 2017 -- [under, temporary, new management - aka, me]

The other day Ian Willey posted over on his blog [LINK] that he and his wife wouldn't be running a Secret Santa this year, to which I did offer to run the event, in a caretaker capacity, and allow it to continue. So far, my offer as been accepted by Ian and I've just sent off an email to Ian and his wife, so details can be passed along to me from previous years.

So what happens now? Well, it looks like Secret Santa 2017 is going ahead. So if you want to take part, here's the details that Ian set out in previous years.
Each person joining in the Secret Santa are given a name and details of their target (your being selected for someone else to buy for). The spend should be around £15 or equivalent plus postage, we try to pick someone in your own Country as a target, but you can always buy via the internet in your targets country to cut down cost.

Below are the rules in a little more detail.

1. To enter you need to either have a blog or be a regular follower of this blog already. This is to give confidence to all involved that everyone will follow through to the end. If you have a blog and don't follow this one it's OK to join in.

2. The present should be around £15 plus postage (best to buy the present actually in the country the receiver lives in, so cutting down postage costs)

3. It's OK to have a wish list, but it's just as good to buy something you think the person would like. Blog details of your target are given so you can snoop.

4. Whilst it's not essential, it really does help when the buying participant checked in with the organiser to let them know the target had incoming.

5. You should promote the Secret Santa on your blog to hopefully increase the numbers joining in.

6. You should sign up by Sunday 22nd October, so to allow time for picking gifts.

7. Gifts should arrive no later than 20th December, if possible. It's fine to get the supplier to send direct to the target - though getting them to add 'Secret Santa' on the address, or parcel somewhere, helps to ensure the gift is not opened before Christmas. 

8. Item/s should be wargame related, though it's OK to throw in something odd if you want to.

Well that's all I can think of at the moment regards rules etc. You have right up to the 22nd of October to sign up but I would appreciate some early birds as it makes organising it that much easier. I will need the blog name and an e-mail address for you (plus your real name)

You can sign up by sending me an email via the gadget to the right of the posts or details in the comments section.  Those returning, if you could let me know your details, please, just in case they somehow get lost in the hand-over from Ian and Cath to me. 

And that should be about it. I have taken part in Secret Santa in the past, so do have experience of Ian's event. I will also point out that Secret Santa 2017 is in no way associated with Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot - I (Roy) am running it privately and separately from my duties to Colonel Bill's, so please don't contact Colonel Bill's with Secret Santa enquiries to take part - you need to contact me through this blog or via email.

For those unfamiliar with me, I am active on several forums (using the username Roy Williamson) and have been blogging since 2012 - though this blog does get regularly 'spring cleaned' and old posts no longer relevant removed. I am from Catterick Garrison in the North East of England, and have previously been a member of four wargames clubs (historical and GW) and been enjoying the hobby since 1993. I'm in my mid-30s and previously worked in the construction industry as a carpenter/joiner, though at present am recovering from illness.
Me (on the right), working Gateshead show 2017
Picture courtesy of 'Zabadak'

Friday, 15 September 2017

Win $25 worth of prize to spend on your own hobby! Palouse Wargaming Journal

Now I tend to remain neutral regarding other people's blogs, mainly due to this blog's association with a wargaming business and not wanting to be perceived as showing any form of favouritism that could impact on Colonel Bill's good name.
Carthaginian elephants, belonging the Palouse Wargaming Journal

However, Jonathan Freitag, over on the Palouse Wargaming Journal, is determined to not let me get away with offering to grow the hobby in his own area. So I've had to alter my approach, somewhat, and say this instead.

The Palouse Wargaming Journal (blog) has now been running for five years, which is an impressive milestone I'm sure you'll all agree. To celebrate this accomplishment, Jonathan is offering the chance for commentators on his blog to win for themselves $25 worth of hobby items if their name be drawn from a hat.
Assyrian cavalry, belonging the Palouse Wargaming Journal

I, initially, offered, that should my name be drawn from the hat the prize be used to purchase a unit or two of figures for Jonathan to have on hand should a newbie to the hobby be welcomed to his gaming circle and then they would have something to lend the person until they'd got themselves sorted with troops of their own. But I've since had to alter this pledge.
Kolin refought, over on the Palouse Wargaming Journal

So, what I've now said is, should my name be drawn from the hat, I will use the money to purchase items that I will make and paint and keep on hand for newbies into our hobby, with no items of their own due to them just starting out, which they can borrow and use in my games, thus helping to grow the figure gaming hobby in the Catterick Garrison area of the UK.
Montebello 1800 batrep, over on the Palouse Wargaming Journal

Some reading this may see this as a ploy and not a true case of altruistic intent, to which, fair enough, there's nothing I can do about that. However, should I win, I will showcase what was bought and the painting process and should anyone wish to pop along to Catterick Garrison and use the 'won' figures in a game then the offer is there - Gaming venue would have to be, either, the Catterick Garrison Wargames Club on a Saturday afternoon, or Scruton's Coore Hall during a meet up of the Old Guard Wargames Club.

But the chance to win for yourself the equivalent of $25.00 worth of hobby items is open to all, meeting the small requirements. To which I direct you, below.

For you own chance to win, here is the LINK to the Palouse Wargaming Journal, with the blog post in question..

Monday, 11 September 2017

Figures for Star Trek #3. (part 2)

Just a quick post to (blow my own trumpet - because if I don't, nobody else will!) show the finished conversion I've done on a Crooked Dice ARC astronaut.
Nothing major done in the way of alterations, but I've tried to show the Star Trek Enterprise EV spacesuit design (it isn't exact, as I was working from memory and rough line drawing) and the Phaser pistol used in the show. It was also the first time I'd ever attempted to sculpt a full hand (previously I'd only ever done repair work to damaged fingers) - I have to admit that it was tricky and my first attempt isn't 100% correct, but is serviceable for my needs.
Anyway, that's Lieutenant Kiona Thayer [Senior Tactical Officer, NX-02] now ready for painting.

In time I may convert a couple of other - though male - astronaut figures as Starfleet personnel. I suppose it'll look best if they match the uniform of spacesuit already shown, as opposed to the regulation jumpsuit worn while on duty [which I'm struggling to find a figure suitable to convert].

Hopefully this figure will be painted within the next couple of days.


Saturday, 9 September 2017

Figures for Star trek #3

Bit of a WIP post, really.

Work on the fourth figure belonging my Starfleet-Vulcan force has begun and I'm quite pleased with the progress I've made. Now I'm no sculptor, and I really am learning the techniques as I go along, but I am happy to see continued improvement on (nearly) every conversion I attempt.

The fourth figure is completely different from the other three. One, it is a Crooked Dice miniature whereas the others are Space Vixens From Mars. Two, it is to be wearing Starfleet uniform, although in the form of an EV suit.

I don't think any of the previous licensed miniatures for Star Trek have ever been done to wear a 'Space Suit', nor do the current (although yet to be released) ones. Anyway, I like to be different and am always up for a sculpting or painting challenge, so set myself the task.

These are just the first stages of the work - the head will be a stock cast, as supplied from Crooked Dice. There is yet to be a Phaser pistol sculpted - I'll wait for the newly sculpted hand to cure, so as to be hard enough to take further work without damage.
I've received grief for the above 'neat and tidy' work desk shot, so here's the reality!

And this is what it should look like once complete (images from Star Trek Enterprise TV show)

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Figures for Star Trek #2

In case anyone reading this is thinking it is anything to do with Colonel Bill's as a business, I'm afraid I've got to disappoint you and state this is just something for me. I don't even know if Stu or Scottie are into Star Trek, so don't be surprised if you receive blank looks from them if you approach either at a show and begin 'communications' on the subject.

On to the figures.

Three are now completed. A fourth has been converted (though not as successfully as I'd have wished), and another is to be started upon tonight.
The finished three: a Vulcan, a Human, and another Vulcan. Or to name them: (Left) Denak, (Centre) Erika Hernandez, (Right) T'Vel. Two of those names may be familiar to those having seen or read any of the Star Trek Enterprise episodes or novels.
Denak: Male, Vulcan, V'Shar agent.
Further information to be found here:
Erika Hernandez: Female, Human, Commander of Columbia NX-02
Further information to be found here:
[painted in civilian-garb, for a covert mission alongside the Vulcan V'Shar]
Captain Hernandez, NX-02 (Star Trek Enterprise TV show)
Lastly we come to the Klingon conversion I showed a 'before' image of last time. As can be seen, it's been done - though not as well as I would have liked.
I failed to ensure a clean join between newly sculpted hair and old, so when viewing the back of the figure there's a horrid ridge line between new and old. With the newly created hand-combat weapon, the material used as a former broke during attachment and in my attempt to salvage something from the mess the conversion has become unbalanced and the blade top-heavy (though the fact the metal pin I attached to wasn't evenly balanced in its angles doesn't help matters, either). Anyway, from a gaming perspective you can tell what the weapon is meant to be. If I did it again, I now know what not to do. So I'm happy enough to just paint it up, as is. I also sculpted a pistol's grip and trigger guard, at the top of the holster on the model's right hip - though if it was meant to be a knife sheave, well tough! :))

Back to the painted figures, and I've one last figure to convert to give me my initial Starfleet-Vulcan force. So when that one is done, I'll post the pictures of it and include all the game data that I'll be using for the four characters whilst using Mutants & Death Ray Guns rules.